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[drama 2009] Partner 파트너

ripgalripgal Dae Woong ah...Posts: 14,611Friend of Soompi


edited August 2009 in k-dramas & movies
[KBS2]Lee DongWook, Kim HyunJoo, Choi ChulHo, Honey Lee, Kim DongWook
Partner 파트너


Cast: Lee Dong Wook , Kim Hyun Joo,
Choi Chul Ho, Honey Lee,
Kim Dong Wook, Shin Yi



image image

Title: Partner 파트너
Script: Jo Jung Joo, Yoo Mi Kyung (Hometown of Legends)
PD: Hwang Eui Kyung (Mr. Goodbye, Wedding)
Cast: Lee Dong Wook, Kim Hyun Joo, Choi Chul Ho,
Honey Lee, Kim Dong Wook, Park Chul Min,
Lee Won Jong, Ahn Suk Hwan,Lee Jung Gil

Broadcasting Station/Channel: KBS 2 (KBS Partner Website KBS World KBSW Message Board)
Broadcasting Date: June 24 2009 (replacing That Fool)
Broadcasting Period: June 24 2009 - [ ] (Wednesday-Thursday slot
Genre: Drama/Romance
Trailer: 01 02 (Download &Streaming links) YT Link



QUOTE KBS' new Wednesday and Thursday night legal series, "Partner," however, shows promise. Taking a potentially overworked formula and spicing it up with a dash of romance, crime and comedy, "Partner" avoids being pigeonholed into either a lighthearted "Ally McBeal"- or a more serious "The Practice"-prototype.

Veteran actress Kim Hyun-joo, who recently played Goo Joon-pyo's big sis in the hit series "Boys Over Flowers" will be taking on the role of earnest and passionate lawyer-and-widowed mother Kang Eun-ho. "My Girl" pretty boy Lee Dong-wook will be teaming up with Kim as her partner.

Together they tackle a diverse array of cases. Lee's lawyer, a clever Casanova-type, brings his objective analytical skills to the table, while Kang Eun-ho's rapport with their clients and determination to serve justice adds a human element to each case.

As with every hit comic-romantic duo -- think Harry and Sally -- the two lawyers clash, bicker and fight their way to love. Former Miss Korea Lee Ha-nui and "My Wife is a Superwoman" star Choi Cheol-ho add complexity to the narrative, with Lee Ha-nui as the law firm's resident hottie and Choi as a rival law firm's shining star.

"It is not styled like an American drama," said actor Lee Dong-wook at a press conference on Friday. "There is a main episode bolstered by sub-cases."

"My character has a lot of comic elements," he added, before emphasizing the sheer scale of the series. "There are four program directors and three scriptwriters."

Co-star Choi, who drew laughs as a straight-laced husband in "My Wife is a Superwoman," promised to bring some gravity to the series, stating: "This time my character is not comical, it is a serious character."

Taken from dramabeans image

....Kim Hyun Joo will take the lead as an attorney at a top international law firm; the drama focuses on the lawyers' legal battles and interactions with judges and prosecutors in a "realistic" look at the Korean legal world. Kim's character finds herself caught between law and justice, and is a passionate lawyer who may sometimes cross the line of overly rigid laws in order to do what is right....

Partner announced its leading lady earlier this week with Kim Hyun-joo, and now have cast Lee Dong-wook opposite her. She's the newbie who got a relatively late career start, who's described as a common ajumma lawyer. He's the snobby, sardonic lawyer partnered with Kim. The two clash in everything as they work together, with her believing that their role is to speak for wronged people while his is to treat people merely as business clients. (It's something of a classic — clichéd? — setup, but hey! It's Kim Hyun-joo and Lee Dong-wook, and I'm expecting good things here.)

