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  1. 11 Actors and Actresses whose careers were defined by rom-coms

    So proud of my lovelies!!Love in the Moonlight is really a blessings to their individual career..and also a blessings to us..coz we've got the chance to know them and to support them...:blush:

    2. Kim Yoo Jung

    She landed her first adult leading role in the delightful Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and became a household name. The 18 year-old doll had viewers laughing out loud prior to Moonlight with her role as a cat turned human in the 2014 web series Love Cells and the 2015 sequel Love Cells 2


    11. Park Bo Gum

    Even though he has excelled in a variety of genres, the 24 year-old's breakout role in the 2015 series Answer Me 1988 gave him his nickname Nation's Little Brother. Asia was caught up in the Moonlight Syndrome when the charming star's historicall Moonlight Drawn By Clouds hit it big the following year.


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  2. @vinnybookworm Welcome to the thread chinguya..happy you finally delurked and join BoYoo thread

    @boju @kkwattana Really in sync as always...and their schedules as well..too much to be a coincidence...








    Now I believed that the artist really have a say to their schedule...

    Have a great day everyone...

    And this is so adorable!! baby girl is wiping the tears of Raon on their tv screen..awwww this is the sweetest




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  3. Moonlight Fever and Yoo Jung and Bo Gum Fever isn't really over!!This two is precious and well be remembered always...Congratulations my loves!!!

    Stars that Look Good in Hanbok

    1.Yoo Jung and Bo Gum

    Forgive me pearl if I posted your tweets here..hope you understand

    And I found her beauty breathtaking!!:love:Vibrant as always!!



    @Sheila Marie GreenHugs Chingu!!Miss the old days..and may this thread continue to be happy and full of positive vibes..BoYoo Fighting!!

    @kkwattana Welcome back my friend..we seldom post on this thread but our hearts will always remain here

    @boju now It's Bo Gum time to enjoy NY..:wink:And have to agree that his doll gave some hints on what are the things to do for him to enjoy his vacation...

    Have a Good day Everyone!!:heart:

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  4. @dee_230208 I know you will always be here and just waiting for the great news chingu..:blush:can't join in the line for a while

    Just spreading some BoYoo vibes on this thread...When they Smile..We all Smile as well:heart:

    She's really genuine and special and a good cook too...Bo Gum should really treasure this pretty doll inside and out

    Yoo Jung preparing for her FM



    Majestic as always!!


    Have a pleasant day to all:heart:

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  5. On 9/27/2017 at 9:21 AM, Sheila Marie Green said:

    Hello every one!! I know most of you are thinking that our thread is being dormant or not active anymore....were still here and still waiting for all the news that will come out for the two young ones .

    I miss your words of advice on this thread chingu:blush:Silent but patiently waiting for the news in the right time and place

    @boju no it's okay chinguya:blush:..much better if you delete also the pictures/videos when you quote a post..according to soompi rules..and have to agree with you about Bo Gum..values and personality is more important in an individual:)

    Happy Morning from this lovely Bo and Yoo:heart:



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  6. This thread maybe quite coz of lack of Bo and Yoo interaction but I can guarantee you my fellow shippers on this thread..lots of BoYoo shippers can't get enough on this two and still making noise in line,twitter and IG:blush:And 185 people is still following and lurking on this thread..:wink:

    And about Yoo Jung didn't choose Raon as her favorite character..SHE STILL CHOOSES RAON..her Ultimate bias:heart:-ctto-

    And Because I Love You movie will be air in MBC on October 4,2017..I just love Joga..and her news regarding Yoo Jung and Bo Gum..thank you so much my friend..in case your reading this thread as well

    I think @joyoflife77 has the complete translation of Yoo Jung letter..can you share it on the thread as well chinguya??:blush:

    And I hope some of the knetz and inetz will respect Bo Gum..every religion has it's own controversies anyways..and "every Religions,cultures,and beliefs deserve the same amount of respect, even if they are different from your own"


    Have a great day chingus!!:kiss_wink:

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  7. 22 hours ago, tsarathefirst said:

    Hello chingus, it feel so good to be back at last. Yes, I have done some back reading. All I can say is.....Lets stay together and spread love chingus, we have so much to look forward to. I am staying optimistic that September will give us some awesome moments :D.  Birthday :wink:....FM:tongue:..... and personally I am very much looking forward to our couple New projects:wub:..... BOYOO fighting!!!!

