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  1. Small talk, you are not alone @AABattery @lurker___not. I created a Soompi account because of this couple too. At first I found a personal blog of a Flower Garden rooter, I was so lost and confused. Then I found this thread on Soompi, where my thought is belonged to, didn't think much to have an account Thank you the Winter Gardeners, so happy to join and read from you everytime!
  2. Thank you @triplem for this new home. And a giant Thanks because invited me in person.
  3. Captain Ahn is Chilbong-ed by Song Hwa couple of times, she definitely have no feeling for him as a man or love interest, she freezes him in the hube-zone. I think he could never able to escape. Same thinking. There're is nothing clearer in this show than the feeling from Ik-Jun to SongHwa. How he clingy around her, ask her out, care for her, lost his mind when she announce her sickness or moving to Sokcho,... No doubt, she is the girl he has been waiting for his life time. I am not convinced by Min Ha in the ss1. She is cute but feel like she
  4. Sorry to cut your post. I have the same idea but dont know how to express it. Totally love your points. There's totally comfort and understanding between Song Hwa and Jun Wan, the vibe of them like soul-mate shows from the start episodes. There kind of conversations and actions together I can feel the strong relationship and understanding. Given if it is Jeong Won or Seok Hyung seeing Dr Jang in the elevator with another girls, are they gonna do the same as Jun Wan, confront Dr Jang for her?? Thus SHwa shows her free soul in front of JWan, they are eating couple. Chi-hon
  5. Thank you for your reply @sillyvivian_yo89 it's nice to get listened and responded During the long wait to season 2, all I can do is re-watching all over again and find something. Also sorry for the bad English The "hold shoulder" action is between guys and it just saying how close they are as friends. But SongHwa in the case, put her head into JWon shoulder which is I think unnecessary. It is not saying they will grow a romance development later, just showing SongHwa feeling.
  6. I totally agree with you that JeongWon does not have any special feeling for SongHwa. She just like all other boys in the fives When SongHwa announced her sickness and said that she will get the result tomorrow morning, JeongWon cared for her verbally as JunWan did. SeokHyeng called her very soon in the morning to check up and Ik Jun came with her to the doctor room even though he had a white night before. When Ik Jun told that GyeWool was in the ER because of allergic affection, and she was fine by the time, JeongWon lost his mind and run to the ER. Let's not forget about the
  7. That's my words. I cannot finish the show because I felt sooo hurt and angry and pissed
  8. Whose is an apartment that Ik Sun and Jun Wan used to date? Ik Sun stays in the military camp, I dont think she own an apartment. If it is Jun Wan's, it is to risk to bring a girl friend home while he's living with Jeong Won?
  9. Nice catch @nrllee In Ep3 Songhwa come to JunWan room, Junwan tells SH "Go check IJ up. I think something's up, but he wont tell me". SH says "that's not be like him. Well, I'm sure he'll sort it out", then ignore it.
  10. How the nurses reply to the news of Winter Garden, we all knows all the nurses are crush on Professor Ahn
  11. Hawaii even is mentioned 3 times: - ep 1 in the VIP ward signing contract of the fives, Jwon acknowlege us about it. IJ and SH are there by the time but they have no idea about it - ep ** when Jwon tries to tease JWon again in SHwa office, IJ, SHwa was there and dont know about it too, they try ti guess what was happened, they only know that JWan was in Hawaii for a month after he finish his pHD test (or something) - ep ** when JWan talks with Ik Sun in the dining table at his/her house. JWan says that only JWon and Ik Sun know what happened, dont tell it to Ik Jun because he wi
  12. “If he likes you, he would have came” - Dr Chu Min Ha That’s why Jwon ran to the ER when IJ said Gewoul fainted out. That’s why IJ came to here the result with SH.
  13. I am thinking of who will pay the bill for the dates must be Ms Winter because we all know JWon always broke. Where would they hanging out, where would they sleep? Gweol is living with her brother so they cannot hold the dates there, Jwon is living with Jwan.... I hope the Ahn family still has a house in Seoul for the couple Me too. I has a strong feeling that SongHwa love in the student years is Jwon, there is just too many hint about that. I triggered it from ep 2 when SHwa sing a line in the song "Introduce me a good person" - "I want to lean on the shoulder of
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