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  1. 15 minutes ago, yjnge said:

    Hi Fellow Healer Shippers,

    Long time kdrama fan, but recent Healer fan. I came out of lurker mode because I saw this and shocked no one noticed yet. Well, here you go. Let's start the spazzing!!


    .... Ji Chang Wook is said to date 80% of his co-star actresses in films. "




    What is this? Who are you? Please this is a shippers' account for specific OTP, why would we be interested in our couple being maligned like this. What type of spazzing are you talking about? Please take this type of rumor to somewhere else. I hate to confront someone who says she is a healer fan like this, but this is inappropriate and is not right to bring it here. We'll not like to discuss other people's relationship other than our couple PMY and JCW here thanks.

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  2. 33 minutes ago, Malala Rakotonirina said:

    for the 5th place as one true pairings!!!!! @ReemKanabta that's a good news. So...what about as one real pairings :wub::blush::heart::wub:, i believe so in that. May be i'm wrong but i saw comment on JCW weibo posted by JCW kitchen in which he said "happy new year....let's love!!!!" I think that our CM have decided to spend more of their times together before JCW enlistment for the army: such as holidays in Thailand, then 31st golden disc awards and euuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh:bawling: what is the next?, what will be the next? Wookie, Youngie, show us more of yours together please please

    Yeah, I agree with you Malala Rakotonirina, it looks like that. Spending time together more before enlisting. Love it and even more if they can throw us hints here and there

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  3. Our dear PMY finally posted this picture with location Thailand and caption 'sunset' like she said in her previous IG that her beans are scarier than her mom, her location was already found out. As we all know though these pictures were not posted on the days they were taken and also wanted to ask, 'did mom took all these pictures?. Probably NOT or it could just be my delulu. I also just read on some IG that our couple are presenting tomorrow at the golden disc award. Is this true. I will post that IG later.

    Here is the IG post, I don't know who can confirm or we could just wait and see.

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  4. 2 hours ago, youngatheart said:

    Thanks for IG PMY, for some of us with analytical minds, just noticed that the Picture was actually not take outside because of PMY reflection in the back. Thanks for making our delulu mind go into overdrive.

    I maybe wrong with the first picture, having seen this second one. She looks a little bit shy in the second post and she said "I miss you guys". I will leave my interpretation and delulu to myself. I am glad she had fun wherever that was and thankful that she shares with us.


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  5. 7 hours ago, ReemKanabta said:

    It's PMY's turn to vacay with Mommy


    Insta Update "내여행메이트, 엄마#familytrip #콩알들이엄마보다무섭ㅋㅋㅋ"

    Trans:"My travel mate,mom#familytrip #Beansarescary thanmymother hehehe"

    and she deleted this one

    Someone said on IG that this place maybe Thailand. If it's true, was the picture taken today or few days ago who knows. Like I said on IG we'll help them keep whatever they want secret secret. It's also suspicious that PMY deleted the picture below



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