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  1. I love this side by side creation too! Memories of our couple! It’s great to reminisce since we are on the countdown to our guy return and our girl’s new drama! I am going to give my best shot today! School has been canceled 3 days in a row! I get to go in whenever I am ready so I have some time to play around on this forum! 

    it’s been like on vacation just like our girl, but I have to plan makeup for my students!

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  2. our OTP! Some asked why I am still here on this ship? I really didn’t want to answer, but if they may know, it’s a matter of integrity! Until they both declare they are dating someone else, this ship sails! All shippers are the same, no one on this forum knows them personally or have a way to tell what they are thinking so each ship should just focus on their ship instead of comparing chemistry with their new costars. The gravity of what some people alluded to is really gravitating towards unprofessionalism of their OTP, but still we on this ship do not want a fan war. We have stayed focus on our OTP! We’ll continue to support them individually and share fan arts of them! Shipping is supposed to be fun and a distraction from one’s lucrative career! I am happy with whoever they both decide for in the future, but meanwhile changminer forever!

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  3. wow! My reaction when I saw this post and comprehended this information! How much can we JCW fans be this blessed! Seeing him again till almost his last days in MS! It feels like he has been working continuously even during his service to his country! I am so proud of you soldier Ji Chang Wook! Really admirable, you will surely be blessed with fantastic projects after your labor of love! Can’t wait to see all the pictures from your ever so loving fans

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  4. love all these creations from changminers out there! Thanks chingus for providing resources to keep this thread alive! This is a shipping thread after all! We know both of our couple have vowed not to be caught dead with their significant other till marriage! We respect their decision and we’ll continue to wait till such time, but we will continue to offer our support! We love their visuals and their work! Can’t wait to see how she will entertain her fans tomorrow and of course her new drama too! It might just be both of them will have new dramas in the spring! Love love! 

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