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[Drama 2013] You're The Best Lee Soon Shin - 최고다 이순신


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First broadcast March 9 KBS 2TV weekend drama ’You’re The Best, Yi Soon actor Lee Ji Hoon was casted as best friend Shin Jun – Ho (Jo Jeong-Seok) and a strong guardian angel of Admiral Yi (IU minutes) named Kim Young-hoon.

‘You’re The Best, Yi Soon’s unforeseen fate tangled up in the swirl on the occasion of the death of the father, the mother and the youngest daughter’s happiness and her love story centered on the picture for the reconciliation of family and the true self, and true happiness draw the works.

Role of Lee Ji Hoon is as Yi Soon-Shin’s a coffee shop manager and also Shin Jun – Ho’s best friend and college seniors named Kim Young-hun, who are always encouraging Yi shoon-shin when facing difficulty. It can be said that Ji-Hoon’s Kim Young-hun is the faithful guardian angel of Yi shoon-shin

Lee Ji-hoon has commented on his character “he may seem shy and courteous, he has a way of throwing silly but sharp jokes with a blade of truth in it”.

A representative of the drama’s producers have commented “Kim Young-hoon is a man of calm and soft charisma, and we had to think of the actor for a long time to find a right actor for the role. We feared that it may not work since Lee Ji-hoon was on another production already, but we are thankful of the actor for accepting our invitation so easily. We now have a great lineup for the drama”.

source : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lee-Jee-Hoon/145943442135220

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class="entry-title"IU begins filming for ‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin’

IU started her first filming for ‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin‘.

The drama will begin airing on March 9th through KBS2TV and the filming is now underway. IU had acted previously as Kim Pil Sook in ‘Dream High‘, but this is her first time handling a lead role. As IU is the lead role for the drama, she has been gaining much of the spotlight.

She plays the role of Lee Soon Shin and the drama will feature her love story after the death of her father. Even though her character is faced with burden and bad luck, she keeps on with an optimistic outlook on life. Since IU has a naturally innocent and bright image, she applied her own charms and energy onto the character.

A staff member from the drama stated, “IU displayed that she had matured as an actress when she naturally worked with the sunbae actors at the script reading. On the filming set, she works even harder on her acting so she really shines.


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Actually it's funny i read few articles that Lee Ji Hoon has been casted. My question which Lee Ji Hoon ?  or both actors with same name is casted , I read earlier in dramabeans that Lee Ji Hoon from drama School 2013 is casted . Then latest ones also Lee Ji Hoon who's currently in Glass Mask drama is casted ...haha weird

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@mekeo117: Both Lee Ji- Hoon got cast. Lee Ji-hoon (school 2013) got cast to play Jo Jung Suk's secretary - Jo In Sung

Lee Ji-hoon (Glass Mask) got cast to play second male lead - triangle love with IU and Jo Jung Suk. He will play IU's protector/guardian angel/ Coffee shop manager/ Jo Jung Suk's best friend/college sunbae- Kim Young-hoon

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more BTS photos

IU on first drama filming session, “I was really nervous and trembling inside, but thanks to the actors and production crew, I’m filming in a friendly atmosphere. I’ll continue to look forward to the upcoming filming sessions. This time, I’m putting my whole heart into filming, so I hope the audience can give us their support and encouragement.” Translated by iu-jjang

class="ipsType_pagetitle"IU's first feelings about shooting "The Best Lee Soon Shin', 'nervous and trembling inside'
IU the singer and the actress tells her anxious feelings as she plays her first lead role.

KBS 2TV's new weekend-drama 'The Best Lee Soon Shin' was started shooting from 13th of February.

IU, Son-Taeyoung and Go-Juwon, who are the actor and actresses in this drama, had arrived in shooting place early, learned the atmosphere of the field, cooperated with the staffs

IU acted the complex changes of the feelings in detail. After she finished her scene she came back to her normal bright character and cared each one of the actors and staffs with her gentle heart.

After IU finished with her daily shooting she said, "I am very nervous and trembling inside, but the actors and staffs really helped me out and for that I was able to act joyfully. I am also excited for the upcoming scenes to act. I am acting with all my heart now, so please cheer me and you can expect the drama"

"The Best Lee Soon Shin" is a drama telling the story of a mother and a daughter, who are overwhelmed by the destiny after the father's death, seeking for their happiness and love. The drama starts on 9th of March.
Translation : Frappeno @ WeHeartIU
Source: http://www.mydaily.c...09341119&ext=na

Kim Yoon Seo got cast to play Jo Jung Suk's ex- IU's rival

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IU was filming in a cafe. The scenes will be in ep2 : talking to her friend (cr:intothesky)

IU was filming"YTBLSS"@ Hongdae yesterday in a cafe shop for about 1hr. She nailed her scenes on every takes but the actress playing her friend keeps NG (cr: DC, egghead_me)

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Guest CrossMyHeartandHopetoDie

Okay, usually I only resume watching dramas whenever I have time off from school, but I may have to make an exception. Jo Jung Suk, IU, and Yoo In Na all in one drama together. Oh yeah! And Jo Jung Suk finally has the lead role in a drama! :D Hopefully, writers will find a way to utilize his singing skills. His voice is so beautiful.

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IU spotted filming "YTBLSS" at Gwanghwamun Gate Plaza in a really cold weather.
"I met IU today at GwangHwangmun coincidentally. She was wearing uniform and shooting for a drama in -9°C with only her thin stockings on! Crazy!"weibo.com/zhonghuishan816

Pic Credit: as tagged

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