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[chinese Series] 家有儿女 (jia You Er Nv) // At Home With Kids


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Hilarious Family Comedy xD!

家有儿女 // Jia You Er Nv:



Jia You Er Nv is about a family with 3 children--the parents are both separated from their previous spouses. The father, Xia Dong Hai (夏东海), has two kids--Xia Xue (夏雪) and Xia Yu (夏雨), who are also known as Xiao Xue and Xiao Yu. They were raised in the US (which is the reason why they could break the one child policy). Xiao Xue is the overachiever, always getting excellent marks, and Xiao Yu is the playful little kid (who, unfortunately, learns a lot of bad things from Liu Xing). The mother, Liu Mei (刘梅), has one child--Liu Xing (). Liu Xing is the naughty kid (aka black sheep of the family)--pretends to be sick, gets 4/100 on a test, skips school etc. Jia You Er Nv is a series with episodes each ~20 minutes long that show the amusing happenings of the family with Liu Xing's real father, Hu Yi Tong coming to bother them, Xiao Xue and Xiao Yu's real mother Ma Li (Mary) dropping by and the new neighbours borrowing their stuff and not returning it....

*Written By redfirefly124 from SPCNET.TV && Edited By Me (xx_farfallaz_xx @ SOOMPI.COM)*



^ Guy on the Left

Name: 夏东海 // Xia Dong Hai

About: He is a very nice dad. XD He does his best to please his wife. However, he is more soft and lenient on the kids than the mother and sometimes helps the kids keep things from the mom. XD He says the most funniest things ever.


Name: 刘梅 // Liu Mei

About: Bearer of pants in the family. XD What she says goes. Liu Mei is a hilarious mom. When she wants to find something out, she will use "Liu Xing" type of tactics to find out. XD!


Name: 夏雪 (Xia Xue) aka Xiao Xue

About: The smart sister. Xiao Xue is the oldest of the three children. She's very smart (and she knows it) and works very hard at school. Xiao Xue is pretty bossy as well. The parents trust Xiao Xue a lot. When Liu Xing and Xiao Yu get into trouble, Xiao Xue usually helps them out of it.


Name: 刘星 // Liu Xing

About: The naughty middle kid XD! He's always getting into trouble and always coming up with the "bight ideas". He's got a good heart. Liu Xing is my favourite character in the series XD! He's so friggen funny and comes back with the most hilarious retorts. : D!


Name: 夏雨 (Xia Yu) aka Xiao Yu

About: The playful little boy XD! He's the youngest of the three children. He's a playful and mischevious bundle of energy. He "tattles" to the parents when Liu Xing and Xia Xue don't get along. Xiao Yu is very cute and funny XD




So far there are three volumes out. In the third volume, the kids are more grown up and they changed Xiao Xue's actor. D:! I haven't seen much of the third volume, but I assure you that the first two are very very funny. XD!!! You can watch all three volumes on TUDOU. The links are provided below. Sorry, there are no English subs ): It's all in Chinese (Mandarin).

家有儿女 I

家有儿女 II

家有儿女 III



Peaceful Dinner?


Mom (scolding) and Son time 8D


Xiao Yu and Xiao Xue, Sibling Love? XD

This show is so popular in China right now. XD

I think it's filmed in Beijing.

So has anyone else seen/watched this? XD


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Lol. Is this a sitcom or drama? Haven't watched a mainland sitcom since Wu Lin Wai Zhuan.

I love the kid that plays Liu Xing. I still remember him from the competition searching for a young Wei Xiao Bao for Lu Ding Jing.

He looks exactly like the younger version of XiaYu (I meant the actual actor, not the other character).

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