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[drama 2006] Freeze 프리즈

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[CGV] Lee Suhjin & Park HanByul
Cinematic Drama "Freeze" Official Thread

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Freeze is a 4 episode Mini Drama planning to show a sad love story. Music Video/CF director Jung JaeHoon is directing this drama. Freeze is produced by yellowfilm and it is going to show that time is like a timeless love. Lee SuhJin has been casted for the male lead of Baek Joongwon and Park HanByul has been casted for the female lead of Jang ChaeYun.

Jung JaeHoon is also directing another mini drama "Dating Period" w/ Gam Woosung and Son Yejin which is planned to air in spring of 2006. Starting with "Dating Period" Jung Jaehoon is planning to release 3-4 mini dramas.

Source: stoo, mtstarnews, bestiz
Translation credits: Sanbi
credits: sanbi


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