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  1. I have mixed feelings watching YJ's current drama and frankly most times, I just look forward to getting news of her next projects. I miss her in award ceremonies, fan meetings, CF promotions and also hoping that her next project is a movie. YJ s definitely a acting prodigy and I have no doubts that she will be able to handle any role given to her. Given her young age but knowing how competitive the entertainment industry is, I hope she will find a stronger foothold in it soon. Above all, may she always meet the right people (from co-stars to directors to production teams) in her future endeavour!
  2. Credit to KYJ Just want to highlight that that cover used is YJ’s painting:) Next I hope she will sing one of the OSTs!
  3. Credit to uploader This is one of my favourite scene as it’s funny no mattter how many times I watch it:) CWPFN is really a ‘healing’ drama and YJ is an actress whom can be trusted to deliver. The great chemistry of the whole cast also makes this drama a delightful one to watch!! I hope that YJ or she with YKS will get to sing one of the OSTs:)
  4. Credit to uploader Happy to read positive and real feedback:)
  5. YJ has once again proven herself to be a gifted and talented actress. She is not only reliable in items of performance but also as a senior to many of her co-star... despite her young age. I am happy to read much praises about her as she’s getting recognition she truly deserves! About @LynneL‘s remarks about comparing CWPFN with Encounter, I too think that’s uncalled for since they are in total different genre. But I want to say that YJ is definitely not a ‘small stream’ in terms of her acting capabilities. Watching the behind-the-scenes of MDBC and now CWPFN really restore my view about her. She is a humble girl who always give credits and compliments to her co-stars and I certainly think she will be given her due recognition from now:)
  6. Credit to uploaders Behind the scenes are equally interesting to watch:) YJ is truly a happy vitamin!
  7. Credit to uploader This clip will remind YJ’s loyal fans (like me) how talented and well-loved she is. It’s no wonder she’s an envy of many!
  8. @Jillia indeed! I’m looking forward to watching it as they are both even more charming in reality:)
  9. Credit to uploader Broadcast date is 24Nov! Happy that this is really happening:)
  10. Credit to uploader New promo! Love it that it’s been promoted regularly by JTBC and fans:)
  11. Credit to uploader Love it and it makes me anticipate the broadcast even more:)
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