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Bae Doo Na 배두나 - Upcoming Drama 2021: The Sea of Silence

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Guest yoonah

I thought she looked very familiar when I saw her on "Take Care of My Cat". Apparently I've seen her before... on "Funny Wild Girl" (but it was a long time ago and I haven't been surfing the Korean wave back then). I've only seen her on those two, but she was good, especially on "Take Care of My Cat".

What other movies/dramas of hers do you recommend? ;)

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What other movies/dramas of hers do you recommend? ;)

Wasn't she great in "Take Care of My Cat"? ;) Her character was the most likable one amongst the girls (though all had very distinct personalities). And that movie's pretty special, very realistic about post-IMF Korea, growing up, friendship, searching for your identity/dreams.


I've only watched 1 drama of hers so far, "Beating Heart", which I adore. The ff are my favorites of her movies, which I have no qualms about recommending: "Take Care of My Cat" (which you've already seen), "Barking Dogs Never Bite", "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" and "Saving My Hubby". I love those movies, they seriously ROCK.




I didn't like "Plum Blossom", and not because I was shocked by the sex scenes (I'm very liberal when it comes to stuff like that). I didn't think the film was well-made, and it just didn't speak to me. If you're a Kim RaeWon fan though, maybe you should check it out.



"Spring Bears Love" is an okay romcom--not great, but not bad either. Has its sweet moments.


Haven't seen "Linda Linda Linda" yet. But I want to, it looks good.


Am not particularly hankering to watch "The Ring Virus" or "Tube"--but if I find a copy, I'll get 'em all the same just to complete her filmography.

Oh, and I'm really looking forward to "The Host"--it's coming out July of this year. Here're some great stills: (click on the thumbnails for the larger version, believe me, they're best seen HUGE)

still039lh.th.jpg still044wy.th.jpg still012fa.th.jpg

still050zy.th.jpg bdn3es.th.jpg still025ma.th.jpg <-- Now THAT's terror and exhaustion

Hope that helped. ^___^

I hope I'm not wrong but isn't she in this week's DBSG Theater? The girl who played the role of Yoochun's ex-girlfriend?

Um, no idea. I doubt it though.

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Guest saggiorpiioxgalaxy

What other movies/dramas of hers do you recommend? ;)

I love Ad Madness.

Its my favourite drama in the universe. Nothing can replace its place in my heart. :)

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She's one daring but very smart actress, for you Melusine-hunnie... and everyone appreciating DooNa. :)


Apr.10, 2006

Bae Doo-na: Acting Without a Pretty Face On


At the age of 27, most actresses want to be recognized for their craft as well as their looks, but Bae Doo-na stands out by having never cared much about the latter. Away from the limelight for a while, Bae is now back with a new movie made in Japan and called "Linda, Linda, Linda." It goes on release here on April 13.

The movie tells a story of a group of high school girls who set up a band of their own to take part in a school festival. Bae stars as Song, a Korean exchange student who becomes the band’s vocalist because of her poor Japanese. Director Nobuhiro Yamai can't reada spotted Bae in her film "Barking Dogs Never Bite" and decided to cast her in his movie.

"It was my decision not to put on any makeup in the movie. I had to do it, because that was the only way I could play Song genuinely. I didn’t want to look just beautiful wearing heavy makeup", Bae says. It is that confidence in her ability as an actress that has endeared her to many directors.

In the movie, Bae looks innocent to the point of blankness, like an empty page. "There are limits if I try to act from my own experience," she says. "You don't have to actually kill somebody to play a murderer. I just absorb the character I have to play into my mind, which is just like a piece of white paper." Park Chan-wook, the director of the international hit "Old Boy,” says Bae is an actress free from stereotypes.

She learned acting from her mother, the former stage actress Kim Hwa-young. When she could not make up her mind whether to accept a part in the movie "Plum Blossom" (2000), it was her mother who bawled her out by saying, "Does it make sense for an actress to avoid bed scenes because she is afraid of taking off her clothes and showing her body?" Once the movie, with its daring nude scenes was out, Bae got a call from an ex-boyfriend who said he felt "ashamed" to have gone out with her. That was when she realized she'd rather be a good actress than a good girlfriend, she says.

She says she learned a lot being in the Japanese movie. "Those young actresses who never played the guitar or drum kept practicing, saying 'I am going to be a guitarist or drummer within a month,’ and after a month, they were such good guitarists and drummers," Bae recalls.

She claims to know all too well that she does not have a pretty face, and that is how she likes it. "I think I'm lucky not to be so pretty that every man admires me. That means that I can play characters that other actresses can't. I want to be an actress favored more by women than men," she declares.

