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  1. hey guys it's been a while. i've been wanting to post but i've been having trouble logging on to soompi. Fortunately or unfortunately, i was able to log in this time. I'm sure everyone knows by now the chaos that is currently going on in our ship. I've seen the picture myself and honestly do not see anything that would make people think that the two are dating. So what I am curious about is if there are other pictures or information that made some pretty loyal shippers abandon the ship. I refuse to believe that they dropped everything and all of a sudden like that without a good reason. If anyone can enlighten me or us I would very much appreciate it. I've been with this couple since 2016 and I will stay with them until God knows when but I am honestly feeling so down that I can't even look at her right now. If it was just me who felt the spark between the two i would have let go a long time ago and thought i was being ridiculous for even shipping 2 actors but there are thousands of us who felt it and thought it was something special and rare. I don't even know why i'm so invested but I would really like some clarification.
  2. just wanted to drop by and say hi to the boyoo shippers who are still out there also to give special thanks to @boju for keeping this thread alive . it's been years and we are still supporting this couple even when they are on "hiatus". it goes to show how deeply they have touched our hearts and our lives. i still believe that there was and there is something special between these two people. like i said before, even if they announce that they are officially with someone else and they shut down this thread, i will still insist that they belong together and circumstances just got in the way. if people who watched the drama can feel the chemistry and the spark just by watching them onscreen, i do not believe for a second that they themselves or the people who actually worked with them did not feel it. i was even more convinced that bogum was very aware of her as a woman when i watched the kiss in the garden scene bts where his ears turned super red then the nudging incident during their kbs gig on new year's. he is very attracted to her but i guess he was hesitant to make a move because of her age. she's attracted to him too but she gives off mixed signals sometimes. i just hope they got over that and did not get stuck in the friendzone. i am also a 2 days and 1 night viewer and i believe cha tae hyun is a pretty intuitive guy. the fact that he has teased kim yoo jung with park bogum a few times says something, it's not just fan service.
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