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  1. I love KJH so much hahaha, he's nailing this role it's honestly so funny every time he's on the screen and he looks very handsome aswell!
  2. When doing a drama like this with 3 seasons the producers and director should make a 3 season contract with the lead actors, this is what asian dramas are lacking in my opinion.
  3. I'm extremely happy to see Seo In Guk back on the screen, it's like this character was made for him. When i stare into his eyes i honestly get chills because he looks so scary and he seems to be plotting something evil (he's also devilishly handsome and has that dark aura around him?), that's how good of an actor he is. I'm looking forward to seeing more episodes i'm loving it so far!
  4. In my opinion, they should just cut off and end it in episode 14, in all honesty KJH carried this show on his back and with him gone this will be hard to finish.
  5. But the only ones who can use the ability that was used was his mother and himself, how could he have known that his mother would give all of her powers and knowledge to SH?
  6. As someone who has read the novel a few times, i gotta admit i'm a little upset that they changed the redeeming arc for Jin Mi and how they gave Night some of Phoenix's crucial lines but oh well what can you do. This would definitely make it into my top 5 C dramas. i'm not proud to admit this but i skipped almost every scene Night was in (sorry Night lovers don't hate on me), the reason for that is because every time he's on the screen i feel like punching him (i have anger issues), i could tolerate him a little in the novel but in this drama he makes me furious.
  7. Yeah after reading the book i have high expectations on how they will execute the Jin Mi stabbing Phoenix scene because it was so heartbreaking, Phoenix felt so betrayed and Jin Mi felt pain far worse than death after she spit out the unfeeling pill. The actors in the tv show are just how i imagined the characters in the novel and they have done an amazing job! i hope it keeps up like this.
  8. I saw the preview for ep 13 and it seems like they will kill off the kid who is working for Eugene i'll cry a bucket if that happens.
  9. Just something i found in my recommendation, it's pretty cool.
  10. totally agree, personally i think he's doing a wonderful job.
  11. In my years of watching k dramas i don't think i've ever hated a character as much as i hate that lawyer, my blood boils everytime he's on the screen. I hate how he thinks he's righteous and is saying to suho "think what you want but you killed her, you're only helping her for yourself" when he clearly knows he had nothing to do with her death. I hope this character ends in prison or ends up meeting the white truck of doom because I can't stand seeing this character on the screen a minute longer.
  12. Just finished 2 eps and i enjoyed it very much! Kim Jung Hyun was amazing as Suho, i'm looking forward to more!
  13. He definitely saw that it was her as you can tell when he was aiming the gun at the head/torso but as soon as he saw/felt that it was her he lowered the gun and shot her in the leg. However he wasn’t totally sure it was her either but when she came to the train station it confirmed that it was indeed her that he shot (him saying i told you not to come is because he didn’t want it to be her). The last sentence he said “you knew” is because AS knows that he loves her, the dialogue between them when she says he wouldn’t be able to kill her but she could kill him is a statement from her that she knows he loves her but also for him to know that she doesn’t love him and will be able to kill him.
  14. Yeah this is exactly what i thought as well, you literally wrote what was on my mind when i was watching this moment.
  15. First they had an "introduction" then they did a "handshake", then they "hug" which means a "kiss" should be next and then after that they should have some "sexy time" right .
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