Kim Dong Wook joins Partner -02/06/2009

It's reported that Kim Dong Wook (Coffee Prince) has been added to the cast of Partner where he will play a young and fresh lawyer in the same firm as KHJ and LDW's characters. His character Yoon Jun comes from a wealthy family but is very careful about how he handles his matters. He will also have a younger guy-older woman relationship with a fellow ahjumma colleague played by Shin Yi in the drama.

credits: sportshankooki

Character Description (to be updated)

Kang Eun Ho played by Kim Hyun Joo

Lee Tae Joo played by Lee Dong Wook

Lee Young Woo played by Choi Chul Ho

Han Gyeong Won played by Honey Lee






Character Chart


Character Connections

(thanx to sPark*)

QUOTE kim hyun joo - the "ahjumma" lee dong wook's character starts to like
lee dong wook - he likes honey lee's character but
honey lee - she and choi chul ho's character have had something (even though he got married); she likes lee dong wook's character's interest in her too... so im guessing she gets jealous when he starts paying more attention to kim hyun joo's character
choi chul ho - he's the obedient son who married because his father told him to but he still loves honey lee's character (and when she starts to pay attention to lee dong wook's character he gets jealous)
kim dong wook and shin yi - kim dong wook is the nerd boy that is "harassed" by shin yi, but he starts to like her and she doesnt think of him much but eventually likes him too. clearly the comical couple in this drama

Episode Recaps/ Summary

Ep 1: [x] (dramabeans)
Ep 7: [x] (gelato)
Ep 8: [x] (gelato)
Ep 9: [x] (gelato)
Ep 11: [x] (gelato)
Ep 12: [x] (gelato)

Episode Captures
Ep 1 - 01 (cr. deeta) 02 (baidu) 03 (torimo)
Ep 2 - 01 (baidu)
Ep 3 - 01 (skara) 02 (baidu)
Ep 5 - 01 (Ha Tinh Nhi)
Ep 7 - 01 (baidu)
Ep 9 - 01 (baidu)
Ep 10 - 01 (DC) 02 (baidu)
Ep 11 - 01 02 03
Ep 12 - 01 02

Download Links (Raw)Raw Episodes: aja-aja

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Ep 7 - SS
EP 9 - SS
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EP 11 - SS
Ep 12 - SS

Partner OST - unofficial

More info on Partner OST: [x]

01. 파트너 (Opening Theme)-이필호 [Partner (Opening Theme) - Lee Phil Ho] || SS (cococrust)
02. 꿈꾸는 히어로 - Super Junior K.R.Y [A Dreaming Hero - Super Junior K.R.Y]
03. 내게 사랑이 - 럼블피쉬 [Love Me - Rumble Fish]
04. 한사람 -차수경 [Somebody - Cha Soo Kyung]
05. 비겁한 사랑 - 이현민 [Timid Love - Lee Hyun Min]
06.나는야 워킹맘
07.형제의 아픔
08.순수한 열정
10.사랑인지도 모르게
11.반전을 노리다
12.정의를 위하여
13.냉철한 법정
15.욕망의 늪
17.Don't Worry
18.기억속 그들
19.순이의 순애보
20.또 하나의 사건

Download Compressed OST (rar): MU (wma) || MF (mp3)

credits: lilcrash & AQUARIANUNICORN

Kim Hyun Joo's song "PROMISE" : [x] MF (_shin_)
Partner OST MV: YT || Ripped version: [x] (lilcrash)

Ep 1 - TNS: 6.6% ; AGB: 6.0%
Ep 2 - TNS: 6.5% ; AGB: 5.7%
Ep 3 - TNS: 8.4%
Ep 5 - TNS: 12.1%; AGB: 12.3%

Ep 6 - TNS: 10.1%; AGB:9.6%
Ep 7 - TNS: 11.0%; AGB: 11.3%
Ep 8 - TNS:11.2%; AGB: 10.9%
Ep 9 - TNS: 10.9%; AGB: 12.1%
Ep 10 - TNS: 11.9%; AGB: 11.2%
Ep 11 - TNS: 11.5%; AGB: 11.0%
Ep 12 - TNS: 11.3%; AGB: 11.0%

credits: TNS Media/ AGB Nielsen Ratings System

News Links

Partner - Poster Shooting Session
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Kim Hyun Joo to overturn Public Perception of Legal Series in 'Partner'

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Press Conference Pics #1
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Drama BTS Pics #1 (HQ)

