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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/B0vE3NIJ3m9/?igshid=p3qq0vi1oo7g


    our couple that loves to travel. Our girl is looking at a drama script to work with a former co-presenter, and we are looking forward to a great chemistry once again! Also will like to congratulate our girl on her new commercial, kudos girl! Continue to hit the iron while it’s hot 

  2. I want to update more on this forum because I believe in their happiness! This is our girl’s interview. She has matured rightly as she should, learned how to let go of her drama roles and be happy.

    And our guy who is a sensible guy! Debt free is the only thing he cited as being proud of! What a wonderful guy! He loves and appreciate his mom, that says a lot about how he will take care of his spouse! Love him even more after reading his latest interview 


  3. I love both of the conversations of our couple in their recent interviews. PMY no longer is waiting, remember the song she sang while our guy was still MS in her first fan meeting! She is in a good place now. Her words, “whether for love or work, she wants to be happy” and JCW said “I am so happy”! We don’t need anything else and I also maintain that the greatest hint was from JCW post of that LA painting!

    I am rooting for both of your upcoming drama! Melt me softly will be great and I know our girl will select a new drama very carefully! We’ll continue to support both of you till the end! Love love! #rabbitlovesbunny

  4. Our guy, new endorsement and interview, plus new drama coming soon! So many things to post but little time I have. I am happy to read everything everyone else is posting on Twitter and instagram, even on Facebook. Endless good stuff is written about JCW and our girl. I am happy they both are happy doing what they love! Business is booming for them both!


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