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> Describe The Pretty/hot/cute Person You Saw Today!,

somosomo Posts: 222Member
doesn't have to be today only
When your walking down the street, or in the car, or wherever- don't you see random cute/pretty/hot people?
Share how they look!
Or there style that you admired!


  • azn3dvietboyazn3dvietboy Posts: 489Member
    ummmmmmmm girl
    this chick was all plump and was yummy!
    she was chowin down this apple and ooooh girl she made me soo hawt!
    lookin at her chubby face was just enough 4 me to UHHHHHHHHHH

    i'm kidding......but i seriously did see a person on the bus like that.....
  • secretlyjustyourssecretlyjustyours Cali <3Posts: 1,360Member


    i saw this asian guy, with a cute button up shirt and a tie. he was really light skinned but didnt look fobby haha
    he was hot. lmao i think hes in my grade too
  • Happy_DayHappy_Day Posts: 5,323Member


    Umm.. I was working on my final essay today in my school's library, and there was this Korean guy was really tall and kind of lean.. He was wearing black-rimmed dorky glasses.. with kinda hip-hop style clothes.

    I know, it sounds weird, but he was pretty hot. image
  • ANNURANNUR Outta everyone, I just wanna know you best. BK, NYC.Posts: 1,675Member
    My cashier at Urban Outfitters today was so cute. image He was Puerto Rican I think, and he was so nice! I returned something & later on bought something and I got him twice, lol. He was so smiley. image He has snake bites piercings and curly hair. image


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  • mushroom_pokimushroom_poki San FranciscoPosts: 183Member
    this random guy on the bus :]
    he wore a beanie and I think he was korean.
    He had that kind of face :]
    nice clear skin too, is a skater and oh my goodness I'm drooling~! ><
    Nice and tall, clean skater boy style. long-ish hair? not super short but his hair hits the nape of his neck.
    Beautiful clear deep dark brown eyes :]

    Life is too slow but it passes too quickly
  • xChristineeexChristineee VirginiaPosts: 3,711Member


    I saw this asian guy. Dressed in fob style, he looked like a Zipia clothing model.
    Had really nice hair.
    Didn't pay much attention to his face..

    [this was.. last week ? @__@ ]

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  • heeqeuriheeqeuri &#47568;&#47112;&#51060;&#49884;&#50500;Posts: 349Member


    like 2 weeks ago.. XD
    i saw that one guy that look like serious!!!
    he really look like Taemin!!!skinny and tall!!
    i see his face again..omg he is so handsome!!!!
    that's probably the most handsome guy i ever saw in my mum cybercafe~
  • xvi3txl0v1ngxxvi3txl0v1ngx CanadaPosts: 2,417Member


    hahaha the guy at the rogers wireless stand. I was there to buy more minutes(i'm on pay as you go) so his coworker was on the side waiting for the thing to print. so he ask me if i need anything so i told him i'm just waiting for the other dude and yeahh he was realll cute lol. he had a purple dress shirt with a white/ creamy white american eagle sweater on top and he has blond spikey hair. ahh what a cutie! >.<. that stand probably hires good looking people because i once saw this girl who's REALLY pretty working there too.
  • miikamiika ? bumped. wonderlandPosts: 3,231Member


    edited December 2008
    I saw these two REALLY pretty girls on the bus today
    when I saw them i felt so self-conscious image
    Both girls had long brown hair, but one had blonde streaks
    and they were like SUPER SUPER skinny.. like they weigh less than 100 lbs for sure.. and they were average height..
    and they had big eyes, and clear skin, kinda tanned, couldn't tell what ethnicityy... viet/flip/mixed?
    And they had like good looking boyfriends too, lol~
  • pityfulbluepityfulblue Posts: 71Member
    i sat next to a guy that looked like robert pattison on the train xDDD glanced at him a couple of times and then cuz i was so dead from an exam i dozed off and when i woke up he had gotten off the train alreadies >.<
  • ARiA ♪ARiA ♪ ibombyouPosts: 991Member
    I saw my crush today, I think he's pretty hawt.
  • BonnieBonnie `tis bonnie C: boston :DPosts: 3,479Member
    he was in a car with another girl.
    but he has those black rimmed nerdy glasses that are like popular around here in soompi.
    he had a white hoodie and his hair is spiked! omg <3 his fashion looked fobby.

    and yeah, i saw my crush.
    looks amazing in a blue sweater<3
    couldn't stop looking at him during history.
    uhmm he's very tan and he is very manly in a really hot way.
    im sure he has muscles when he flex. wearing black shirt and black pants and his old sneaks. love it!
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  • ^.^^.^ Posts: 760Member
    i saw this one asian woman today
    probably in her late 20's or early 30's
    short bleached bob, tan face
    kind of on the skinny/lanky side
    she reminded me of ayumi hamasaki
    big eyes, small nose, etc
  • gummy_beargummy_bear ANCHORAGE,ALASKAPosts: 714Member
    edited December 2008
    Well I saw this really cute asian guy!!! image
    He came and order food from my place and omg he was so cute!!!
    I don't know how to describe him???>-<
    He sort of weared a baggy pants and a blue sweater!
    Omg I couldn't stop staring at him!!
    He was just soo cute!!! image
    I really liked his fashion!
    Oh yeah and when he was getting ready to leave he
    gave me the peace sign<3teeheheheh
    He just made my day!!! image

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  • pervertpervert Baby Trafficker Posts: 1,513Member


    i saw a cute fob at a viet sandwich shop. i stole a picture of him and ran off then he and his friend (with a rat tail hairstyle) followed me around.

  • champagneechampagnee Posts: 269Member
    everyday i see this sexy guy who looks like alex fong (chinese celebrity) but.. sexier
    and of course.. younger


    and i also see this boy who looks like yunho from dbsk
    it's pretty great

    i love my school
    image image image
    >> four one one [ stealing ji yong's girl ] chubby buddies
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  • Tofu_CloudTofu_Cloud Posts: 2,958Member


    saw a girl at my school today, shes very popular, shes thai/vietnamese
    5'4, skinny, she has boobs, and a round butt butt that guys like to talk about. =/
    shes those kinda curvy "shortay" asian girls u cant stop looking at, at the clubs. image

  • witcherywitchery ailurophile Sydney~Posts: 5,011Friend of Soompi


    I saw this really pretty girl working at this bread cafe!
    She looked like a petite version of Riyo Mori. I really liked the way she did her eyeliner too ^^

    And I saw this really cute tall guy....he was only 15 image
  • sillybilly_mesillybilly_me TorontoPosts: 289Member
    but why is this thread so lame image
  • FlicksityyFlicksityy AustraliaPosts: 3,235Member


    Describe The Pretty/hot/cute doggie You Saw Today!
    Describe The Pretty/hot/cute car You Saw Today!
    Describe The Pretty/hot/cute pair of heels You Saw Today!
    Describe The Pretty/hot/cute pornstar You Saw Today!
    Describe The Pretty/hot/cute cat You Saw Today!

    Dude while you're on it, you might as well make those.
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