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LDW Short Interview

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source/credits: as labeled in individual links
Special thanx: dramabeans, lilcrash

Thanx a lot to those who constantly update the thread with new pics and info ^^
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  • forevergirlforevergirl under the seaPosts: 5,685Moderator


    finally the thread is up.. Ive been looking if its already on, thanks ripgal

    However, Im so excited for both of them I like KHJ, I think it will be a succesful tandem for them.. isnt it?
  • jaejoongstolemyheartjaejoongstolemyheart cassiopeia!Posts: 747Member


    yay yay! ripgal!
    ahhhh dongwook ah.
    hope dahae will watch this!
  • flydolesqueueflydolesqueue Posts: 32,796Banned


    edited May 2009
    This content has been removed by a moderator.
  • Trine29Trine29 WashingtonPosts: 249Friend of Soompi


    I was kind of "meh" on the premise, but the casting is fantastic. I adore both of them. Which is enough for me to tune in every week image
    currently watching: ouran hshc, and protect the boss
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  • ellabelellabel Life is Beautiful w/ Hun-nie =) Coffee Bean with the Kologs Ill MaresPosts: 3,786Friend of Soompi


    Wow! New pair and they look good..... I like KHJ since Glass Shoes, she's a good actress and who wouldnt want the hawt LDW? Looking forward to this drama.

    Thanks ripgal for starting the thread.

    Hmmm... lawyers again...... i hope it's not anything like Harvard of KRW & KTH where my nosebleeds with all the english dialogs in the courtroom.... image ....
    *thanks to jemnise 4 d Iris siggy & rubie 4 d blinkie*
  • ripgalripgal Dae Woong ah... Posts: 14,611Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE (semi-fly @ May 23 2009, 01:00 PM) »
    How different is this show supposed to be from Lawyers (2005) and/or The Lawyers of The Great Republic Korea (2008)? From the synopsis is seems somewhat similar to Lawyers. I guess it's still too early to start comparing shows and probably best to just wait until more information becomes available.

    I haven't seen Lawyers so I'm not aware of the storyline. However, I think the premise in Partners will be totally different to what was shown in The Lawyers of The Great Republic of Korea. The latter focused more on the relationship between lawyers and clients, and more so delved a lil bit into ethical issues of the profession. I'm guessing Partners would deal mostly on the partnership between LDW and KHJ's characters?
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  • koalabearkoalabear Whole Hearted Happiness PhilippinesPosts: 3,810Member


    thanks Ripgal for starting the thread...I was really thinking of who will start the thread hehe...I hope the drama will stand out from other Lawyer-themed dramas liked Lawyers, etc. but I'm excited for Lee Dong-wook and Kim Hyun-joo's collaboration
  • danickdanick AddictedToBigbangand2NE1 Posts: 576Member
    Glad that somebody started the thread. I now know where to look at for updates.

    The Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hyun Joo pairing is a nice one. Great looking lawyers! Partners with opposite ways of lawyering...cliche but it always works so I am looking forward to this drama.

    Courtroom drama with hot actors, its a big YES!

    Thanks for starting the thread!


  • sayroosayroo HARU2SUBS YURILANDIA!Posts: 3,599Friend of Soompi


    ripgal, Thank you so much for creating the thread. ^^
    Hope the mods won't close it down for being too early as states in the rules..
    I'm very excited with this! Kim Hyun Joo. Very elegant looking actress. image
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  • hye091hye091 HOTTEST ♥ Posts: 2,161Member


    Another drama to be looking forward to. Ahh, the cast seems awesome and i am glad that Kim Hyun Joo is back on-screen. The story plots seems intresting though. image
    -semi hiatus-
  • sohkisohki Posts: 319Member


    Sending my thanks out to you too ripgal for starting the thread.

    Will definitely watch as it has Wookie in it and always anxiously wait for anything
    of his.

    And adore Kim Hyun Joo. She's an excellent actress and beautiful.

    Oh my gosh...........just a month away!

  • cutegurl87cutegurl87 Posts: 747Member


    Thank-you so much ripgal!

