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[drama 2008] When It's At Night 밤이면 밤마다

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[MBC] Kim Sun-Ah, Lee Dong-Gun, Lee Joo-Hyun, Kim Jung-Hwa

When It's At Night

밤이면 밤마다


Also Known As: Night After Night, When Night Comes, Every Single Night, Every Night, ...
PD: Son Hyung-suk 손형석 (Auction House)
SCRIPT: Kim Eun-hee 김은희 & Yoon Eun-Kyung 윤은경 (Winter Sonata, Summer Scent, Sweet 18, Snow Queen)
MAIN CAST: Kim Sun-ah 김선아 (My Name Is Kim Sam-soon), Lee Dong-gun 이동건 (Smile Again, Stained Glass, Lovers In Paris, Sweet 18), Lee Joo-hyun 이주현 (As Much As Heaven And Earth, Sweet Spy), Kim Jung-hwa 김정화 (War Of Money, 1% Of Anything)
START: June 23, 2008 (replacing Yi San)
BROADCAST TIME: Monday & Tuesday @ 9:55 PM (Korea Time)
GENRE : Romantic Comedy
Main * Wallpapers * Previews



Synopsis & Info (from MBC Global Media)

A story about a single woman in her late thirties and an art scholar with a roving eye for young nubile girls who try to recover a national treasure.
Professional tomb raiders who can tell apart a Goryeo celadon from a white celadon by just smelling the dirt surrounding them and a detective who can tell what kind of criminals they're dealing with by just surveying the remains of a looted tomb... There are others such as the inspectors who dedicate themselves to catching tomb raiders out of patriotism and an art expert who uses high-tech gadgets and his extensive knowledge to spot fakes... These people are involved in cases surrounding cultural heritages and the ups and downs of their lives unfold in this drama with exciting episodes.

The leading male character is an art expert who detects forgeries and restores original art pieces who doesn't get along with the leading female character who is an inspector working for the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea but they work together to solve the case of stolen cultural heritage pieces and they find love along the way. Watching their bizarre dating ritual, people will feel sorry for them and at the same time vicariously feel a flutter in their hearts. There are poignant scenes where the inspectors develop a friendship with the looters they put behind bars. Using high-tech gadgets, the inspectors restore art and identify fakes in this interesting, heart-stopping drama.


image Hur Cho-hee (Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea, Inspection team of crimes against Cultural Heritages) / Actress Kim Sun-ah
She arrests tomb raiders who poach ancient artifacts but her dad is a tomb digger, too. After her dad goes missing, she joins the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea and recovers a national treasure that her father stole, drawing her father's ire and making her an outcast at the administration for being the daughter of a tomb digger. Because she was born with a sexy figure, she becomes the focus of many malicious rumors and after meeting Kim Beom-sang, she realizes that she was very naive about relationships and decides to take him on with a fierce determination.

image Kim Beom-sang (Art restorer and expert) / Actor Lee Dong-gun
A leading art expert and restorer. He can detect the slightest imperfections in forgeries in seconds and restore a pottery vase even if it has been shattered into small piecs. On top of his skills, he has a handsome face. But he is a male chauvinist with a big ego. He has no patriotism, respect for others, understanding disposition, or compassion. Kim Beom-sang, a perfectionist, has one archrival. She's no other than Hur Cho-hee, an inspector who works for the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea! His life becomes a mess because of her.

image Kang Shi-wan (Gwangyeok Precinct, Chief detective in Cultural Heritages Division) / Actor Lee Joo-hyun
He is a hard worker and loyal person who became the chief of the cultural heritages division three years ago. Five years ago he lost his wife in an accident. He is a single dad with one daughter and plunges into his work to get through the pain of his loss. But he finds himself attracted to Cho-hee and in a competition with Kim Beom-sang to win her heart. Wang Joo-hyun, the craftiest female employee at the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea, also tries to win his affection.

image Wang Joo-hyun (Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea, Inspection team of crimes against Cultural Heritages) / Actress Kim Jung-hwa
She joined the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea with the idea that she could meet a lot of wealthy young bachelors. But Wang Joo-hyun's cute looks are no match to Hur Cho-hee, the sexiest employee at the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea. She tries to act like a graceful lady who would make a perfect wife to outwit Hur Cho-hee but the man of her dreams doesn't appear....

