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[drama 2006] Freeze 프리즈


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Guest aznpwincess

hmm...This sounds good. and its only 4 eps...must watch it...then...

yeh..and odd couple..but oh well... it seems like a sad story...so it must be good..!!

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Guest rubber ducky

just finished the 1st episode...kinda confused...

Is he the only vampire so far? He was in love with the girl's mom or something?

Anyone can provide a recap?

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Guest yeohweping

Emule link for ep.01


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really like this drama so far. first time seeing park han-byul on-screen, she's very charismatic and of course can't forget the cute factor about her.

the part where she grabs his foot when he's on the phone with son tae-young is funny :D very excite to watch the next three episodes. the feel of this drama is like watching a movie .. kool!

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