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  1. Chingus! I believe our ship is sailing smoothly, how else can JCW cherish our girl. From the little of what I have seen of his FM in HK, our actor looks like a guy in love and I love all the videos of healer couple he showed this time. All these videos are when SJH and CYS love were grown and deep. I wonder what he was trying to say with these videos as you all know he is philosophical 


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  2. 1 hour ago, maryofbethany said:

    Changminers. After dropping by. My other fav threads drop words. Guess this is my last stop. Luv ya. Today was kept thinking about Baeksang. Hope after Army Wooks will be given roles that proved his acting skills. By far after Healer he was pure overseas and back Kor still not given string acting challenging roles that May bag him BAEKSANG. while I have higher hope in 7 Days Queen as she will be excellence in Historical-Melodrama as she is pretty much sitting comfortable with Healer PD and KBS. . I don't have much much hope in Wooks' if the production is willing to throw in a kpop idol who has no experiences n acting and immediately take a Second lead female, I can imagine the direction of this production. This year Goblin wins Big, next year 7 day Queen wins. 

    Anyway with the coming Easter and Exams and I need to finish about 570+ pages of back reading of this thread. I officially now take a hiatus and promised to come back. 

    God bless Chang min couple be re. God bless Changwook with MinYoung forever be in love with each other, never to let love turn cold. 

    I hear you @maryofbethanygood luck with your exams. I am not sure about this, but I think if JCW is no longer available to those idols as he is engaged to be married, the focus will shift mainly to his talents. Look at LMH he was not attached to any idol in his last drama since he has declared he has a girlfriend. All these other matured actors like Ji Sung don't get paired with all these idols. I believe JCW is kinda laying it down too not to be paired with them, but it seems that the entertainment people always want to take advantage of his good looks and popularity with young fans. I actually like him a lot because he limits his fan service and drawn some lines between himself and the last idol. They were requesting that he shows up with her in fm but he didn't.

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  3. Chingus my take on all these, remember was it a week ago when almost all JCW friends started to like some changmin posts. I was like the MEC effect or something, now Dispatch out LJG, is Dispatch a changminer too! I know someone has promised to protect someone. With all these fans of both PMY and LJG trying to ship them even some people started asking if LJG tried to date PMY 10 years ago. I guess the two couples (JCW &a PMY; LJG YBH) could not take it any longer, hence the reveal. My opinion and delulu!

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  4. Hi chingus, Dispatch confirmed what some of us sensed before that MEC was just a production to help actors with certain things. I am happy for the new couple they deserve to be happy and I am sure all the ladies people are shipping with LJG know about his relationship. Have fun guys life is short. I hope our own couple learn a thing or two from reading all the fans comments. Please come yourself before someone else out you.

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  5. 34 minutes ago, hrh77 said:

    That's what I want to ask, can somebody explain clearly what's this Changwookie, name appearance?....

    Also, there's some speculations on the last episode that, perhaps with that kind of reaction from PMY.. could be LJG courted or try dating PMY 10 yrs ago?... And what's this secret from PMY that she successfully hide, from her interviews on the earlier episodes of MEC...

    @hrh77the name CHANGWOOKIE was said in their discussion by PMY. I don't understand Korean, but if you watch the video you can hear clearly PMY saying CHANGWOOKIE. I believe it came from there and hence, the reference to the meaning because she didn't say changwookssi 

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  6. Park Min Young Is Moved To Tears By Lee Joon Gi On "My Ear's Candy"


    Reading this synopsis of MEC from soompi makes all the comments everyone has been talking about clear. LJG looks when they met and the way he called her name, you can feel that he was fond of PMY and have missed her. Their relationship was that of old friendship and brother/sister relationship, really cute and special.

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  7. I agree with you guys @hrh77and @maryofbethanyPMY has that magic of chemistry with all her costars. I believe it's because of her genuineness and love for her craft. About the jealousy thingy? Who knows they may be sorting that out now because it looks like our couple are MIA, having a lovers' weekend getaway, my delulu maybe. It's seems they are together somewhere because as we know from coming week they will start to get busy for their new dramas. Have fun lovebirds wherever you are.

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  8. 3 hours ago, maryofbethany said:

    Nam Ji hyun might be the lead for Wook's Beware this woman (Suspicious Romance)


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    ok, with Nam Ji hyun, at least i felt safe. that she wont give false signal to create another shipping crazes>

    and wont have an army of amazon shippers go round flooding IG, twit, facebook... etc.


    She is kinda of connected to JCW bff iguk, the one that just went in MS. She was also in that warrior of b drama with JCW. Also remember she was the girl who gave the award with him. She is safe to our  changmin. I really liked in shopping king Louis and in angel eyes.

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