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[Drama 2013] You're The Best Lee Soon Shin - 최고다 이순신


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class="cb b15" IU, Will She Become "You're the Best, IU?"2304404951349991056FF8

Korea's little sister IU will attempt to transform into Korea's Daughter.

The new KBS drama "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin" that is scheduled to air its first episode on March 9 is expected to continue the drama hype in Korea.

The father in "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin" played by actor Jung Dong Hwan passes away suddenly, leaving his family behind. The storyline will focus on the process of his youngest daughter Lee Soon Shin (IU) achieving her dreams and experiencing love. Her mother Kim Jung Ae (Ko Doo Shim) is loving and fully supportive of her daughter but the story will tangle up when Lee Soon Shin's biological mother Song Mi Ryung (Lee Min Sook) appears in the picture.

The main complication is the storyline will be the secret of Lee Soon Shin's birth. It is a part of Lee Soon Shin that she will not be able to leave behind in her baby steps to becoming a top star.

IU will become an ugly duckling through her role as Lee Soon Shin. Unlike her perfect sisters who have all succeeded, she is portrayed as a typical 20-something-year-old with countless flaws. IU will have to bring a lot to the table in order to become accepted as a "singer transformed into actress" title.

The character Lee Soon Shin appears to have a lot of similarities to IU. Both are in their early 20s, both are top stars at the end of the story and experience a lot of hardships before their fame. We will have to watch the drama to see if the story is based on IU's life. IU have previously appeared on KBS "Dream High", but the role was not something that could be critiqued on a professional level.

In addition, "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin" is the creation of Yoon Sung Shik PD, who explained, "When you look at the synopsis, Lee Soon Shin's image is not glamorous, but cute. After meeting IU, I was sure. After working together for a month, she is completely consumed by her character. A number of people are concerned about her acting but we are sure all worries will dissipate when the first episode airs."

He added, "Of course, the viewing rate is an important factor but we want this story to be fresh and have a lasting impression. We don't have a lot of money and are not the best in the industry but we are special. That perspective is the message we want to send out through this drama."

IU also expressed her confidence in portraying her character without any issues.

It will be interesting to watch whether this new concept aimed at the younger generation of viewers will be able to come out of this industry alive.


130301 You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin Ep 1 Preview

“Would you like to be an actress?”


“Not in my dream!”

“Is this Shin Joon-ho?”


One Day…

“Now it’s coming to me at last. Never go with a submissive stance, Shin Jun-ho.”

“My abilities? How do you want me to demonstrate it?”

“Her, right there. Make her into a star”

…An Encounter Seemingly Like a Coincidence…

“Is this woman an ajumma or a miss?”


“You… you work here?”

“Shall we start?”

“Have you met someone?”

“Someone that knows of your past.”

“Never step back. I’ll push you forward with everything I’ve got”

…Their Lovely Romance Story

“The nation’s hero, Yi Soon Shin!”

“Yi Soon Shin’s only worth 100 won*. You expect yourself to be worth a thousand?”

“I’ve just got conned…”

“What an acting I’m doing right now…”

*note: Admiral Yi Soon Shin is the figure depicted in the 100-won coin of South Korea, arguably one of the most common forms of coin in circulation.

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Yoo In Na with Goo Joo Won - BTS + Interview of KBS You’re The Best,Lee Soon Shin Photoshoot!

IU with kim-kwangkyu


he plays rookie actor (cr: his twitter-ckbust2)


Actor Choi Kang Won Cast As IU's Rival In 'You're The Best, Yi Soon Shin'

Rookie actor Choi Kang-won will appear in the upcoming drama ‘You’re the Best, Yi Soon Shin’.

Playing a rookie actor preparing for his debut, like his present situation, he will play the role of Go Jae-beom, a rival of IU’s role ‘Yi Soon-shin’.

The character is an actor trainee, preparing for his debut after he misses an opportunity to make his debut in an idol group. He works in the same coffee shop where Soon-shin works, while preparing for his debut.

Being a confident man, almost to the point of being arrogant, hhe tries to lecture Soon-shin on various topics, but ends up getting a lesson from her when she makes her debut before him.


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class="entry-title" style="margin: 12px 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; font-size: 1.8em; vertical-align: baseline; background-color: transparent; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height: 1.4em; color: rgb(0, 0, 0); letter-spacing: -1px;"IU, Yoo In Na, and Son Tae Young snuggle together as sisters


IUYoo In Na, and Son Tae Young, who play the three sisters of ’You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin‘,amped up the anticipation for the upcoming drama as they posed side by side, looking very much like actual siblings.

IU, the main character whom the show is named after, will portray the youngest out of the bunch, if that wasn’t already obvious. She’ll also have the most complicated love line in the story as there will be a 4-way love triangle, or a love-square, involving her.

Her older sisters played by Yoo In Na and Son Tae Young will also have their own sweet love stories.Yoo In Na will find herself in the middle of a cute, warm romance with a childhood friend, and Son Tae Young will initially suffer through a painful marriage, but find her true love during the drama.

You’ll get to see these three soon enough as the first episode of the drama is set to air later tonight (9th)!

