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  1. 4 minutes ago, clawedzip said:

    Wow, XF really is a birdbrain. He knows someone killed JM's dad and stepmom, and he knows that he didn't do it...so who on earth does he think did it? He keeps saying it's impossible for SH to use the Glass Fire, but he knows SOMEONE other than himself and his mother must have used the Glass Fire to kill JM's parents. Even if he doesn't want to believe JM, he has to admit that someone close to his mother is the likeliest suspect, both in terms of ability and motive. And c'mon, isn't he at least curious to find out who framed him? I really want to smack some sense into that pretty little head of his right now...

    But the only ones who can use the ability that was used was his mother and himself, how could he have known that his mother would give all of her powers and knowledge to SH? 

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  2. As someone who has read the novel a few times, i gotta admit i'm a little upset that they changed the redeeming arc for Jin Mi and how they gave Night some of Phoenix's crucial lines but oh well what can you do. This would definitely make it into my top 5 C dramas. i'm not proud to admit this but i skipped almost every scene Night was in (sorry Night lovers don't hate on me), the reason for that is because every time he's on the screen i feel like punching him (i have anger issues), i could tolerate him a little in the novel but in this drama he makes me furious.


    How can you manipulate the person you claim to "love" to kill the love of her life just so you could get the "throne" and the "girl". And then have the audacity to mourn his death and make her stay by your side. And people who try to defend his actions are beyond ridiculous.


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  3. Yeah after reading the book i have high expectations on how they will execute the Jin Mi stabbing Phoenix scene because it was so heartbreaking, Phoenix felt so betrayed and Jin Mi felt pain far worse than death after she spit out the unfeeling pill. The actors in the tv show are just how i imagined the characters in the novel and they have done an amazing job! i hope it keeps up like this.

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  4. 22 minutes ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

    then i don't understand the dialogue ("i told you not to come").. where was he waiting and why he knew she would come?

    lastly what did  he mean by "you knew"

    He definitely saw that it was her as you can tell when he was aiming the gun at the head/torso but as soon as he saw/felt that it was her he lowered the gun and shot her in the leg. However he wasn’t totally sure it was her either but when she came to the train station it confirmed that it was indeed her that he shot (him saying i told you not to come is because he didn’t want it to be her). The last sentence he said “you knew” is because AS knows that he loves her, the dialogue between them when she says he wouldn’t be able to kill her but she could kill him is a statement from her that she knows he loves her but also for him to know that she doesn’t love him and will be able to kill him. 

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Berou said:

     I pondered a lot about the last line and tried to decipher it. Here is my interpretation : When AS said I can kill you but I don't think you can kill me she referred to what happened at Jemulpo, although DM got the chance he couldn't kill her. To me, she knew the reason, it is because he loves her. Then when she said I can kill you but you can't , she implied I can kill you because I don't love you but you can't because you love me.  Basically she rejected him. This is why DM said : " On top of that you already know [ that I love you ] ". 

    Yeah this is exactly what i thought as well, you literally wrote what was on my mind when i was watching this moment.

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  6. 29 minutes ago, bedifferent said:

    When the US withdraw out of Korea later on, in three years, it must have been a devastating blow to his excellency and the country.

    Yeah definitely, Koreans were probably counting on them to help since they were the only ones who could actually rival Japan/Russia at that time. I guess my country was lucky to receive help from America/Britain when Hitler wanted to invade. I guess it was for America's own safety that they helped but at least they helped. 

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  7. 50 minutes ago, maddymappo said:


    I do not understand what AS thought the meaning of "love" was when she offered it to him and what she thinks now. Now is deep heartfelt sincere affection. But  what was she thinking it meant before? Confused. Please help me on this.

    She thought "Love" was comrades or "brother in arms", so when he said lets do love together she thought that meant he would be on her side (Helping Korea as a fellow member of the "rebels"). That's what i think she thought it meant.

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  8. 11 minutes ago, wchoi8 said:

    Could someone please explain why they're looking for this letter?

    I understand it's about the slush fund, but why are they all after it? And why was it in Logan Taylor's possession?


    It seems that the king is using foreign banks to hide money, “slush accounts” and if people get that letter as proof of it, it will completely destroy the Korean hiarchy. That’s why everyone is after it, especially the Japanese since it will make the invasion on Korean soil extremely easy. (Correct me if I’m wrong though)

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  9. 52 minutes ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

    there was no one to show kindness to DM.. EC atleast had joseph.. and america in general

    How can you say that EC “atleast had America” when we saw how he was treated everyday, he was beaten and humiliated every single day. It was probably horrible to live in America at that time because he was “different” and we all know how Americans treated people who were different in those times. 

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  10. I don’t understand how people can ship AS with DMS, it is clearly showed that AS is terrified of him and he seems to think that if he can’t have her no one else can.. when he found out that her fiancé came back he had that killer look like he wanted to kill someone. It feels like a toxic ship you guys are building. I’m not trying to start anything but if some of you can explain why you ship them please elaborate for me why you do :).

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  11. 15 hours ago, glorfindel said:

    I don't know whether it will be Korea's Game of Thrones or not but I'm sure as hell that it's going to be at least a cut above then Game of Thrones.


    I don't understand why but everyone here is only focusing the cast. Damn just look at the staff! In the Director's Chair we have Kim Won Suk, A.K.A. God among Directors and the writers are Korea's finest. They did wonders in Sageuk's like Six Flying Dragons, Deep Rooted Tree, Queen Seon Duk and Jewel in the Palace.

    Director and writer combo in this drama is just unworldly. As it were Bach, Beethoven and Mozart join hands to compose the ultimate piece.

    Yeah i definitely agree, the staff is insanely good and then we have an insane cast aswell? I can confidently say that this might become the best kdrama and will become something that gets a massive international following as well.

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  12. 12 minutes ago, Wotad said:

    What's peoples thoughts on this drama , negatives/positives. I have not started it yet but its on my list.  

    In my opinion this is propably the best k drama 2017 had to offer, great suspension and after every episode you start thinking in your own head what could happen next, it's really enjoyable.

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