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  1. Chingus! @ReemKanabta@maryofbethany@CatchMine_ID

    did you guys read the interview from JiChangwook kitchen? Some of those people with that paper ship should go read it. It was said in there almost exactly what was written in the fan cafe. He has regrets concerning the K2 and said the love story should have had a reason why they fell for each other, there was no flow to it. I didn't want to post it here because those writers may get mad. Now I understand why he politely refused to sing OST for it. Chin up though JCW, we know you are one of the best actor out there. You really did a great job with what you were given. I also now understand why our girl posted that IG immediately after the last episode with a wink, it was a message for our captain. 

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  2. @Tressiaand @maryofbethanyThat would be a great news if they can collaborate again, but I have to agree with @maryofbethanyThis may not be true and also I feel you, I too want feel like I should just fold everything for now, but I decided no I am going to follow what my heart feels about changmin and not worry about other soompi thread spin on what they feel is going on with our actor. We that understand what a out of this world chemistry is, and understand what it feels like to watch healer. I will agree to let the K2 phenomena cools down because it will, and rightly, they should feel this way since K2 only wrapped up last week. Let let them enjoy their delulu after all, this is what we enjoy in this entertainment world. The only person that will convince me to drop this ship is changmin themselves, but my hope is renewed even at the last episode of K2 because our girl gave us a hint with her IG posting.

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  3. 4 hours ago, heroonthebeach said:

    @maryofbethany I can always count on you to highlight the strengths of Healer in every episode. Truly agree with you that all the side characters in Healer are so well crafted and written. 

    By the way, has everyone here also watched City Hunter? I've also been reading that it's one of the best dramas around. Since it stars Park Min-young too, I was thinking of watching that series after finishing Healer. Do you all think it's worth watching? 

    I agree with the previous comments from @maryofbethany @Tressia and @hrh77 I watched it before healer came on, the first 2 episodes were okay, but it became boring in the end. At first I didn't realize it was PMY that was Kim nana because she was a passive girlfriend in city hunter and I did not like the way she was treated by city hunter ( that is my perspective).

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  4. 2 hours ago, maryofbethany said:

    @ReemKanabta i am sad for JCW too. you know what happen, because the lazy writting of writernim and the too cheesy directing.. His role was being said as lack lustre and reduced to NOT being the Main Lead, as if the story spin around Anna. and now when PD and writernim dump the second lead CYJ under the bus, the mature European-Yoojin fans were up roar and even started to dislike Kim JeHa, and who suffers... Ji Chang Wook! you just need to read DramaCool ep 13, to ep 14, that is the problem of stereotype, when he was good in something, the New Production Crew will over abused and over used in that areas, eg. if JCW is good in fighting his own stunt, TvN will keep making him perform endless fighting scenes, ... say he shown his abs at Healer ep1 and it awe all the agashi to noonas to ahjummahs... then TvN will make sure him utilize his assets to a full nudity (almost) show... if he can kiss PMY well, tvN will make sure he kiss Yoona well.... from the fists to abs to kisses are enhanced, but everything else fall along the side trench... including his main asset, his damn good acting. and now people is questioning, K2 is actually not about K2, K2 main lead is not K2. hahaha. LOL> the funny thing , those who voiced against the absurb change of the plot and the wasting of talents here, among them are men, and some are late twenties male, which i always thought the males fans are the one that will endlessly pay obeisance before "The Muse" actress Y. But surprisingly these males fans were the one disappointed with the characters. some even started to hate JCW character.
    @ReemKanabta during the Beginning of the year during the many Beanie awards.. Javabeans and Girlfriday still exist to be the frontal embassador to laud and cheers for Ji Changwook and Minyoung. even with the existence of Descendant and Reply88, we will not shaken our title of being "Healerites", Dramabeans still endlessly recycled the many Ji Changwook's banners even before K2 aired. its just that they have the good sense to keep silent about their disappointment and not aired it out at that 'what we are watching" forum.


    don't blame the dramacool fans.. they are just shadows of the other unseen unspoken disapointed fans out there. we stick around K2, because that same reason why we jump on the wagon. Because JCW is always worth it. jsut that the script writer and Producer team do not worth him.

    [HanCinema's Drama Review] "The K2" Episode 14 dlvr.it/Mc2hh2. It is really sad to read all these reviews that are not favorable about JCW and the K2. The review from 'Orion's rambling' sums up how a lot of his fans feel about the K2. I want to wait to see how it ends though, to finally address how I really feel about all the details. It's a shame that JCW really worked hard for this drama, but it's not panning out to expectations.

