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  1. WOW! I am just returning from a-week break out of the country! While away, I was following IG and forums. I can only say, interesting!/lol! when I recall all that I have read about our couple. The thing I will say is that our girl is really wonderful and great because she dominated several ships to the point that some shippers are saying that they won! WOW! What a concept, how can you win in other people’s life and relationships. Let’s all be reasonable and enjoy shipping for what it is! It’s a distraction and fun endeavor, we enjoy all the chemistry and hints we receive from our couple or as some we call it coincidence! The greatest one was the post of our guy JCW! The art that is only in LA while our girl was there! Anyway let’s continue to have fun as we support our dear PMY and JCW for they are hardworking people who love their career. I am also glad that her agency is going to prosecute those spreading malicious rumors and writing hateful comments! 

    Look at those legs of our couple wow! 

    love love! #rabbitlovesbunny

  2. 1 hour ago, Oksana Sutra said:

    Park Min Young has become a new model of mini-massager. Representatives of the company promise the commercials  June 15. Min Young commented on working with the company: "I am very happy to be a model for my beloved mini-massager"


    I love that our girl is busy with lots of endorsements, but also hope she rested well between jobs! I know it’s better to busy than idle! I need one of those mini massage! Lol


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  3. On 5/30/2019 at 1:26 PM, Pmyonly said:

    I am just dropping here to say @youngatheart thanku for always admiring,supporting and ji chang wook too :wub:.I always lurked in this thread and it felt good to see you sending so much love to pmy.Keep supporting her!

    Thanks @PmyonlyI am always going to support our girl because she is hardworking and kindhearted! I have been away for too long and I return to my normal posts. 

    Here is our couple doing what they do best and we cannot fail to notice some connections here! Lol




    Marie Claire photoshoot! Love it.

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  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/ByFhOysJVFB/?igshid=1oz5bpznj45mo


    our girl is off to wrap up party of her latest drama. We can see that she has a bright smile! Wonderful work PMY! We that are not forceful and trying to win over something that we have no control of applaud your craft. We also know that not all great dramas received high watching ratings when aired! Healer for example didn’t and it’s still a classic in kdrama land! We watched your dramas because you know how to pick them, you had fun and created wonderful relationships with your costar and your viewers! Because of you many relationships formed in forums!

    Our JCW is having fun as well while fishing! We love you our couple #rabbitlovesbunny 

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