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Gong Yoo in 1st place for poll of Man of New Year.

Lee Dong Wook who portrayed Grim Reaper in “Goblin” mentioned about Gong Yoo in his latest interview via the March Edition of Arena Homme Magazine, and said, “When Gong Yoo hyung decided to make

Guest woah~

'She's on Duty' was an amazing movie!

Gong woo... hot, KSA... great actress, NSM... great actress, etc...

Amazing movie!!! If you haven't already watched it... go now!

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Guest love_jesus

ah! lookn for this thread everywhere!! need to see it in the first five pages more often lols. ^____^ gongyooooo. yummy :] he's doing an excellent job in one fine day. and all his past movies were shweet. GONGYOO FIGHTING~

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Guest Ailin*

I just realized it's Gong Yoo's birthday today (July 10).



May you have more successes and a better, brighter future coming your way! :P

You're doing a good job in One Fine Day. Keep it up! :)

Some photos of his birthday celebration on the filming set of One Fine Day with his fan club "Yoo & I".





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Guest MiGkYo

hehehe~ i watched She's on Duty awhile ago...

he got something to attract my attention.. i dunno what it is...

now i think it's becoz' he got the "manly" look and nice body shape!

he is cute when he smiles... hehe... :blush:

so happi he is making a new movie?!?!?

Fightin Gong Yoo!! ^__^V"~

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Guest s0urp@tchk!d

ahhhhhhHHHHHHHHHH Just finished watching She's On Duty.

man this guy is HOT. OHHHMOOOOH he's got that whole NICE TALL MASCULINE HOTNESS going on. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

that last kiss with KSA was definitely looking good. so fine.

AHAHAH he was such a WOOS in My Tutor Friend LOL

MAN AND that guy's friends w/ KANG DONG WON TOO!??!?!? DAMN.

hotness X2

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Guest love_jesus

some of my favorite pics i'd like to post :] enjoy












for those who haven't watched hardtack teacher& star candy (gun bbang sunsang kwa byul sahtang), is missing out on cute gongyoo!! :] story is kinda iffy but i love gongyoo's character, Taein. <3



my favorite jangmyun (scene) ^^ bori wakes up to find taein crying T T


cute scene also ^________^


credit: naver.com search

gongyoo needs more love in this thread lols. hopefully itll grow <3 공유 화이팅<3

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Guest haneul<3

eee post was deleted!


all i said was that i frickin' loved this guy

<3 my hottie! I heart him so! <3

lolz :wub:

LOADS of Gong Yoo pics at Gong Yoo Holic. The pictures are loading kind of slow for me though... :blink:

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Guest love_jesus

i love your avatar haneul<3 ^___^






gongyoo and lee hana in "HANGTEN"CF as autumn lovers sketch

For the past thirteen days gongyoo and lee hana have been recording their CF as lovers in an autumn setting. The heartwarming, popular, tough guy from MBC's weds/thurs drama 'One Fine Day', GongYoo and the early rising star (who acts as if she was't) Lee Hana who recieves a lot of love from fans from the drama "A time for Love" (연애시대 yunae shidae) together walk the american streets in autumn love to model a clothing brand called "hangten". Sidus HQ decided on July 19th that talent GongYoo would be clothing line, Hangten korea's model for six-months. Hangten Officials say that, " Gong Yoo has shown an american type image style in the MBC tv drama 'One Fine Day', which really corresponded with ours and Hangten asked to think about it and followed up with a contract."

credit: yahoo korea news

translated by me

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Guest haneul<3

love_jesus lol thanks! i love it too. haha xD

Thanks for the article too!

I want to see more pictures! <3

Gong Yoo looks great as usual :wub:

I think it's time for the facial hair to go though... :sweatingbullets:

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Guest haneul<3

lol agreed :] but hes still darn cute

awe yes he is. not denying that at all! I think facial hair makes him look hotter & olders & more sophisticated while no facial hair makes him look more adorable <3 lol


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