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  1. 38 minutes ago, hrh77 said:

    Same here... I like NJH, but I can only feel pure work and professionalism on her and both....  bravo!!....  I was thinking/ imagining that maybe JCW asks 7DQ prod give way for the ratings, since SP started first??... hahahah....  the adult roles will show on ep4...

    Yeah @hrh77professionalism, I agree, but cannot shake the feeling that NJH is kinda connected with SIG (her formal costar who is friend with JCW) anyway PMY will be understanding of their profession and it's gonna be JCW to be understanding too! I am excited and waiting to witness the chemistry between her and YWJ soon. I think I like YWJ too, he is handsome and guess what? He  has same birthday and blood  group type with our dear JCW! What a coincidence!

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  2. 39 minutes ago, maryofbethany said:


    Guerrilla Date With Park Min Young Eng Sub Released.
    (hrh, i know you are looking for this)

    CR. PMY 박민영 Int'l Fans @PMYIFANSUNITED (these are always her loyal fans)

    Thanks @maryofbethanyfor sharing this with English sub. PMY looks radiant here, someone said on the radio today 'when you're honest, confident, and sexy you are likely to be in love' our girl looks like that. I am waiting for her new drama. I am sure she will be great in it.

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  3. 40 minutes ago, hrh77 said:

    Same here... But Only Sungkyukwan Scandal really hooked me... Equivalent to  Healer in the modern... 

    Same here @ReemKanabtaand @hrh77I really don't like the historical but I watched and loved SKk scandal because of PMY, but didn't watch EK my daughter gave me the synopsis. I am watching SP and liking it, I really like the girl paired with our actor as OTP. She has been great in all her previous dramas, I think I watched all her dramas. I am going to watch 7DQ even if I have to pay to watch it. Our girl is great and very professional, I believe the drama will be great.

    @maryofbethanyI don't ever consider you lashing out at anyone. We vent here when we need to and not attack anyone. What I meant was that some people calling others names and insulting them on social media as if they know everything about them. Concerning plastic surgery, I believe people are just jealous, they would have it done if they can afford it, or would help them in any way, that is my opinion. 

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  4. I just wanted to share these two IGs, though they are the same from dear chingus but I love both of their caption. It has been awhile since I post something here. Real life has been busy and challenging, all good though. I will also like to add some of my thoughts about changminers, I read in previous post that we are ageless. Yes and also, matured, successful, highly educated (meaning well travelled), and contented in our relationships. That why we don't lash out at people we really don't know, but always showing grace and understanding. Really love our couple and I just had to squeeze in few minutes to post this, I am off to an event.

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  5. Yes can't wait @Malala RakotonirinaI know it may be a day behind for us here in the USA, but can't wait! The excitement is palpable at least for me right now. I work till 8p tomorrow so hope by that time it's up on viki 

    Just want to share another edit by our dear chingu Carly! We are celebrating our couple!

    I hope they can find some time to relax with each other like this edit in a luscious park someday! Really nice @fyeahjcw!

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  6. Thanks @ReemKanabtashe did live a great life, we really took care of her, no regrets here.

     I woke up to all these new IG post and wanted to share here. It seems like the whole of Korea is happy today to vote for a new president. I congratulate them, voting is a civic duty that every citizen should participate in, it also empowers you having chosen your person, you leave the rest to democracy.

    here I go:


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  7. Thanks to everyone for the condolences, I am back home and at work. I have been lurking as much as I could and read all the news about our couple. Saw him at the award show, while he didn't win, we loved to hear his named called out as one of the nominees. His fans always love him weather he wins or not. I also read the letter he wrote to fans, while I love that he cares for his fans, I didn't think he should have addressed that, but who knows what he was thinking, it just reminded me of another time he was out like that to refute some not so pleasant news. Anyway, I am not bothered by him going there or sitting with whoever, I understand that's part of his job and responsibility.

    love below IG posted by a chingu


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  8. 38 minutes ago, Igotcaughtdancingagain said:


    Hello chingus, likewise here @hrh77, I can even visualise the scene just by listening to it, I can even tell what episodes just by looking at the still photos...lol, so how can we really move on...Healer ruined my drama watching, Changmin made me crazy and made my fangirling to a new height of frenzy.  

    I am back, been busy for a while!  

    hello to other chingus here @youngatheart @CatchMine_ID @Malala Rakotonirina@angela0612

    Same here @IgotcaughtdancingagainI know all the scenes just by lightening or I can recognize an episode with a picture. My family rolls their eyes when I am rewatching it. Welcome back. 

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