(englishnews@chosun.com )

Source: http://english.chosun.com/w21data/html/new...0604100002.html

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^Is "RNA" cheesy horror (lol), ala Shim EunHa's "M"?

Once the movie, with its daring nude scenes was out, Bae got a call from an ex-boyfriend who said he felt "ashamed" to have gone out with her. That was when she realized she'd rather be a good actress than a good girlfriend, she says.
Jerk. <_<

Thanks for the article, rubie. I like that she's very self-aware: humble enough to admit that she isn't super pretty, but confident enough to use that to her advantage in transforming into character. Gotta agree with Park ChanWook, Doona truly is "an actress free from stereotypes."

Good to hear that "Linda Linda Linda" is getting a Korea release! She's so underappreciated at home. ):









Cine21 article

cine011moognagg0.th.jpg cine021moognaiz6.th.jpg cine031moognaja1.th.jpg cine041moognaot4.th.jpg bbe7c1f81301bftm4ly7.th.jpg

cine21linda01copy1moognaka3.th.jpg cine21linda02copy1moognamt5.th.jpg cine21linda03copy1moognaih7.th.jpg

<clickable thumbnails>

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Elle Girl article



Cinezine article






Cine21 article 1 / 2 / 3




Cine21 article




Cine21 article 1 / 2 / 3



Cine21 article




Cine21 article


Cine21 article on Yoo JiTae, BDN, Lee EunJoo, Lee SeEun


Film2.0 article on BDN, Kim MinSun, Yoon JiHye, Kang HyeJung, Lee EunJoo, Jeon JiHyun, Jang JinYoung, Lee JiHyeon, Lee YoWon


Film2.0 article


[Bigger version]

Film2.0 article


Film2.0 article


Film2.0 article


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Guest xosandy

Wow, melusine! You did a great job compiling at that information! I just finished watching BDN in "Wild Country Princess" and I enjoyed her performance. I haven't seen any of her films yet, but I must say she is quite a talented actress. She may not be the prettiest girl out there, but she's got spunk.

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^Thanks, xosandy! :blush: As for me, I've seen most of her films, but only 1 of her dramas (and it isn't "Funny Wild Girl"). I agree: the girl's got spunk and lotsa talent. :D Can't wait for her new drama! It sounds really fun and it'd be nice to see her acting alongside Chae Rim. Not a big fan of the guys... but we'll see.


썸데이 (Someday)

November 2006 - 사전제작 [100% Pre-Broadcast Shoot] Hybrid Live Action/Animation Drama [OCN]

[Cast: Bae Doo-Na, Chae Rim, Kim Sung-Soo, Kim Min-Joon, Oh Yoon-Ah, Lee Jin-Wook

PD: Kim Kyung-Yong, Han Ji-Seung / WRITER: Kim Hee-Jae

Produced By: Yellow Film

She's been quite busy, what with the shooting of Bong Joon-Ho's latest film 괴물 (The Host) wrapping up recently, and her theater work. But Bae Doo-Na will return soon to the small screen, with the MBC TV Drama 썸데이 (Someday). Bae's last appearance on TV was in the excellent Omnibus Drama 떨리는 가슴 (Six Love Stories), one of the best shows of 2005. If that weren't enough, good news continue: the show, produced by Yellow Film, will wrap all of its production before broadcast, and will star Bae as a 순정만화 (Romance Comic) writer who found instant success on her debut, and will mix animation with live action. A mix of explosively cheerful and cynical elements, her personality will mirror in some ways the characters she creates for a living. This is the third project of the year for Yellow Films, after the Gam Woo-Sung/Son Ye-Jin Drama 연애시대 (Alone in Love) and the the Lee Seo-Jin/Son Tae-Young Drama 프리즈 (Freeze). 'Someday' is expected to start airing in the second half of 2006, and will start shooting as soon as the male lead is confirmed. [Twitch Korean Weekly News - 2/27]

Some good news for Chae Rim fans. After her recent divorce with singer Lee Seung-Hwan, she's been out of the limelight for a few weeks, and more importantly, out of TV Drama for two years -- her last appearance being on the KBS2 Drama 오필승 봉순영 (Oh! Feel Young). But reports leaked out in the Media today that she was recently cast in the potentially interesting new Drama 썸데이 (Someday). This is a live-action/animation hybrid, in that we get to see the manhwa its leading character (played by Bae Doo-Na) draws through animation. Chae Rim will play her boss in the show, which starts shooting this July, for a November release. The show is produced by Yellow Film of 연애시대 (Alone in Love) fame, written by Kim Hee-Jae of 실미도 (Silmido), and produced by Kim Kyung-Yong of 카이스트 (KAIST). [Yahoo Korea - 5/15]

