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[Drama 2013] You're The Best Lee Soon Shin - 최고다 이순신



  • anooshaanoosha Moonlight's Mosquito Posts: 3,879Member


    edited April 2013
    I liked today episode so much. I didn't like the First sister storyline in Today's episode because there was no big scene between her and the hot baker guy.

    But can't say How much I liked Soon Shin/Joon Ho scenes today. I like how comfortable they are getting around each other. They just talk about everything. Soon Shin wanting to fist pump with him and he laughed that cute laugh of his and did it. I have a feeling this fist pumping will become a manner between them. Watching Joon Ho in his office, I just could picture his office filled with Soon Shin's posters. I bet Soon Shin will become the project/actor He will become the most proud of.

    I liked Chan U and Yu Shin scenes. Yu Shin doesn't know but she is actually bothered by him having blind dates. I'm happy Chan U stand up in front of her and told her to mind her own business and told her not to touch him either and don't "YAH" "YAH" him either. I liked that scenes a lot. Hope Yu Shin will suffer more in that area. Think before you decide. Did she even think how good Chan U would be for her before rejecting his proposal?

    At the same time, I feel Yu Shin isn't really that bad. She doesn't know how to express her caring part. She talks without thinking a lot and her words are harsh. She probably doesn't mean anything by them half the time, But she doesn't know how else she should express it. I was happy Soon Shin even though Yu Shin is harsh on her, She knows her sister deep down loves her and so she shared her secret with her. I'm glad the older sisters went and took care of their little sister.

    Over all, It was a good episode. I'm liking this show a lot.
  • JekeiJekei ....... :D FrancePosts: 371Member


    edited April 2013
    phoung said:
    this scene is so kute <3

    you’re the best lee soon shin ep 11
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    I loved this scene too!! They are so cute!! 
    PDnim is giving us sweet scene!! We can't help  thinking about them falling in love!! So cuuuuuttttteee :) In the scene I like how Soon Shin is smiling at the end...while her eyes are looking at Joon Ho :)

    So @phoung thank you for sharing those pictures :)
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  • dexter8010dexter8010 Posts: 1,493Member


    edited April 2013
    I like the whole Lee family expect grandma and dont like Chan U's parents too. I got nerve for them. I dont like how the way Chan U's mother look down to SS and YS too as if Chan U would be a prince or something. Grandma is just disgusting me her face expression like nothing good for him. I afraid the SS's mother will disown SS but if that happens i hope the sisters will be her behind till the end.
  • marie67marie67 Posts: 2,889Member


    Random and not so random thoughts abou today's episode:

    Am I the only one who feels that Shin Sr. actually likes Soon Sin's mother (and he's liked her for a long time) and he just pretends to dislike her or tries to keep the distance? I wouldn't be surprised if they will end up having an affair. I hope I am wrong, though.

    I have the feeling Choi Yun Ah will become very interesed in Joon Ho after finding out who his father is.

    For somebody who says all the time "I'm a busy person", Joon Ho spend a lot of time looking after Soon Shin? I loved him when he was praising Soon Shin in front of her sisters.

    I feel like the writer redeemed Yoo Shin in today's episode. Today's episode showed that she cares about her sisters, even though she is a little... rough(?). She is the only down-to-earth person in the family. 

    @marie67 Did I miss something? How did you come to the conclusion that CW's father is SS's father? From my point of view he is jsut a busybody who knows the secret about SS's mother. (I've mostly listened to today's episode, but I don't think that I've noticed something about that)
    No, but it is what I am thinking. Why should he be so interested and nervous about SS and her birth mother together? He even asked SS mother to not let SS go into the entertainment business.


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  • AllyAlly Posts: 489Member


    edited April 2013


    I liked todays episode but I wish SS had more bravery and the nerve to stand up for her own. I would so like to see a tomboy fighting chick instead of all these nice cute too kind kdrama female leads. Anyway I hate the mom, I hate her for treating SS like that and the sisters are very selfish too.

    Actually in Kdrama family genre; the family members are very selfish and they only think of themselves and how bad it will look in the eyes of others. Are korean people like that?

    As for the one being SS father: its clear it is CW father so CW is her brother...

    you want to see Soon Shin stands up for herself and fight?? you better watch this sunday's episode then ;-D Soon shin got some fighting to do! LOL

  • syahrilaiyubsyahrilaiyub Posts: 922Member


    Hmm, did anyone skipped on Joon ho sister part? My speaker kinda wanna break after hearing her cried lols

  • thunderman1thunderman1 Posts: 671Member


    does anyone find the Doctor is HOT? hhehehhe
    Very good looking! Aye!
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  • ck1Ozck1Oz Posts: 2,653Member


    Chan Woo is supposed to be in a loveline with Yoo Shin. If you make him SS's brother they would be half siblings instead. YS and him I mean.
  • syahrilaiyubsyahrilaiyub Posts: 922Member


    May i know the name of the actor who foolishly think he is handsome and dont want SS to fall to him? The waiter ty
  • phoungphoung IU's star candy dreamlandPosts: 1,154Member


    edited April 2013
    @syahrilaiyub his real name is Choi Kangwon

    episode 12 preview
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  • syahrilaiyubsyahrilaiyub Posts: 922Member


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