(credit: DC, Alodia, SeReNiTy, Jastinel)


Main Cast
Row 1: Kim Sun-ah (Heo Cho-hee), Lee Dong-gun (Kim Bum-sang), Kim Jung-hwa (Wang Joo-hyun), Lee Joo-hyun (Kang Shi-wan)
Supporting Cast
Row 2: Kim Byung-ok, Ki Joo-bong, Jo Hee-bong, Park Chul-min, Kim Joon-ho
Row 3: Park Ki-woong, Kim Yong-min, Kim Hyung-bum, Kim Yong-gun, Jun Won-joo
Row 4: Choi Joo-bong, Park Yung-jee, Kim Hyang-ki, Lee Yung-yoo

Relation Chart


Characters Description (translated by glo@BON FunSubs)


Huh Cho-Hee/ Kim Sun-Ah

Cultural Properties Administration Cultural Assets Crime Enforcement

"Cho-Hee" was named by her father. Huh Nan Suhl Hyun was Josun's greatest poetess who kived a life of misfortune. Her pen name was Cho-Hee. The evil men of her lifetime called Huh Nan Suhl Hyun's beautiful love poems lewd but the next generations knew. That she was truly a great poet. Cho-Hee's father loved Huh Nan Suhl Hyun's poems and hoped that Cho-Hee would live with elegance and pride like her but unfortantely, their similarities lie somewhere else. They both live
misunderstood by others.

She was born sexy. She may just throw on a five dollar shirt but her sexiness is unable to be hidden and because of this sexiness, she has lived misunderstood for thirty years. Women feel nervous and threatened that Cho-Hee will seduce their lovers and husbands and men whisper that such a sexy woman must be undoubtedly reckless as well. If she was sweet and gentle, she would be less misunderstood but... she's icy cold, uses fists before words, cuts short comments she doesn't want to hear, and there isn't a speck of cuteness to be found. And she works so hard too... she seems like a crazy woman desperate to catch a tomb robber. Or so it seems to others.

Antique appraiser and restoration specialist


Kim Bum-Sang/ Lee Dong-Gun

**(Bum-Sang means common or ordinary in Korean)

His name isn't very ordinary and he himself is an outstanding member in the antiques appraisal and restoration community.
No matter how elaborate the fake, he can tell the difference immediately no matter how shattered the pot, he can fully restore it and no matter how snobby the girl, he looks good enough make her fall for him in one look.
Superior skills with stunning good looks, there would be a balance if he had an attitude but this man Kim Bum-Sang is humble too! He has an outlook that isn't greedy or narrow, he's kind and well-mannered, he works to always put others before himself, and he has the expression of a man who would only love one woman in his entire life, where in the world would there be another man like this?
Kim Bum-Sang, a man who receives love and respect from ladies and gentlemen,young and old, no matter what their stature. But... his true self is...


Kang Shi-Wan/ Lee Joo-Hyun

Criminal Investigation Intelligence Team 3 Chief of Cultural Assets Responsibility Section

Three years ago, the Cultural Assets Responbility Section was created at Criminial Investigation Intelligence and he became the chief. He even receives recognition from the other officers of Criminal Investigation Intelligence who thought disagreeably about his chief position as a young ex-police officer. He's even one step ahead of the critical people on the enforcement team.He's honest and loyal and his character is a prime example of that of an honorable man. But in the case with women, all he knows is work. He's simple and boring man who's anything but romantic. And the most critical reason for his disqualification, he has a child.

Five years ago, he lost his wife to an accident. He was left with his daughter, Ji-Yoon, and he buried his wife
away in his heart as he focused on his work. He never even imagined that there would come a time when he would love someone again.