    I hope they do cast Yoo Jung..would really love to see those vibrant smile on her face and enjoying all those moments...and welcome back chingus..so good to see you here again!!Hugs!!:blush:

    And for Yoo Jung staying at sidus..as long as she's happy with them and as a genuine fan we will support her all the way...Fighting Yoo Jung ah!:heart:She's on the news...:blush:


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  8. @best99 Just call me chingu...chinguya..don't want superiority on this thread..:blush: @Xuexi_1 Amen to that chingu:blush: @boju Thank you chinguya..just reading your comment about BoYoo bts again in D'cut makes my heart flutters again...thanks for sharing..indeed we stay on this thread coz we love BoYoo in "BoYoo is :heart:" @kkwattana really?hehehe I remember when Yoo Jung said that her mom is asking her if she had a true feeling towards Bo Gum :wub:Moms knows best...:wub: @liemkopi Welcome back chinguya:D

    Guys about the like button...SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS THREAD..look for the THEME then click DEFAULT...then you can have lots of choices/reaction for the other post..

    I just love the caption..ROMANCE OF THE CENTURY...










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  9. Good day everyone...woah just finish reading everything... @happysloth @dee_230208 your always welcome chinguya... @best99 @Dramanoona welcome to this thread..so happy that you finally join in... @WingMi18 so happy for your D'cut @yaya_amin hope you can get your LITM soon..and welcome long time no post chinguya...and same for @princessflo as well..your comment about Bo Gum "can't hold his passion towards Yoo Jung" makes me scream with so much joy :joy:LOLOLOL

    @presentk:heart::blush:@moonlightdream keep calm chinguya..we've got your point..just calm down..:heart:

    @joyoflife77 Thank you chinguya...your really living up to your name on this thread...such a joy of life..thanks for sharing that post of IG.." as a BoYoo shipper of course I am so happy with that LETTER B AND NEED STRENGTH..are you calling out for him Yoo Jung ah???I know you do always....:blush:

    First of all..I am very happy that LITM won an Excellence Award... Truly deserving:heart:!!! And So happy for Bo Gum as well:blush:...We are unique and mature person in this thread....don't want to hurt anyone here coz your like my second family as well..but just to remind you...we made a PROMISE TO KEEP THIS THREAD A HAPPY PLACE JUST LIKE JAHYUENDANG..right? and be considerate for Bo Gum and Yoo Jung...to be happy for their individual success..although we want to vent our anger here..let's be cautions..not to our fellow BoYoo shippers on this thread coz we can truly understand your thoughts but FOR THE HATERS OUT THERE..we may want to defend Yoo Jung but... those trolls just waiting for the time like this to bring her down again..and I DON'T WANT IT TO HAPPEN IT AGAIN..remember KBS Awards....keep calm chingus...keep calm..BoYoo is love remember:blush:And for Bo Gum case..we all know that Bo Gum have many saesang fans right..I do believe that their speech have been screen by their agency...we all know how grateful Bo Gum is towards Yoo Jung..and sometimes the best you can do is just remain silent,because no words can explain what is going on in your hearts and minds...maybe it's for the best..he do say to all his seniors and juniors...can't seem to be angry with him...coz if he say Yoo Jung name once again...I will provide fireworks display on this thread for his direct confirmation...:blush:

    @akikisetsu agree with you chinguya....And I know Yoo Jung will shine the brightest in the future..she will coz she's a real gem in K-industry...she's born to be the brightest star in this field..natural talent and natural beauty in and out...:blush:

    Have a great day everyone...:heart:


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    Hello chingus...let me help you..I read this on TKL thread..you just have to go to the bottom of this thread....you can see the THEME..JUST CLICK IT THEN CHOOSE DEFAULT...since soompi have a technical problem and currently fixing a bug issue...




    Wahhhh!!!!!!!So late for those pictures since I don't have an IG account....and so glad to see my old chingus on this thread again....:blush:


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    On 9/4/2017 at 11:37 PM, TienLe85 said:



    And I saw that their chairs are close to each other all the times than to the others.




    That no space again :wub:This two really!!Sneaky ehhhh...thanks for sharing chinguya...I think the soompi is having a problem @triplemt08 chingu... @lovelybluehoneyz..miss you too chinguya..:blush:



    Welcome aboard @youngon @dolcemelodia @eltonmoon @vinnybookworm...happy shipping!!:blush:



    Have a great day everyone!!:heart:


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  12. On 9/4/2017 at 4:50 AM, TienLe85 said:

    But like moonlightdream said, BG cared YJ, and the special is he offer HIS DRINKS (water and coffee) to her, but she did not accept since she knew it too intimate. 

    Oh thank you chinguya!!Hugs!!:blush:hehehe I remember in AAA when Bo Gum unwrap the ferrero rocher and offer it Yoo Jung as well...:wub:

    On 9/4/2017 at 6:50 AM, Xuexi_1 said:

    By the way, what does it mean when it says blu-ray disc?  Hope it can be played in Singapore region?

    Blu-ray disc display high definition video compare to DVD chinguya....

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  13. @mamun correct chinguya...now I am more excited to buy one..been kicking my feet on the air when I'm reading @moonlightdream post yesterday....wanting to see how Bo Gum stare at Yoo Jung again...anyways if you don't mind..can we get some answers to this chingus???

