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  1. 1 hour ago, zenya22 said:

    I love the character of Ryan Gold. He is different from the other usual romance leads who tend to be imperious, vain and spoiled chaebols. From the little history provided, Ryan seems to have immigrated to the US very young and was supported by an adoptive mother but he also may have been self sufficient and self supporting. (at least I hope he was). He is a self made man, talented, famed and a critically acclaimed artist. However, he stopped working as an artist 3 years before and became an art director instead whose critique and perspective of artists' work are respected and anticipated with bated breath by the art world. While he was leaving one such event, a girl approached him for his autograph and after he signed, the girl asked him if he will work again as an artist as she would want to see more of his work. Ryan silently gave back the book he signed and walked away without a word. He seemed to have ignored the girl staring at his back but what she did not know is Ryan had no answer and that her innocent question pained Ryan deeply. Ryan's first appearance show him as an aloof, unapproachable and arrogant man. However, his visit to his psychiatrist shows a different side of him. He is sensitive, intensely passionate about his artistry, and expects mastery from himself, yet it is that passion and sensitivity that choked his creativity. His psychiatrist told him that since the time Ryan layed eyes on the Lee Sol painting, it affected Ryan profoundly that he stopped being an artist. It is also that painting that brings him back to Korea when his doctor advised him to look for the painting and the painter which is now owned by a member of K Pop group Si An in Korea and see the connection of the painting to his inability to paint.  


    Another thing that I love about Ryan is his liberal stance, open mindedness and compassion. Deok Mi a crazed avid fan of Si An and her girlfriend Sun Joo decided to go the hotel in the suite where Si An had been, and do some "fan girling", whatever that means. When they arrived at the hotel, they were told that Ryan who was just walking away from the concierge, already checked in to that suite. Sun Joo ran after Ryan and pleaded that she needed that room because she was in a "pilgrimage and the person she liked stayed in that room but they had a relationship where they could not really meet that easily". (Eye roll)... Ryan walked away ignoring her. However, while he was in his suite, Sun Joo's pleading, nipped at his conscience and lead Ryan to look for and find the girlfriends at the bar holding hands and speaking very closely. When Sun Joo went to the bathroom, Ryan called her attention and agreed to switch rooms so the girls can have the suite he was in. It was not his fault that he misunderstood, but his empathy for Sun Joo's plight, reveals Ryan's tender heart contrasting his snobbish facade. 


    And lastly, I like Ryan's honesty and humility. He was recruited by the former director and owner of the art gallery where Deok MI worked to become the Art Director of the art Museum/gallery. He is somewhat a perfectionist who expects flawless performance of his work from himself. Because of who he is, he can be intolerant of mistakes. He fires Deok Mi for making an error in judgment. However, when Deok Mi's coworker explained to Ryan that she was the one who made a mistake and Deok Mi is really conscientious and efficient in doing her work, that she is needed in the gallery, Ryan unhesitatingly went to see Deok Mi to apologize. He admitted he was wrong, that he was sorry and offered DM her job back. Ryan is a sweetheart. He is perfect in his imperfections. 


    As for DM.... SMH...she needs a reality check as in a relationship with real people and not with a cardboard copy of a man with taped up neck...who in reality won't probably give a hoot about her. 

    I agree with your assessment of RG’s character, he is sensitive and conscientious. He fired DM because he felt that she broke confidence because he wasn’t just going to fire the artist they have been using, but was going to discuss another opportunity even if he’s going to let him go out of exhibitions. His aloof appearance and ignoring questions from a strange fan is because he couldn’t tell the world of his personal problems. That’s why we don’t judge people when you really don’t know their story. Love DM and her friend, friendship goals!

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  2. I finally got to watch the two episodes last night (USA time). It was fun! I love both episodes, the second episode is better as expected! I was really introduced to the lives of fangirling, I didn’t realize some people live their lives that way, wow! Exhausting! My youngest daughter introduced me to kdrama and I love it, but I cannot see myself getting involved with idols that much even if I am young! Well, it’s just like extracurricular activities for them I guess! It’s better than doing drugs, or going crazy over boys at that age! I mean young adults. I love that the drama didn’t just focus on the fangirling, but also that the girl has a career and will soon develop a love-line! That’s really how life is! All the actors are doing their best! Keep up the good work 

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  3. watched the two episodes of your new drama last night (USA) time of course on Viki, it was fun! I didn’t realize some people really live their lives like that! I mean idol fans! My youngest daughter introduced me to kdrama and I love it, but I cannot see myself getting too involved like that even if I am young! I love the fact that the story of fangirl is not just about fantasy and all that, she has a career and will develop a love line, that’s what keep up watching it. PMY is really a beautiful girl that is also talented and career oriented so I love that about her. Keep up the good work.

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  4. WOW thanks PMY! Our girl #4LOG! We can see that you are hardworking girl and even considerate of your dog! I am still waiting for 100% sub of episode 1 of your new drama to watch on viki. From all the clips and trailers that I have watched and also from others with open mind and that love you genuinely, it’s a fun drama. You are working hard according to the story! Keep up the good works and we changminers are supporting you till the end!


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  5. I Finally have time to post something about our couple since I returned from vacation. Real life has been busy with the new term! I have been checking out all the posts of girl’s press conference of her new drama! Uhm what can I she looked beautiful as always, but I wouldn’t have chosen that asymmetrical dress. I love the fact she’s having fun with her new costars as she should! I am looking forward to next week! Our soldier is also doing wonderfully fine! Love love and life is beautiful 

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  6. I have been away since it’s spring break and decided to travel out as usual. I was not aware of the latest news about our actor/soldier. When I heard, I was confused, but glad that his company kinda gave explanations about everything. I also read that the news outlet made a retraction and tried to explain their side. From everything I have read so far, I am pissed to say the least! How can some people be irresponsible with other people’s life and career just because they want to have some ratings! JCW please get your company to sue them for libel and inducing negative feelings and frustration in your fans! 

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