Wang Joo-Hyun/ Kim Jung-Hwa

Cultural Properties Administration Cultural Assets Crime Enforcement

She joined the Cultural Properties Adminstration in order to meet a high ranking government official and make him her husband. She had thought that dream would come true while she was a secretary. But life became totally messed uponce she got moved to Enforcement.
Who cares how everyone else in the nation is working, she's forced to live her life chasing tomb robbers from sunrise to sunset, from Seoul to Busan to Daejun to Daeju... what's so great about that? She can deal with difficult work. With her major in cuteness, her minor in crinkly smiles, she can easily overcome that much.
But the one thing she can't deal with... sharing an office with the Cultural Properties Administration's sexiest woman, Huh Cho-Hee. No matter how much she trys, she can't beat Huh Cho-Hee original sexiness. In addition, Huh Cho-Hee is spitefully indifferent to her sexual attractiveness. That's even more spiteful. Wang Joo-Hyun is suffering. There can only be one queen bee in the hive. In order to beat the sexy Huh Cho-Hee and thus receive the love and attention of men, a "differentiation" stragety is necessary.
The conclusion after a great effort... appeal to the the perpetual romance of all men, the kind and elegant motherwife.
After all, isn't the number one marriage candidate for all korean men the kind and elegant motherwife?
And if she's pure and innocent to boot, no matter how sexy Huh Cho-Hee is, it's game over.


No Jung-Pil/ Kim Joo-Bong

Chief of Cultural Properties Administration Cultural Assets Crime Enforcement

He devoted his youth to catching tomb robbers. Due to catching robbers, he never once was able to go to his children's entrance ceremonies or graduations. He's never celebrated his wife's birthday. As a result, his children surround only around their mother and he is never treated like a husband or father. Still, when captured robbers are released, he never forgets to buy them a meal and pay for a cab as he pats their shoulder and tell thems to live a better life. That's why he still isn't able to buy a house and is still renting.
But he doesn't regret the thiry years he spent catching tomb robbers. Now it's almost time for him to retire. He feels no different now from when he first started but already thirty years have passed by. There once was a time when the tomb robbers in all of Korea would only heard the name "No Jung-Pil" and they peed in their pants while digging. He knew the entire grave robber community so he could take one look at a crime scene and immediately tell who from where had done it. But its different nowadays. The robbers' techniques have become more elaborative and surprising.
There isn't much time left before he must step back ang give the young people his spot but... with his retirement right in front of him, many complicated thoughts refuse to leave his mind.


Na Dae-Gil/ Park Chul-Min

Enforcement Team Member

His dream is to become the next chief after Chief No retires. Of course what he wants even more is to quickly leave the
enforcement team and be promoted in an easy place like public relations. But he's been in enforcement for years and no
other department wants him. His current goal: promotion! His biggest obstacle is the young but experienced Huh Cho-Hee.
He believes that Cho-Hee works hard because she wants to be the next chief and he keeps his guard up around her. He is mortal enemies with Officer Jo from Criminal Investigation Intelligence. He is always worried that Criminal Investigation Intelligence will steal the credit from the Enforcement team.


Lee Sang-Ho/ Kim Joon-Ho

Enforcement Team Member

Besides cultural assets, he likes stocks, funds, real estate... he's very interested in anything that can be related to financial technology. He tries to seem relatively smart but he is always screwed over by his rather meager knowledge. He's interested in Wang Joo-Hyun but he's irritated by the way Criminal Investigation Intelligence's idiot, Officer Park, hangs around her. So he often gives incorrect investment information. Take that he says, and he acts like Brainy Smurf most of the time but he's a lazy employee with a relatively kind disposition.


Episode 1: With handsome looks and expert knowledge in ancient art, Kim Beom-sang (actor Lee Dong-gun) is a college professor and co-host of a popular antique TV program. A simulation exercise is conducted at the National Museum of Korea to test the security system and security guards. With guards and high-tech security systems patrolling every inch of the museum, Hur Cho-hee (actress Kim Sun-ah), an agent with the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea, penetrates the museum’s security. Given a personal assignment from the chairman of a chaebol, Beom-sang heads to Japan and contacts an art smuggler to purchase a rare piece. Cho-hee also heads to Japan to break up a smuggler’s ring. Beom-sang and Cho-hee meet at a Japanese inn where they discuss a stolen vase, which leads them to shady bedfellows.