    How Bo Gum stare at Yoo Jung on the couple documentary????

    A.Loving stare

    B.Casual-Friendly Stare




    D.OR ALL OF THE ABOVE...kekekeke:wub::heart:

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  14. On 9/3/2017 at 2:54 AM, joyoflife77 said:

    Vids/images is fair but to try to censor viewers thoughts n insights is rather tunnel visioned as  sneak peeks are great publicity n  will tempt people to buy.them.

    Agree with you chinguya...I think @moonlightdream did not violate anything at all...I only read person's point of view for what she have seen on the video..so to you chinguya..we're so thankful to you for what you have done...cheer up chinguya:blush:

    I really do hope that they will make DVD cut available on some sight in the future..enough time for me to save up and buy that precious thing in our life...especially to see the bts on KISSING SCENE:joy::glasses:

    Have a great day everyone....:heart:

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  15. On 9/2/2017 at 6:33 AM, presentk said:

    So sorry to respond in a quite strict way haha :( Will try my best to feed u and this thread without violating rules! *flying kisses*

    :blush:no need to apologize chinguya...I understand:heart:We all want what's best for Bo Gum and Yoo Jung and make this thread more valuable as well..so it's really okay...and looking forward for your reaction on DVD cut :wub:

    @dee_230208 welcome back chinguya...hehehe 

    On 9/2/2017 at 9:15 AM, mamun said:

    Maybe you can create a PM group and include only those you can trust :D

    Ahem...let me in kekeke:joy:Forever thankful if you really guys planning to do this...but if not...it's really okay for me....


    On 9/2/2017 at 0:30 PM, kkwattana said:

    I will have to close my eyes I think, I know its work but I cant watch...lol

    Oh it will be torturous for me...I imagine myself screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOO":joy:

    Hmmmmm MUSIC BANK JAKARTA.....Omo omo....He's really professional...good job Bo Gum good job!!Your noona is so proud of you!!keep it up...:heart:

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  16. On 9/1/2017 at 9:58 AM, moonlightdream said:

    anyway, too much typing now, need to get back to work. I hope u all don't mind I am just describing things in a very scatter way.. I tried to be fair and not too bias about my own feelings.. but my conclusion so far is 1) they r truly close, 2) he really really really cares for her, 3) she trusts him, 4) they do live their own world quite often when there r others, 5) BG knows what is she doing or feeling without looking at her, he is actually very attentive to her I feel. As far as what kind of relationship they r now in, it's up to our own interpretation but I think, even if they relationship is not concluded as Bf/gf yet, they r at the right path as long as they stay close and neither of them get attracted to other new co workers.. they r very compatible 

    Wahhh!!:heart:Thanks for sharing chinguya....

    See they are two sweet and honest people..we all know that they also said on the post MDBC interview that they understand each other by just looking at each other eyes...it's the sweetest :wub:

    On 9/1/2017 at 11:43 AM, kkwattana said:

    and I guarantee you that once BG heart is with YJ, there wont be any girls/women on earth to replace YJ easily;  she is a gem and whoever has her is very very lucky. Not just YJ I think both born for each other and everything about them is so perfect, BG is a very very good person and same is YJ so god may have create them to be a couple. I am waiting and will be waiting patiently as I really believe they are becoming real soon. 

    Agree with you chinguya..100%:heart:

    Omo!!I think I am being talkative again on this thread..:joy:


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  17. On 8/31/2017 at 7:29 PM, moonlightdream said:

    start making patience korean friends that r willing to sit and watch with us?! 

    I think @presentk can also help you out chinguya....

    On 8/31/2017 at 8:39 PM, londrina said:

    I'm sorry I'm expressing myself this way, but I do not want to be living in this world of illusion.

    It's really up to you chinguya...well you're right really.."no expectation,no disappointment"

    BUT THEN AGAIN..THIS A BOYOO SHIP/THREAD...And all BoYoo shippers who boarded on this ship..support this lovely couple wether they will end up together or just choose to stay as friends...I think we have said it over and over again on this thread..

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  18. On 8/30/2017 at 10:42 PM, thearmyofskank said:

    How I wish we can all watch it together so that we can experience the BoYoo magic all over again with this D-Cut. But I dont want to violate the rules and put the promotion team's effort at bay. :unsure:

    Thanks for sharing chinguya...:blush:And so happy for those who were able to purchase a DVD-cut...

    And my goodness!!!I was so late with the update!!So happy to see them together sitting side by side again....I just know and saw this picture just this afternoon...:love::love:

    When you know that your person is listening to you...full attention to you...

    When your happy just to see them sitting side by side :love::heart::heart:

    Is it just the camera or they really have same hair color...me answering my question..YES THEY HAVE SAME HAIR COLOR..:joy::wub:

    Look at those smile...:wub:

    Have a great day everyone:blush:


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