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  1. I dont understand Korean as I am waiting for my subs so I only watched EP5 and 6 to see whats happening. Can anyone explain why one of the male cleaners is very touchy to Osol and he even kissed her head? I prefer the plot to be changed a bit (as the CEO refused OSol) by letting Osol quit the job and disappear and let the CEO dying to get her back and she refused him this time. And again I still want to see more from Song Jae Rim. The rating remains at 3.5% and I really hope it gets to 5% which will be very good but its seems its gonna be at 4% maximum, lets wait and see. For YJ skill of acting, I think she suits more for melodrama ( just my opinion) not romcom but this is just the start as she is still young. One more comment, is the kiss scene gonna be every other episode? like in EP 3,6,8,12,16 .LOL, I dont mind YJ being kiss in drama but sometimes best to make viewers hungry for kiss scene and even one kiss but proper kiss so we can feel the deep true love. I dont like the kiss by accident or non reason kiss. Anyway, just my opinion. Will keep watching till the end to support Yoojung and the crew. Seems its live shooting so from my observation, she will finish filming around beginning of Jan. CWPFN fighting!!
  2. Hello, I am a fan of Yoojungie, really enjoy CWPFN drama so far, watched all 4 Eps and I have to say both KYJ and YKS are very good in acting, especially YJ, I am very surprised how very well she can act as a lead role, just every single details, she nails it. Talking about her effort and ability in acting and how fun the drama has been, I am a bit disappointed about rating. I know we should just enjoy the drama without rating but I am worried about the next EPs as Jilia said they should move the plot quicker, make it more exciting and interesting and more curious for viewers to look forward to next EPs. My personal opinion, too many kiss scenes dont help without good story line. Also YJ is still under 20 ( international age) I dont think she is ready for too many kiss scenes or deep kiss yet. Hope next EPs shows how 2 male/female leads get through difficulties together. Also I like to see more from Song Jae Rim and her father/brother too. Anyway, I will look forward to EP5 , and I hope they get higher rating ; at the end of the day Kdrama is all about rating :-( and YJ and CWPFN team deserve better. Again it depends on storyline in next EPs. Hope it does well though. CWPFN fighting!
  3. I agree with Lynnel, I found Boyfriend a little bit draggy too, but really nice filming, beautiful scenes in Cuba. BG and SHK voices are good though. I am gonna watch it later may be during weekend to support BG too. Anyway, I would like YJ and BG to act in a very good film next project and it hits Asia and Worldwide like Gongyoo did in Train to Busan, they are both ready for the lead role in movie. Just need a very good script, directer and production. But I prefer to watch YJ in movie first and wanna see BG attend her movie VIP. until now, I still really enjoy watching YJ faces in CWPFN, with long straight hair, pony hair etc she is really really pretty, prettier than when she was Raon may be just because she always wore 1 green costume unlike in CWPFN, she has worn many costumes, dress tracksuits, PJ, working suits etc. I wonder how BG feels when he watching this drama, he must be smiling and proud of her too. I hope to see Boyoo at award events when their dramas finish especially at Baeksang. Hope they both get acting awards they deserve. PS: I found YJ acting as a drunk person really cute, more realistic than BG, (just my opinion), she is a professional actor!!!
  4. Just popped into to say hello to all and hope you guys enjoyed CWPFN like me, 1st EP is fun and YJ acting is really really good YKS acting is good too. Her acting is very natural; I have not finished EP2 properly just quick watched on Naver and seems YJ is really pretty in all scenes. I am wondering how BG feel seeing how well she can act and how beautiful she has been since young and now she is prettier and prettier. He must be proud of her. But hope he does not get too jealous. If he does I do understand him though...LOL So I look forward to watching EP3 of CWPFN and off course I am gonna watch boyfriend tomorrow and see if its good. Hope It is. BG has to match YJ acting. Boyoo keep fighting!
  5. Thank you Lynnel and Xuexi_1, I am now nearly back to normal. BG's pic above was when he had his eider CF shooting in NZ but we had no confirmation when he went, like a ninja may be YJ taught him..LOL. How I wish he took YJ with him secretly there as NZ is a very very romantic place to be for a couple. I lived there for a year and had to say its nature and scenery is absolutely beautiful. If you have your bf/gf by your side, you will love each other more. btw, I keep checking CWPFN news of their resume shooting but nothing come up, I hope YJ starts to shoot soon, its gonna be live shooting right?, I am worried about her health though, hope she will be ok. Not sure if she had an operation or just on medication but this illness will not like working hard habit. I have had Thyriod problem too ( mine is over active YJ is under active) and on medication for 2 years now; get tired easily and weak so I dont think she is 100% yet but she can work and live a normal life just working too hard without enough sleep will not be good for her. I wish her luck anyway. for parkpark couple, I feel sorry for PMY most, Boyoo was lucky not to face that when MDBC finished airing. Thank God they are still safe from dating news. ps: I am quite happy with YJ's male lead YKS as he seems a very good actor, though he is a bit too old compared to YJ but hope their acting skills will help this drama success. good night all x
  6. Hello All, Hope you guys are doing well and welcome new members. long time not visiting this thread, I lost my log in details before and also had health problem, had operation etc. But sometimes read and check Boyoo News on my SNS. I am now back to cheer on and support them more often. So glad we gonna see them back to small screen in Nov. Saw on twitter that YJ drama will air on 12 Nov while BG 's will air on 21 Nov. YJ drama will end on 1 Jan 2019 I think as there are 16 EPs and BG's will end end of Jan 2019 ( what a coincidence..LOL )So hope to see them at end year awards, but as their dramas air in different channels so I dont think we will see them both at same award event..too bad but its ok. My delulu: think BG tried to accept this project this time so they both work at same time and busy same time, then they off same time and can date secretly, think it is a great idea if that is really true as couples can break up due to their busy schedules and dont have time for each other. But Boyoo knows how to maintain their relationship i guess. I am quite confident that from since YJ has been ill, BG has been there for her and tried not to accept projects earlier and left her alone while he was busy at filming site, BG is a good man, I have a feeling that they will end up together later better ( not too soon as YJ is still too young to handle dating news) just want them to date secretly and announce the news when they are ready. Keep praying for them to be safe from scandals. Good night all x
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