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[movie 2007] A Love / Sarang 사랑


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Joo Jin Mo, Park Shi Yeon, Kim Min Joon
[movie 2007] A LOVE / Sarang 사랑

September 2007








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BRIEF STORY by asiandramedies

Joo Jin Mo's Love, I'll Take!

Oct 11th, 2007 by asiandramedies

Amidst my boredom and my discontentment with the dramas airing on TV right now I am so happy to stumbled into one of my favorite korean actors recent movie. It is called Sarang also known as A Love. It was released during the Korean Thanksgiving Holiday (Cheosuk).

For people who are so cynical about love, this is one movie you may want to skip. This is all about pure love. A kind of love we always dream of but unfortunately few people actually experiences it. Some may even call it unrealistic but all I can say is that there are things that may sound so improbable to achieve but not too impossible to gain. I also believe that while there are still a lot of women out there who secretly dreams for an ideal man who will forever protect them from harm's away even in the face of death, there are also a lot of men out there that clings to their ideal women who are so innocent, fragile and pure with the long straight hair.

In-jo (Joo Jin Mo, 200 Pounds of Beauty, Queen of The Game) grew up loving Mee-joo (Park Si-Yeon, When Spring Comes, My Girl). They lost contact for about 10 years then meet again as high school students. Since they share common tragic bacgrounds, they made a vow this time to protect each other no matter what the circumstances may be. It took him seven years to confessed his love for her.

One day, when In-jo heard about a loan shark, Chi Kuan who was harrasing Mee-jo and tried taking advantage of her because her mom couldn't pay the loan, he went to talk to Chi Kuan and then stabbed him. It landed him in jail.

After he served his prisontime, he got himself a construction job, did well and became the owner's right hand man. He was given a second chance in life so he buries his one great love in a distant memory but destiny played its hand, he crossed path with Mee-joo again. This time she is the mistress of his very own boss, the very person who gave him a new and better life.

The director of this movie is Kwak Kyung-Taek who also helmed "Friend" in 2001. His movies are known for appealing to the male audience focusing mostly on strong passionate male leads with the hint of violence.

This movie is no different, In-ho is a loyal, intense, passionate man and to my delight Joo Jin Mo was able to portray his role brilliantly.

The story may be too old fashion for some but I love Joo Jin Mo so naturally it's good for me.



pressconvx6.th.jpg imgmovistcomev4.th.jpg

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source: http://news.korea.com/journal/read.asp?seq...37730&ds=T0

similar news :










many thanks to dramaok :wub:

Actor Joo Jin Mo who played the warm-hearted man in "200lbs of Beauty" has chosen Director Kwak Kyeong Taek's film as his next project. He has been casted in Kwak's upcoming film, Sarang [working title].

"He thought hard among many projects, but at last he chose "Sarang"

Director Kwak Kyeong Taek who has focused on "Sarang" planning since his last film Typoon has chosen Pusan as the background location to show the interity and love of men.

Joo Jin Mo who has shown his acting depth through movies such as "Puzzle", "Wanee Junah", dramas such as "Queen of The Game", "Fashion 70s" will play as a man in who shares destined love with his first love when he meets her again when she is the woman of his boss.

"Sarang" will complete casting next month, and go into production then.

Shooting will commence in May & this movie is due for release during Chu Seok (Korean Thanksgiving Day /Harvest Moon Day), somewhere in September

Backdated news : 8th May 2007

*Our heartfelt thanks to SweetKim on the kind translations for the above news ~ *

Actress Park ShiYun was chosen to be in Director Kwok KyungTaek's "Sarang." Gaining popularity from the KBS drama "Flowers bloom when Spring Comes," she was chosen w/o much debate for the movie. Having worked w/ over 800 stars, Kwok KyungTaek is directing this melo-movie that talks about men's past loneliness and old loves.

Park ShiYun loves a man who is full of unhappiness and she gets tied up in his emotions as well. She joins Joo JinMo and Kim MinJoon who had previously been casted for this movie. Debating of several projects, ShiYun picked to act in "Sarang" b/c she liked the script and the casting. Recently dealing with the breakup with Eric Mun. ShiYun went to Thailand to clear her thoughts/emotions. As ShiYun got the new/upcoming actress award at the 43rd Baeksang Award Show, people have high expectations for her new project.

ShiYun is going to start her shooting in Busan.

Her company stated that, "after clearing her emotions from the trip, she still retains her passion and will be even better suited to act in the melo-movie."


*beautiful banner by heartshapelove*

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Guest lovegoodfood

who will be his co-star????

yeah!! he is casted in a new movie...we don have to wait too long for his next project......

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Guest puppyiz

:sweatingbullets: Got here just in time... hope i dint missed any thing :P

Reposting this news from Joo Jin Mo's thread :

JooJinMo's upcoming movie < 사랑 >

Similar news from YTN Star. Watch: CLICK



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Guest puppyiz

no news yet????? hopefully she is as hot as Kim ah joong!!!!!!!!

You bet ! Let's keep our fingers crossed ;)..I m too curious bout who will be the actress *puts on thinking cap *

wow!! another JJM's movie to look forward to!! :w00t:

Hi Pupp! Thanks for the link! :D

OMO...daisii ! I am so ~ glad you got the link & ' Cheers ' :w00t: coz you are back in action ! :wub:

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Guest clarabelle

hhwwoohhh!!! a sarang thread .... thanks ay link .... another movie to look forward to ... after jin mo made us happy in 200lbs beauty, he will prepare us for another compelling love story ... a great director in the presence of dir kwak (from jdg's movie, typhoon) ... great tandem!!!

so excited!!!

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Guest jkan93l

AHHHHHHHH.. so cool.. he's doing a another movie.....

I can't wait to see it... i loved them 200ilbs beauty..

hes one handsome man.....

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Guest grrly

no news yet????? hopefully she is as hot as Kim ah joong!!!!!!!!

How about Lee Bo Young...They had a great chemistry in Queen of the Game and I would love to see them together again!

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Guest .alyak_

Can't wait to see who he will be co-staring with!

I'm excited for this. Although we wont get to watch it for some time...

I LOVE JOO JIN MO! He's such a hottie!


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Guest C51236

^^ it would be interesting to LBY casted as his leading lady... cant wait for this movie... when is it going to come out??? late 2007 or early 2008???

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Guest puppyiz

Greetings C51236 !! Hopefully, by late 2007.

Hmm... this thread had been too lonely lately, ppl. Cob webs are gathering :blink:

Since each & every one of us is wondering who'll be JooJinMo's next lucky lead actress..

what say we all guess who's the Leading Actress in this upcoming movie, eh ??

First choice from lovegoodfood : 'Kim Ah Joong '

Secondly, grrly 'Lee Bo Young'

I was thinking bout ' Seo Ji Hye ' ... since they did this Green Tea CF together. :rolleyes:

She's got the right height for this Hunk / Sexy / Hottie :sweatingbullets::P

Let's hear it from the rest of you, angels. ;)

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Guest Azura

How about Lee Bo Young...They had a great chemistry in Queen of the Game and I would love to see them together again!

I second to that.... :)

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