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  5. 3 hours ago, heroonthebeach said:

    Hey all, looks like I am late to the party as I only got into k drama very recently but I agree with all that the ChangMin pairing is amazing. I am impressed that the fanship has lasted this long!

    have shared some of my thoughts on Healer at my blog.. it's currently one of my favorite series! 


    Welcome aboard @heroonthebeachloved your analysis of healer and already left a comment on your blog. There is something we saw in our couple and I am glad you saw that too. Though our couple is quiet now because of JCW current drama, we believe our ship is sailing without any distractions 

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  6. @TressiaThere's no need to loose confidence in JCW for changmin and you are right and it's also been written all over social media that the costar you are talking about needs to improve her acting. The whole script needs lots of improvement too, but to even suggest that JCW will fall for her is inconceivable according to all his interviews because he's not attracted to innocence, but sexy. The character of Anna is innocence and idiotic at best. He also mentioned at the last 3D that he had concluded that to live pleasantly and happily is to be with the person he likes. I believe that was concluded before K2.

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  7. @maryofbethany@IgotcaughtdancingagainThanks for all the updates and comments I am really happy that we are all out here and on IG supporting our couple. The K2 has been trying for me though I know that our couple is solid still glad she posted that IG to reassure us. Yes I know the green heart can mean jealous, but I chose to interpret it as renewal. 

    I just saw a survey that they all also want director's cut DVD, well all I can say is that whatever they try is never gonna compare to the original.

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  8. 16 minutes ago, maryofbethany said:



    what you say is so right. when they have nothing to dig.. they go back to things happen tens of thousand years ago history...
    so, so what about going under the knife? which of us are truly natural beauty? that need not even a single skiin care... okay skin care if okay, plastic surgery is NOT? did we not come into conclusion what matters to an actor is the depth of acting, the devotion she give in deliver the roles, the wisdom in choosing the right script, the sacrifices made for deliver that role... the beauty within then the beauty without.
    okay, throw in a perfect beauty... which i don't know whether Kim Tae Hee or Song Hyekyo or Kim Hee Sun ever goes under the knife... but what do you want in the end?
    a natural beauty that cannot act.
    or , a un-natural beauty that can act?

    to me, i liked Park Min Young, not jsut because she is pretty, but because she can act, i cannot say i like her alone as my fav actresses. but i alos like Han HyoJoo and Choi ji woo... alos not because they are pretty, because they can act well. and choose their roles well.
    again, so what if they goes under the knife.

    What's with the talk about plastic surgery in this day and age! Many people go under the knife that are not even in the entertainment industry. I read somewhere that those haters are just jealous of her because she started well in the business which is not her fault, but providence. God blesses whom He chooses to bless, it is not up to anyone to decide who and how. Hating someone doesn't make you feel better, I just hope these haters will leave MY alone and mind their own business.

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  9. @maryofbethanyI share your sentiments I was the person that shared that we should support JCW in this role of K2. I am sorry to say that I left the show after episode 6. I just feel really bad seeing that the writer copied personal conversation of our changmin with the ramen scene and now I read on the forum that JH and Anna were conversing using Walkie talkie, doesn't that sound like when our changmin were talking on the phone? I don't think I can lurk there anymore I feel so annoyed now. Yeah I don't care how many kissing scenes or nudity they add, I trust JCW based on all his interviews Anna is not his type and I believe JCW and PMY are a couple. 

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  10. @maryofbethany, but why poor PMY? Even married Kdrama stars still work with other women/men. Their spouses understand that they have to make a living and JCW also said this is just a part of himself. Though I ask myself as to how I got myself so invested in them but I have to answer that the chemistry we saw we knew nothing could compare to it. I am watching K2 for Wookie only because I want him to have a great drama before going to enlist. His girlfriend understands that and I know she fully supports him. We should too, he is wonderfully well.

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  11. 1 hour ago, wookyoung6 said:


    JCW ideal type this time around = When asked who his ideal type is, Ji Chang Wook replied, “Someone who can always love me, no matter what I look like at the time.”

    another change spotted! from someone who you can communicate well with, someone who is interesting to be around with, someone who even you both aren't doing nothing together (can be interpret as not have enough lovey-dovey time together due to time-constraint-schedule),it's still interesting because of the fact that you are together, someone who is well matched personality wise. --------->> someone who can always love me, no matter what I look like at the time.

    hmm.. so you already found that interesting person huh? Don't worry, I think she will love you no matter how you look like. She is such a kind-hearted and warm noona. KKKK.. 

    JCW ideal type answer this time seems like when you gave an answer that is only known to someone and someone only. He and she know they have seen each other without any makeup or just by themselves for days and still love each other's look. Sounds interesting! Makes me thinks hmm they have gotten really close! I am happy for them, they deserve to be happy.

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