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  1. I found this huge spoiler from the book so don't read it if you don't want the ending!! i warned you from spoilers!! 


    YWY established a new country where the slave system was first abolished. This country became the country with most advance system (similar to western).
    YWY and CQ had total 3 children.

    The 1st son had a rather big mother complex so YWY kinda had to fight with him for CQ's attention and when he was a baby, everytime YWY came close, he would cry.

    The 2nd was a daughter. The daughter became close only to the Li 2nd son (remember the Li prince from neighbouring country? He later became Emperor and died. Before he died, asked CQ to take care of his 2nd son.) The 2nd son asked CQ to give a birth to a daughter and he would marry the daughter. So when the daughter was born, she became very attached to Li 2nd son.

    The 3rd one was the son and the only one (as a baby) who would laugh to YWY. YWY doted this one very much.

    YX had many concubines and children, but he couldn't let himself got close to any of them (due to power struggle and all). In fact, it was speculated that he never even met them. His Empress died without letting him knew that she was actually the one who was his close friend who only had contacted him via letter (she used her close aide's name and the close aide died bc her order). He didn't allow this empress to get pregnant.

    So I guess YX was the only one who although he got what he wanted, he could never be happy.

    While YWY and even the 7th prince had their wife and very happy family. 7th prince married some tribal princess and at the end, the princess was pregnant with his 3rd child (I think he only had this one wife, no concubine).


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