Casting for the upcoming MBC Drama 썸데이 (Someday) has finally completed, and the surprises continue. Airing from November, this is a live action/animation hybrid written by Kim Hee-Jae of 실미도 (Silmido) and 한반도 (Hanbando), and produced by Yellow Film of 연애시대 (Alone in Love). We already reported about Bae Doo-Na's return to TV as the lead on this show, and the following casting of Chae Rim. But now we know the rest of the cast: Kim Sung-Soo, whose latest film 모노폴리 (Monopoly) is debuting next week, and talented newcomer Oh Yoon-Ah. Oh has become one of the busiest new faces on TV, quickly cast in 미스터 굿바이 (Mr. Goodbye) after her role in 연애시대 (Alone in Love). She's also shown some acting talent on top of her impressive screen presence (think Lee Gi-Yong and you're not far off), and this will be another chance to prove it. The show, another 사적제작 (100% pre-broadcast shoot) starts shooting in July, and is directed by Kim Kyung-Yong of 카이스트 (KAIST). [Yahoo Korea - 5/27]

More updates and pics @ the Someday thread

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Guest inez

Holly Molly!!..Bae DUNa!!..Finally her thread!! thanks for starting!!. One of THE BEST actress around!!. Saw most of her movies and she's daymn good!..Am so looking forward to 'The Host'!!..COOL!

Wait..is (or was) she seeing Shin Ha Kyun?...or this is just old rumor??..(man..he is one AWESOME actor too!) ;)

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^They started dating while doing "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" (2002) and the relationship lasted till 2003, I think. Too bad they broke up, huh? :( I always go nuts-happy when awesome actors hook up, like Bae Doona/Shin HaKyun, Ryu SeungBeom/Gong HyoJin (who also broke up :(), Jo SeungWoo/Kang HyeJung (still going strong :wub: ) ...and feel kinda sad when it doesn't work out. I guess it's tough for couples in any case, but 1000X more in the limelight.


[KT Nespot CF]







Click here, scroll down; the SfMV review has a few nice tidbits on them in the DVD's special features: apparently Doona had a hard time during the part where Song KangHo licks her ear in the torture scene and a crew guy teased her that if it were Shin HaKyun doing the licking, then it'd no problemo. :P






Film2.0 article

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Guest inez

Bae Duna may not be a drop-dead-gorgeous-Korean-Barbie but she's an A-list actress..truly versatile..!.

My favourites 'Sympathy for Mr Vengeance', 'Take Care Of My Cat', good to hear 'Linda3' will get a Korean release..and yes the most anticipated 'The Host'.

Wow..a drama with Chae Rim and Kim Sung Soo too!! :rolleyes:

..so she broke up with Shin Ha Kyun..well they certainly would make a cool couple!. well you've said it melusine..it's really tough being 'celeb couples'..

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^Lol, rubie! That made me smile. :)

Likewise, Subway Cinema, likewise.

Haha... the moment I saw that banner, I knew I've got to copy it for melusine-hunnie! :lol:

Btw, found this while browsing... about the new drama, Someday? Seems that Chae Rim is no longer in the line-up (or is she still?). Wasn't impressed by KMJ in Lovers in Prague but who knows... he'll shine with DooNa. :rolleyes:


Source: http://www.stardocu.com/news/read.php?st_seq=9781&cate=AA

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^I'm also iffy about the guys cast in "Someday"--I mean, sure, they're hot, but... :vicx: I've been disappointed by KMJ in everything except "Damo" (and even then I loved Yoon more, heh) and I haven't been impressed by KSS's roles so far (though I haven't seen "Lawyers"). I'm hoping good writing will inspire them to step up. From the articles at the news thread, it does seem like Chae Rim isn't part of the cast anymore. If so, ohwell. *shrug* But I liked OYA in "Alone in Love" so I guess it's okay. Thanks again for the heads-up, rubie-hunnie!

Anyway, I'm just happy Doona's doing a drama again! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^__^



You know how it is when a favorite actor of yours is in some ho-hum project and you just roll your eyes and watch it anyway because you like him/her, all the while wishing s/he would do something different, please? That's something I never have to go through with Doona because she always picks interesting stuff. "Someday" sounds FUN and I'm betting "The Host" will be awesome.

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