Episode 2: Beom-sang is bewildered to see so many people welcome him at the airport. He reluctantly hands over the national treasure he obtained in Japan to the authorities and is hailed as a hero and patriot. Since the media spotlight was on him, he had no choice but to give the white porcelain dish to the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea.
Cho-hee goes to a nightclub to apprehend Lee Yong-gu but Beom-sang interferes and she loses him. She is brought to the dance floor by Beom-sang where she reluctantly dances the tango.

Episode 3: Cho-hee welcomes Beom-sang who became the new advisor at the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea and warns him that he’ll have his work cut out for him. Beom-sang feels the need to deflect Cho-hee so he spreads an indecent rumor about her, which blindsides her. Cho-hee goes to the studio to confront Beom-sang and retaliate...
Meanwhile, Cho-hee hears from Beom-sang that the bihaedangjib was stolen from a powerful lawmaker’s home and she immediately looks for Mr. Hwang for a lead in the case.

Episode 4: Cho-hee and Beom-sang were unable to catch Seo Gyu-chul, the person who stole the bihaedangjib, right under their nose and the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea is in turmoil.
Meanwhile, the police task force and agents from the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea go to a charity event to find the stolen bihaedangjib. Shi-wan is surprised to see Cho-hee wearing a stunning outfit.

Episode 5: Kim Sang (actor Kim Byeong-ok) realizes that a sting operation is underway at the charity event and he has the auctioneer stop the auction of the bihaedangjib. Cho-hee (actress Kim Sun-ah) and Beom-sang (actor Lee Dong-gun) were hiding in a secret auction booth and they immediately pursue Kim Sang’s men as they run away with the bihaedangjib but they lose them in the chase. But Beom-sang identifies Lee Yong-gu as one of the robbers and he finds Kim Sang’s secret hideout...

Episode 6: Cho-hee (actress Kim Sun-ah) pays a visit to Beom-sang (actor Lee Dong-gun) at the hospital and when she learns that he fractured his hand because of her, she offers to give him a ride home. Feeling sorry for causing his injury, Cho-hee cooks kimchi stew for Beom-sang and feeds him since his broken hand is in a cast. But then the doorbell rings at Beom-sang’s home and Beom-sang and Cho-hee start to panic. Beom-sang looks at the closed circuit video and sees Shi-wan (actor Lee Joo-hyun) and Joo-hyun (actress Kim Jung-hwa) at his door.

Episode 7: While the investigation team is busy preparing the ceremony for the donation of the bihaedangjib to the administration, they hear from Sang-ho that Senator Lee decided to keep the bihaedangjib in his private collection by stating that he bought it legally.
When Cho-hee hears this, she tells the senator that he cannot keep a national treasure in his private collection. She leans on Detective Roh’s shoulder and cries.

Episode 8: Cho-hee witnesses Beom-sang talking with Chairman Jang at the museum and she later goes to Beom-sang’s home to ask him why he was with him.
After having a big argument with Cho-hee, Beom-sang returns home and finds it ransacked. The sowonhwagaecheob that he fully restored is missing.

Episode 9: When Chairman Jang (actor Kim Yong-gun) finds out that Beom-sang (actor Lee Dong-gun) lost the sowonhwagaecheob, he uses his influence to have Beom-sang (actor Lee Dong-gun) pulled out as the host of his popular antique art show and has his college where he teaches ban him from teaching. When Beom-sang hears that Chairman Jang is so furious about the loss of the restored art piece that he even plans to hurt Cho-hee (actress Kim Sun-ah), he goes to see the chairman and warns him that he will make him pay if he has his men lay their hands on her. Meanwhile, Shi-wan (actor Lee Joo-hyun) becomes suspicious of Beom-sang when he hears a rumor that the sowonhwagaecheob was restored by a leading art restorer.