    I am so excited about this pairing. I've been checking every 3-4 hours for updates already. Really looking forward to it. =)
  • incarnadineincarnadine where the wind takes me...Posts: 5,174Member


    Excited doesn't even begin to describe how I feel for this upcoming drama. KBS2 is the only Korean channel I have on my cable, so I'm glad it's going to be shown there image

    Lee Dong Wook!!! image
    Wookie & Jinnie
    2005 - present

  • ny2002ny2002 Posts: 554Member
    Just like what I wrote in Wookie's forum... I can't wait! Wohoo! Welcome Back Wookie!!! image
  • scoutscout Posts: 986Member


    edited May 2009
    edit: yea, my bad for being moody and pessimistic. i'm sure this law drama will do well since the two actors are very talented and dedicated. they wouldn't choose a production with a lame pd, writer, etc, so i'm sure it'll be a good drama.
  • babymarzy07babymarzy07 come back to me... taec's heartPosts: 4,013Member
    very excited for this.
    i miss dong wook!!
    excellent casting. i think the role is perfect for both of them.
    im more excited from when it was supposed to be magazine allo.

    nice to familiar peeps here!!
    dong wook fighting!
    many thanks to banner icons: sachiko & entermuriel avi:Brigichii

    once a fan always a fan. together forever. hot servants
  • incarnadineincarnadine where the wind takes me...Posts: 5,174Member


    QUOTE (scout @ May 23 2009, 02:29 AM) »
    law dramas don't usually do well. medical dramas are exciting b/c of the bloody action and patient-doctor-nurse interactions. law is boring (i would know). it's all paperwork and cold business (especially korea). there's a reason past law dramas didn't do so well. lawyers of rok was a COMPLETE JOKE (plot-wise and law-angle-wise). i didn't see law firm (starring song seung hun and kim ji ho) but i know it didn't do well in ratings. the only law drama that was good was lawyers (kim sang kyung, jung hye young, kim sung soo). best of luck to partners b/c i like the two leading actors. but i don't get why it's called partners when the leads are not likely to be partners at that age. who knows. i guess all the other possible titles were already taken lol. plus, if khj is supposed to be a late-start ahjumma lawyer, i don't see how she could've possibly gotten into a firm that an elitist-ldw-character would work at. maybe they'll explain that in the drama haha. i hope khj's character isn't too pure/dumb/clumsy. i'm getting sick of those.

    I dunno about that... I think not all law dramas fare poorly in a general sense -- but if you're referring to Korean viewership, then you're probably right. I think law dramas can be exciting in their own right, given a good script, a good director and a good cast. I would know too image I hope the Partner storyline will bring a good mix of what legal action is all about (think Law & Order or Damages) as well as the relationship between and among the drama's characters.
    Wookie & Jinnie
    2005 - present

  • ripgalripgal Dae Woong ah... Posts: 14,611Friend of Soompi


    Oh hi incarnadine chinggu! LONG TIME NO SEE~~~~
    I know when there's Wookie, you will be around to join the fun too!

    About the storyline, I have a feeling that it would be more focused on Wookie and KHJ's interactions rather than the legal action? Cos just smack from the synopsis itself, we all know it's gonna be another game of love and hate between 2 individuals of stark differences, and with different perspectives on the law. hmmm....

    I too want some exciting stuff. And yeah, talk about the law. I would know too. image
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  • lucky_moonlucky_moon 이준기~♥ 하늘 -.-Posts: 10,968Friend of Soompi


    ripgal, Thanks for the Thread..

    I'm so exciting to see LDW again after long time since I didn't watch him on LDV & also with Kim Hyun Joo he I did really love her since Insoon is Pretty.. so a nice & worth drama to watch this year..
  • saatiyasaatiya ~ I'll Be Your Destiny ~ FrancePosts: 19Member
    edited May 2009
    Thanks ripgal for this thread.
    I'm really looking forward for this drama now that the cast is choosen, and what a cast image
    Just hope that the fact that the drama is so pushed forward the broadcast date will not mean that the quality will be meaner image
    For this pairing, I hope that writing and direction will be good, and not bungled because of the lack of time image
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