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  1. I wanted to post here since I haven’t in the last 3 days! RL has been busy and wonderful! I saw that our JCW is on the move again going to Japan for an interview! I am curious to read the excerpts of the interview. That’s how we get a glimpse into his life and thinking! Can’t wait! I am also loving our girls’ PMY drama too! She is truly a queen of chemistry! We can all read her chemistry with her costar however we want, but we believe our girl, when she is ready she will let us the only guy in her life! Kudos PMY, you are the girl that can be trusted! I never believed rumors because you are professional and decent girl that wouldn’t sink so low into coming into a drama with a current boyfriend that has notched been declared! If you will act with your significant other, you will let your viewers know that they are not watching a fiction, but private time! Enough said, have fun while you work both of you!

    Let us enjoy looking at some of your fun times! And loving both of your airport fashion 


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  2. Thank you all chingus for all your take on the last two episodes! I was really intrigued by everyone’s comments. I am glad though that one of them I mean DM/RG broke off the fake relationship. I am looking forward to how RG is going to end the last meeting’s conversation. DM just walking away should not be the last moment of that scene! Wow! I am enjoying this drama because we have stories of each actor and second leads getting revealed one by one! Everyone is doing great! Ajumah! Love her since Healer, and how many times now she has been PMY mom? Just love their closeness. Thanks again chingus we are about getting to page 80!

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  3. WOW page 66! I haven’t watched episodes 7 and 8 yet, but will over this weekend. I have read almost all comments and takes on my phone while at work.  I have enjoyed all the takes of everyone! Thanks chingus and I echo everyone that the misunderstanding between RG and DM will be cleared in the next episode and the real relationship begins. 

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  4. I just finished watching episode 4 as promised, I am lucky to have a quiet afternoon. The ending of episode 3 which was the beginning of episode 4 took me by surprise too as did DM. I liked her acting because she was believable, anyone would be thrown too! Just this once, will talked briefly about my daughter who was killed last year while pursuing her graduate degree in fine arts at SCAD in Savannah GA. Those scenes where RG and DM were looking at a painting and also the discussion in the park. DM making a sketch was nostalgic for me, my daughter did that all the time, before you know it she would have drawn something and her painting from her first degree in fine arts are all over the house. STOP!

    I enjoyed the episode and can relate and like I wrote about episode 3, the story of the cast is enfolding and I am really following and want to know more about each character. I am amazed at Cindy though, she must have great parents and also have too much time on her hands. How does she have all the access and also got the internship so fast, so she could prove DM was lying.

     I love the friendship between DM and her bff, it’s fresh! What’s with the employee at DM’s  friends’ shop? I think he posted the picture of DM with the story as she was recapping  what happened when she and RG went to Sin An’s apartment!  Love also that line from DM’s friend to the employee ‘there’s no pay, but I will make you into a human being’ paraphrased of course. I hope I can at least read all the recap as it happens this coming week. Thanks to everyone who has given their insight, great things about romantic comedy for me is watching how the OTP falls in love!

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  5. Wow! I finally got time to watch episode 3! I love it, the drama has a lot of substance, the story is unfolding the story of each character and that brings clarity. I now understand the story of the oppa friend, and his relationship with DM. I also like that the drama is telling the story of fangirling and idols and giving us understanding on the ideas of all those coincidences that could be wrong and damaging! The experience of DM work life and the owner, the misuse of power of the rich! I really love the scene where DM was musing in the museum instead of going home and RG saw her. They both sat together and reflect on art, and paintings. ‘I am great’ because I am alive! I get that statement! I have a wedding this weekend which I am about to go to now, I will hopefully watch episode 4 tonight or tomorrow. Thanks @turtlegirland others who have been giving us the recap and their own takes on the drama so far. I enjoyed reading all your inputs since Wednesday, my RL has been demanding lately. PMY and KJW have been great, their acting is on point! 

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