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  1. Hi changminers, I am back to work. Thanks again for all the well wishes. My take on that Caroline Straits is pity, she must need the name of our girl to create sensation to sell her article, she will end with the likes of people with no credibility. As for our couple, I don't think anyone or anything can stop them now as sang by our JCW himself at his last concert(the lyrics of LA LA song).

    she is just like those people who refuse to face reality. JCW said straight up 'no special feelings between us' he also said 'it's easy to find tall beautiful, double eyelid girl'(that's the idol,) but it's not easy to find a girl he clicks with. Even the dispatch they call the shipper of their ship said JCW and her were like siblings behind the scene. We all also know all the latest happenings so I think our couple will just be laughing their richard simmons off reading such ridiculous article. Desperate people.

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  2. Hear this changminers, some said he sang this song too in finale. The LA LA Love song by a Japanese R & B about a younger guy who fell in love with a noona, chose her despite challenges and went on a long vacation. Isn't our JCW now bold just like his to-be wife. I am proud of him coming out like this. I always say I listen to what he says. He has said that he tells his story with his song. He did a great research for the song. It seems they are getting us ready for a reveal in their own way.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Malala Rakotonirina said:

    the part that i like the most in healer is in ep 14 and ep 15. "when cys asked jh if it's warm now...jh lays down on cys...when jh told to cys to go out of him....cys refused to move on...cys huging jh...they're kissing, sleeping,healing, cooking, and finally jh who said to cys to leave him before never wanted to let her go anymore after...", the writer-nim was full of inspiration, i'll always grateful to him, because, in part, our couple isn't right there where they are now without him.

    Off Topic: I invite you guys to watch a moovie "The Saint" with Val Kilmer, it's an old moovie but same feeling as in Healer, very interesting!

     Thanks @Malala RakotonirinaFor the suggestion I am sitting at the airport now going for a trip of my own with my husband for our wedding  anniversary. I will check in flight movies l always watch Korean movies in flight now.



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  4. 34 minutes ago, Malala Rakotonirina said:

    well @youngatheart, i think now is the time for these two to share their love together after being busy in their respective works. I can't hold on my tears when i'm watching jcw singing the song 'like a child", because of each word spelling on it. I felt that jcw was a little bit suffering during the time  ( two years and few months after healer) he cannot be closed to pmy (it's only my opinion hey). So, time is coming for them to fall in love again and it feels like they renewed what was happened in healer bts shows.

    I agree with you @Malala Rakotonirinaand it looks like they are together from all indications that we are monitoring. I am just too happy and like I said will wait for to announce that are engaged or married. Yes that's my line of thought 

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  5. 6 hours ago, maryofbethany said:

    @youngatheart sorry sorry, i don't get the link between Youngie's white bedsheet pose.and Wooks' interveiw? what did he said then? sorry, can eleborate?

    @Tressiaand @maryofbethanyThe white sheet is from SJH in healer how he said about things he likes. We sometimes just take the reel to real. I didn't read any interview about white sheets. Just in healer and the Telimahu fan fiction. I am sorry if I mislead you guys. It was just mentioned just for fun, who knows PMYmay post it too just fun at him too if she is aware of the 'white sheets'

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