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  1. 1 hour ago, goldeneagle21 said:


    Does anyone think that Ji Chang Wook had plastic surgery? I am in complete denial... I keep telling myself he didn't but when I compared screencaps from now and his past dramas, it seems like he underwent plastic surgery... Maybe on his nose and eyes and cheeks. 

    Anybody know anything about his whether he has had plastic surgeries?


    What type of fan are you? @goldeneagle21this is your first post here and this is what you have in mind? Mind you, this is a shippers account. What does it even matter really? People like you focus on people's appearance and start judging, you are apparently not a fan of JCW otherwise it wouldn't have mattered to you. We don't care if it's the truth or not. If JCW is happy with how he looks we are happy, we don't go look for silly evidence of nonsense and discuss them here. You need to change your attitude in life, always looking for negative stuff to discuss about other people will not make you happy in the end. It is always a good sign if you focus on the positive side of everything, in that way you can be thankful otherwise you will be unhappy. Stay blessed and don't come here with negativity. 

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  2. 56 minutes ago, maryofbethany said:

    MinYoung's NEWS>


    Actors Lee Jin Wook, Park Min Young, and Jin Goo are considering the lead roles for a new KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama.

    On March 22, a source from KBS stated, “KBS 2TV’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Queen of Seven Days’ (tentative title) is confirmed to air after ‘Mystery Queen’ (tentative title).”

    The source continued, saying, “While Lee Jin Wook, Park Min Young, and Jin Goo have not been confirmed as part of the cast, they are currently in discussion [to appear].”

    KBS’s upcoming drama “Queen of Seven Days” is set to be a traditional romance drama that tells the story of Queen Dan Kyung, who sat on the throne as queen for seven days before becoming dethroned. The drama is set to be headed by producing director Lee Jung Seob, who previously directed dramas such asBaker King, Kim Tak Goo,” Healer,” and “Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho.”

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    Youngie,  you will be airing around the same time of Wooks' Beware of this woman.
    I just hate to see both of you fight for rating officially, when your hearts belong to each other.
    3 stations fighting is cruel, damned it!

    WHY Lee Jung Seob?
    pls swop Ji Chang Wook from Beware to this Melodrama.
    just bring Wooks into this drama, and let Lee Jin Wook or Jin Woo go to 'Beware of this woman' !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    pls LORD< don't make wooks and youngie fight each other for ratings.
    see Wooks and Youngie diff dramas air each timing is cruel.



    i loved to see her in Kdrama finally, but not to fight with Wooks' drama... in any given time i will still choose MinYoung's drama over ANYONE else. but why? how to go watch raw at same hours?


    WAE?????? (praying with tears and sweat and blood... with self-flagellation !!!)  pls swop Lee Jin Wook or Jin Goo to Ji Changwook. Wooks pls turn down Beware and hop over here............
    if i am a millionaire i will buy over KBS>

    Wow @maryofbethanyI agree with you wholeheartedly on this. There is a saying in my language that says to 'fart in your mouth and also put a salt in it'. You don't know whether to swallow or spit it out. This news is such and I am going to wait and see how all these will turn out. If PMY accepts the role and if JCW will continue with the 'Beware of this woman', are all still left to be seen. I am going to support them either way and I know God will find a way to sort all these out for them. The dramas could be on different days, different times or same day with different times too. This is a test of their love for each other we'll pray along with them and cheer them on. For us who are have been in relationship for a long time, knows that challenges are at every corner, only couple with strong bond and resolve to work out each one together survive. I am trusting these ones (PMY and JCW! Fighting!).

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  3. Hi guys, I wanted to wait till I return home before I make any comments on this forum, but could wait any longer. I feel much better all my strength is back and should be out today. Anyway, thanks @maryofbethanyfor that letter composed for dear girl. I am sure she reads our comments. I couldn't agree more, she deserves all the happiness she will receive in place of all the hurts she has received. I really love and respect someone like her. Well versed in culture, travel, exposure, reflects on your attitude to life and she is a classy girl. Her spouse will really be honored and she will raise amazing kids.

    I am really enjoying her new variety show with LJG, I think they could be great support for each other. I am sure he has a gf and our actor feels safe with him near her too. My question or wonderiness' is her above post 'La La La Venetia? Is there a connection between this and our actor la la la long vacation song at FM? My delulu? 

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  4. 17 minutes ago, maryofbethany said:
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    @OksanaS for you

    Lee Jun Ki's My Ear's Candy Revealed to be Park Min Young as the Two Converse While exploring Florence.


      Reveal hidden contents

    Park Min Young & Lee Jun Ki Spris 07 CM

    This is the commercial for Spris Clothing 2007 starring Lee Jun Ki and Park Min Young which includes 30 secs, 60 secs and the making of the commercial.



    that was 2007, in the spoiler, and Minyoung never seems to age. not shipping LJK and PMY of cause, but it will be a nice collaboration between both.

    Love this too @maryofbethanyand I agree with you, I will not ship them. Why? It looks like everyone close to her now is also close to JCW even the younger guy that escorted her to the 'disc award' has a connection with verutum. I believe they are all JCW friends so why ship them especially if we believe that changmin is real. PMY's voice was really great, I just hope our actor doesn't get too jealous because she seemed to really loved chatting with LJK or maybe she was just doing her job. She is a great actress, love her.

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  5. 19 minutes ago, angela0612 said:

    It's 2AM now in my place but here I am watching the bts clips at mrandmrshealer1's IG account. Gosh, I'm worried when will I be able to get my beauty rest? ^_^ Changmin Couple, what have you done to me? :-)

    I understand you @angela0612the feels you get makes you root for them, watching two people fall in love is amazing. Their chemistry is none like any other I have watched before and I know they're real, just waiting for them to make the world know about it. I don't think I can be convinced otherwise unless they announce relationship to other people.

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  6. Thanks for sharing the video of our birthday wishes to PMY, and all the thanks to the people that put it together. I saw my greeting and I was moved. I am also happy that she appreciates our wishes for her and sent out a reply quickly on her birthday, not waiting till the day after. I really appreciate that, knowing fully well she would have been preoccupied with celebration, but she still squeezed in  time for us, her fans. Love you PMY and you know we are all here supporting you and JCW in all your decisions.

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  7. Thanks @maryofbethanythat was great and I will check her IG now, I usually don't. The poor girl deserves to be happy and these people will surely get what they deserve somehow. I have tried to correct some of them on twitter and instagram, but I usually stop when they start to abuse PMY and I changed my caption picture from My favorite PMY to an eagle so that I am not seen as changminer when I want to correct some of their delusions. I finally gave up that they cannot be helped. I would not be silent though now since they are becoming psychopaths.

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  8. Good day changminers! What's going on on IG? The haters are getting really obnoxious and psychopathic. I always heard that they attack PMY, but not to this level. They almost put a bad taste in my mouth about being a shipper. Maybe just maybe dating in secret is not really protecting your loved ones and making your relationship public and letting anyone who interferes negatively receive your wrath may solve this solution. I am at loss for words about what I have been reading in the last 12 hours. I have gone ahead as requested to report this individual,'yolandawilda'. Is enough though? I hope instagram can fix this. I just wanted to vent here because I couldn't do it on IG.

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