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[drama 2008] Happiness / Bliss / I Am Happy 행복합니다



  • lucky21lucky21 Posts: 17Member
    Sorry to bring back a dead topic. I just finished watching this drama and even though the last 2 epsiodes were a bit rushed, overall was great. I originally watched the drama for lee eun song but jeez the drama was good!

    I was wondering like a few others, anyone here knows the ost for those piano pieces? It's funny how that one ost by lisa is never really played in the drama while the piano and "father" songs were played a lot.

    I'm not sure how to explain but one of the piano piece that I'm looking for is the one thats usually played in sad moments and usually comes up a lot when Ji Sook is crying (but the song it self isn't really depressive) and the other one is usually played between Ae Da and the boxer it's a happy tune (I think it has a recorder or even a flute playing as well). Lastly, it's rarely played but I believe its the last episode or the 2nd last, where Seo Yoon vists the pharmacy to buy more birth control pills but decides to return it and she gets a phone call but while during that scene a sound track is played.

    I'm not sure I'll even get a reply on these since it's a 3 year old drama but thanks a lot if anyone could help!
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