Episode 10: When Cho-hee hears from Beom-sang that her dad, Hur Tae-soo is alive, she tries to search for him.
Meanwhile, Shi-wan learns that Beom-sang has been banned from teaching at his college because of Chairman Jang.

Episode 11: When stolen art pieces are returned to the museum one by one, Shi-wan becomes suspicious of Beom-sang. Cho-hee tells Shi-wan that Beom-sang is not their man. She believes that the actual “Hong Kil-dong” figure is her father, Hur Tae-soo.
Meanwhile, Chairman Jang (actor Kim Yong-gun) plans to give a maejukmoon bottle to Iwazaki as a gift but it gets stolen...

Episode 12: While the special police unit and agents of the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea are busy with their manhunt to capture Chairman Jang, Hong Kil-dong breaks into Gong Yong-chul’s home and steals a standing gilt-bronze bodhisattva statue and flees the scene.
When Beom-sang visits Gong Yong-chul’s home to meet him, he spots the masked Hong Kil-dong and pursues him...

Episode 13: While talking with Detective Roh over the phone, Cho-hee learns about the death of her father, Tae-soo. She immediately runs out of the building upon hearing the news. Shi-wan gives Gyun the last belongings of Tae-soo and Cho-hee bursts out in tears when she witnesses this.
Meanwhile, Chairman Jang hears from his secretary that Cho-hee is the daughter of Hur Tae-soo...

Episode 14: The director of the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea, the museum curator, and the head of security monitor a training exercise from the control center when a power outage suddenly hits the entire museum.
Meanwhile, Shi-wan asks Beom-sang to appraise the cultural pieces that Hong Kil-dong returned to the museum...

Episode 15: After receiving a call from Chairman Jang, Cho-hee immediately goes to meet him and hear what he knows about her father’s death.
She then goes to see Mr. Hwang to ask him about the relationship between her father and Detective Roh...

Episode 16: Hearing news about Beom-sang, Cho-hee runs out of the office. Meanwhile, Shi-wan, Detectives Cho and Park face off Kim Sang and his gang at an abandoned warehouse.

Cho-hee drops by the hospital to see Detective Roh and asks him about his involvement in an incident that was linked to her father, Hur Tae-soo.

Episode 17: After arresting Chairman Jang, Shi-wan also tells him that he’ll be tried for the murder of Hur Tae-soo but Jang denies the murder charges and demands that the detective show him evidence that he did it.
Meanwhile, Cho-hee tells Beom-sang that she’d like him to join her on a trip to someplace...

Live Viewing


WITH S2 - Aigoo
Coco Repository [c-subbed]

TSXZ [c]

Episode Downloads

English Subtitles

B.O.N FunSubs

Chinese Subtitles


Behind-The-Scenes Pictures
[05-02] Script Reading: 1 2
[05-04] First Filming Day: 1 2 3
[05-07] Heading to Japan: 1
[05-08~5-09] Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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Suna running


[2008.03.20] Kim Sun-ah Returns To The Small Screen
[2008.03.26] Last drama by male stars to enter army… Who will round it off?
[2008.04.13] Lee Dong-geon, Kim Seon-ah "When It's At Night" – Enters filming this month
[2008.04.11] Big 4 Actresses, Television U-Turn 'War of the Stars'
[2008.04.16] Lee Dong-gun to return in May
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[2008.05.01] Dramas & Overseas Locations
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[2008.05.07] Lee Young Yoo to play the juvenile part of Kim Sun Ah's character
[2008.05.09] Actor Kim Byung-ok joins the cast
[2008.05.10] Kimonos and national treasures
[2008.05.12] Kim Sun-ah Returns After 3-Year Hiatus
[2008.05.19] Park Yi-yoon replaces Lee Soo-kyung
[2008.05.20] Casting calls: Lawyers and gamblers