Source: allkpop

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YTBLSS' streaming link: http://kpopstream.wix.com/streams#!home/mainPage
Click the KBS link!
If the link's not working (Plugins not available), go to http://videolan.org and click "Install VLC"then run the .exe file, click next--->finish. Then go back to the kpopstream page and refresh.  ;)

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Anticipation for the Love Stories of Soon-shin & Her Two Sisters


The new KBS weekend drama “You are the Best”, which begins March 9th, is gaining interest as three actresses Son Tae-young, Yoo In-na and singer IU will star as three sisters showing different love stories.

In the drama, IU plays Lee Soon-shin, a girl that by chance stumbles upon acting and meets Cho Jung-suk (as Shin Joon-ho) who is the head of a management company. The two are expected to develop into a romantic couple, but their first encounter is far from romantic and the two are expected to fight every time they meet.

On top of the fighting, Soon-shin’s friend Kim Young-hoon (played by Lee Ji-hoon) and Shin Joon-ho’s ex-girlfriend Choi Yeon-ah is expected to make the romance between the two even more difficult.

The middle child Yoo In-na (as Lee Yoo-shin) on the other hand will be in a squabbling but cute relationship with her classmate Go Joo-won (played by Park Chan-woo) who has lived next door since their childhood days. Chan-woo was dumped by Yoo-shin before, but he still loves her confidence and prickly demeanor.


But, don’t expect smooth sailing for this couple either as Shin Joon-ho’s younger sister Shin Ee-jung (played by Bae Gu-reen) has a crush on Chan-woo while Yoo-shin realizes her true feelings for him.

The eldest daughter Lee Hye-shin (played by Son Tae-young) is a woman of both beauty and competence and thus the entire family is counting on her success. However, she fails at marriage and tries to find true happiness. She meets Jung-woo (played by Seo Jin-wook) who runs a bakery along the way and is able to heal her wounds through him.

The three couples will have different stories with IU and Cho Jung-suk’s story being similar to “Daddy Longlegs” while Yoo In-na and Go Joo-won will show a prickly but sweet relationship. The eldest couple, Son Tae-young and Jung-woo will be a classic example of considerate and gentle love.

The three sisters will also show how the family survives after the sudden death of their father and how each of them will grow as individuals through enduring hardships as a family.

The drama’s production company AStory said the three actresses seem like real sisters on set and are working hard on the drama. It added that the three sisters will each have their different charms that will appeal to the audience.
“You are the Best” is about the story of a family trying to find happiness and love after the sudden death of the father. It will look into the true meaning of happiness, discovering oneself and reconciliation.
“You are the Best” will premiere on March 9th following the end of “Seoyoung, My Daughter”.

 Photo credit: AStory
Written by: Jeon Ji Young


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it has been awhile i didnt watch weekend dramas after May Queen and Ojakgyo Family >_< I'm so eager to watch the first episode of this drama. well mostly because i want to see how IU doing in this drama. for the first episode, she's doing good as Lee Soon Shin. i had so much fun watching today episode ^_^ it also something fresh that i finally watch a kbs weekend drama that revolve around the daughters family. most of the one that i used to watch always revolve around sons... maybe i just never watch the one that revolve around daughters so watching this one is kinda fresh to me :D while watching today episode, i sorta can relate to her character. we're the same age, me and Lee Soon Shin (90ers), and still in the state of job searching.... oh and we're both a March baby lol :DRMQ7Mix.jpg i'm looking forward for tomorrow episodes... 최고다 이순신 fighting!!!

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Interview with IU, Jo JUng Suk, Yoo Inna, Goo Joo Won after press conference

Episode 2 Preview

Opening Theme Song

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You're The Best Lee Soon Shin Episode 1 Review: Yoo In Na & Kim Giri's Realistic Drunk Acting


In You’re The Best Lee Soon Shin episode 1, Lee Yoo Shin(played by Yoo In Na) and Kim Giri(played by himself) did a realistic drunk acting.

The two were drinking at Park Chan Woo(played by Go Joo Won)’s mother’s chicken restaurant, when Lee Soon Shin(played by IU) and Chan Woo were walking pass by. Chan Woo’s mother tells Soon Shin to take her sister home, so she tries to wake her up, however she couldn’t get up.

Then Chan Woo tries to carry her on his back to take her home, when Yoo Shin says, “Let go. If you keep hanging on to me like this, I’m going to call the police and report you as a stalker.”

Source: OBS


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The first episode of 'You are the best Lee Soon Shin' recorded Nationwide 22.2% and Seoul rating- 22.5%. (Nielson) (cr:egghead-me)
it's in third place for 'highest viewing rates for first episode' among recent korean weekend dramas.

TNmS Nationwide  
TNmS Seoul

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25% is it good for 1st ep in SK? cause I heard that its expected to surpase 40% since its weekend drama. For me its good enough for 1st eps, but I don't know there. Cause lot of people seems belittle IU as lead role.
Since I watched without subs, I really surprise reading that Soon Shin isn't their real daughter. Wow, I didn't xpect that from 1st ep. I don't even thought about that twist at all tbh XD

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