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  1. 2 hours ago, realistic2280a said:

    I'm glad this thread is not as active as the other two.... shippers wars are scary :)


    Go Park Min Young! :wub: One lady single-highhandedly managed to make shippers war in Soompi discussion forum in May 2019....:D This should be part of Soompi's history right?


    Her sister is probably a lurker here, send our regards to PMY! :D

    Thanks for stopping by! Yeah it’s laughable and we credit our girl for causing all the raucous! Lol it just proves that she is the king maker like someone said, a real queen of chemistry! We changminers are happy for our girl! When we said we’ll wait and that’s exactly what we are doing! Waiting!

    and wow #rabbitlovesbunny

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