Writers: Kim Eun-hee & Yoon Eun-kyung
Kim Sun-ah * Lee Joo-hyun
Park Chul-min * Lee Young-yoo
cast 1 * cast 2


Episode # / Air Date / TNS [Nationwide, Rank] * [Seoul,Rank] / AGB [Nationwide, Rank] * [Seoul,Rank]
01 / 2008-06-23 /
02 / 2008-06-24 /
03 / 2008-06-30 /
04 / 2008-07-01 /
05 / 2008-07-07 / [8.1%, -20] * [8.3%, #18] / [9.8%, #13] * [10.7%, #13]
06 / 2008-07-08 / [9.1%, #13] * [9.7%, #11] / [9.0%, #11] * [10.0%, #11]




  • roaceicaroaceica braveheart's land of the free.........Posts: 1,111Member


    gosh! so excited for this already and i don't even have any idea of what this is all about...please do tell us more...
    Please kindly read the signature rules.
  • kickazzkriskickazzkris Moving on...♥ Washington, D.C.Posts: 3,103Member


    i cant wait for this!!!'s gonna be fun to watch sun ah and dong geon together! image...i wanna see how the chemistry goes!
    image image

  • SH<3SH<3 Posts: 1,782Member


    great cast (:
    can't wait til' june.
  • ripgalripgal Dae Woong ah... Posts: 14,611Friend of Soompi


    Great news.. it's Kim Sun Ah's comeback to the small screen..
    And she's paired up with hottie Lee Dong Gun.. image
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  • o-chao-cha Hooked on Kookie Posts: 4,840Friend of Soompi


    edited March 2008 unexpected pairing! I'm thrilled to know KSA is coming back to the small screen...especially with LDG.
  • blissfully_unaware13xblissfully_unaware13x Posts: 2,595Member


    omg lee dong gun and kim sun ah? love them both! and i haven't seen lee dong gun in any drama or movie for so long. love his acting. and kim sun ah is so cute. AND it's a romantic comedy! image i hope it's good. what is it about?
  • betchaybetchay I heart JCW Posts: 2,818Friend of Soompi


    This is a must watch drama.
    i'm excited!! image

  • kdramafanusakdramafanusa Posts: 10,043Friend of Soompi


    edited March 2008
    QUOTE (roaceica @ Mar 20 2008, 09:46 AM) »
    gosh! so excited for this already and i don't even have any idea of what this is all about...please do tell us more...

    I'm still at work I can't help out right now. Would any lovely member(s) help us out? Thanks in advance. =)

  • soonjapsoonjap Posts: 941Member


    edited March 2008
    탤런트 김선아가 3년 만에 안방에 복귀한다. 김선아는 오는 6월16일 처음 방송되는 MBC 드라마 ‘밤이면 밤마다’(극본 윤은경, 연출 손형석)에 이동건과 함께 캐스팅됐다. 김선아의 드라마 복귀는 지난 2005년 MBC ‘내 이름은 김삼순’ 이후 처음이다. ‘밤이면 밤마다’는 처녀만 밝히는 바람둥이 고미술학자 김범상과 문화재관리국의 열혈 노처녀의 국보 찾기 대소동을 그린 로맨틱 코믹물이다. 김선아가 맡은 허초희는 타고난 섹시함으로 무슨 행동을 해도 내숭으로 오해 받는 29세의 노처녀. 문화재 안전과의 감시반원으로 고미술학 교수 김범상(이동건)과 범상치 않은 인연을 엮어간다.

    〈 박은경기자 〉

    Here's the translation of that article. Translation credits to me and no taking this out of this thread at Soompi.

    Actres Kim Sun Ah returns to the small screen in 3 years. Kim Sun Ah has been cast along with Lee Dong Gun in MBC's drama "When It's at Night" which will air starting this June 16th. This is the first project since her casting in 2005's MBC drama,"My Name is Kim Sam Soon." EDITED “When It’s at Night” is drawn from a romantic comic book about a playboy arts scholar, Kim Bum Sang who is crazy about virgins and property assets supervisor and ardent spinster who is looking for a national treasure which causes a turmoil. Kim Sun Ah’s character, Huh Cho Hwi is a 29 year old woman who is constantly mistaken as crafty simply because of her natural-born sexiness. Lee Dong Gun will play a playboy arts scholar,Kim Bum Sang who's in charge of the safekeeping of the cultural assets. The story will be about how these two will cross paths and how this chance meeting will cause turmoil for both.
  • plumangel3plumangel3 Battle DestinyPosts: 2,378Member


    woah im SO excited to see Sunah!! image
    thanks for starting the thread ^^

    Shinhwa's Legend. Battle's Destiny.
    ~ Never give up your dreams to be the best. You were born to do this ~
    Credits: sparkykatty
  • kdramafanusakdramafanusa Posts: 10,043Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE (soonjap @ Mar 20 2008, 04:53 PM) »
    Here's the translation of that article. Translation credits to me and no taking this out of this thread at Soompi.

    Actres Kim Sun Ah returns to the small screen in 3 years. Kim Sun Ah has been cast along with Lee Dong Gun in MBC's drama "When It's at Night" which will air starting this June 16th. This is the first project since her casting in 2005's MBC drama,"My Name is Kim Sam Soon." EDITED “When It’s at Night” is drawn from a romantic comic book about a playboy arts scholar, Kim Bum Sang who is crazy about virgins and property assets supervisor and ardent spinster who is looking for a national treasure which causes a turmoil. Kim Sun Ah’s character, Huh Cho Hwi is a 29 year old woman who is constantly mistaken as crafty simply because of her natural-born sexiness. Lee Dong Gun will play a playboy arts scholar,Kim Bum Sang who's in charge of the safekeeping of the cultural assets. The story will be about how these two will cross paths and how this chance meeting will cause turmoil for both.

    Oh Soonjap, thank you sooo much for translating this article for us. All of us really appreciate it. =)

  • kickazzkriskickazzkris Moving on...♥ Washington, D.C.Posts: 3,103Member


    thanks so much for sharing that update! the story sounds really promising! this is far from Su nah's sam soon ways!!!..this should be interesting to watch! image image
    image image

  • *alodia**alodia* ? Dia ? ??....??....^^ PhilippinesPosts: 4,038Member


    This is a great news!
    I'm so excited!
    Can't wait for June!
    Bamimyeon Bammada Fighting!
    Kim Suna Ssi Fighting!
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    wow lee dong geon and kim sun ah can't wait...
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    edited March 2008
    I`m over the top! Happy....happy!
    This will be a great comeback for Suna, a movie and a TV drama by June.
    I`m going to see her very often.
    Thanks soonjap for the translation, great story!
    Suna will be sexy in this drama and that interest me.
    Love to see her in sexy outfits.
    She`s back...she`s back!!!!

    LOve you Suna!
    Kim Sun Ah..."I need to be touched in order for the viewers to think, “That can really happen” through my acting".
    "I give a lot of effort to nurture my heart. Whether someone calls me crazy or not, I will even go to a corner of a shooting scene to act goofy to pep myself up"

    .........Translation by
  • sueyipsueyip Posts: 3,591Member


    Wow, this is fast. Thanks for starting the thread and am glad
    to know that Suna has so many fans. Am looking forward to see
    her in action again. I'm sure this drama will be very very successful.
  • heartdropsheartdrops 신화짱 Posts: 7,053Friend of Soompi


    At first I was like Kim Seon Ah.. sounds familiar and then I was like OH YEA Kim Sun Ah!!
    I'm so glad she's back <333
    Definitely a must watch drama.
  • lililili Posts: 582Member



    lee dong geon and kim sun ah can't wait........ image image

  • AlecRubyAlecRuby The Bel-TownPosts: 1,485Banned



    credit: yanasot
  • junoesque17junoesque17 philadelphia, pennsylvaniaPosts: 84Member
    ooooohhhhh my gggoooosssshhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IT IS A VERY NICE PAIRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!
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