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Pretty Women In Traditional Asian Clothing

Guest bubbles20

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Guest arandomasian

Woa, I want to revive the hanfu too!!! :P Do you still have the source so I can read it?

I want to know where I can buy hanfu.

Actually the qipao (that we know) was introduced somewhere around 1900-1920

during the Qing dynasty people wore something like this


The modern Qipao was introduced in the 1900s, in Shanghai I believe. But the Chinese did start wearing the traditional variation ever since the Qing dynasty. For those who've seen the famous Taiwanese drama Princess Returning Pearl, you would know what they look like.


They are definitely not the most aesthetically pleasing, especially compared to the ancient Hanfu.


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Guest cantthinkofaname

like seriously, chinese clothings are so ....GORGEOUS

other than thai clothings, chinese clothings gotta be the next gorgeous asian ancient clothing ever


well my people, which are hmongs, our clothings...yeah you can say it's a bit different, but here are some examples

please refrain yourself from bashing on my peoples' traditional clothing



the lady and guy out fit, he's wearing what my people call it "hmong green" outfit, yes in my culture we have 3 different kind of outfit




well those are the three that i know so far, i'm not sure or i'm pretty sure that there's more to it, the first picture i posted up of those two girls

those outfit we call it "hmong chinese" outfit, the design is made out of beads, i'll show more examples later


she is a hmong chinese lady whom lives in china, their outfit are kind of similar but different from the ones here in america/laos/thailand


this is the dress that "hmong green" people wear, this is the one that my mom makes me wear during hmong new years


this is the outfit that "hmong white" wear to the new years, as you can tell the outfit for the guy, the pants are different, it's like an american pants, and for the girl, the dress is white not colored


this picture was taken during the beauty pageant 2004 at the fresno hmong new year


this is the outfit for "hmong stripe" people, at the arms of their shirt, there's stripe going around them

there's a lot more to share but i'll stop here :)

please do note that these people aren't as gorgeous as the other ones soompier they've posted, these people are only regular non-popular people like us :)

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Guest AAgurl789

time to revive the thread


Mongolian costumes...It's quite "scary" (enough to give me nightmares) and yet at the same time it's so eccentric and it's hard to believe but I actually do like it...Lady gaga should seriously get inspired by these...haha



it even inspired star wars






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Guest sunye~

wow... i love traditional clothing... they're beautiful... :)

i love how they're elegant, colorful, modest, ...

i'll try to look for some pics and post some

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Guest epicpwnage

chinese traditional clothing is the most beautiful traditional asian clothing in my opinion ^_^

the drama *beyond the realm of conscience* features a really great cast & their clothing is simply gorgeous.

the hair is beautiful too ^^ even though its a wig. look at the cloth and patterning~~



^ lol selena and tavia goofing off


^ ireally like charmaine's clothes in this picture! (lo sam ho in the drama) (shes the girl who's wearing very floral, bright colours in the front)

^^ ooh hanfus are so pretty!! I TOTALLY WANT ONE. but i don't think there would ever be an appropriate time to wear it unless theres a festival or something~

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Guest gailza

I don't really like Hanbok, but some are like WOW !

Hey that's jsut my opinion. xD

These clothing are just simply awesome <3

Philipino aren't originally from Asia.

So by blood, they're not asian.

But now by land, they're asian.

That's what I learned.

Not sure xD

yeah i get you, on my father's side his great3x grandfather was originally from Spain and my grandfather just recently found out that my great3x grand-dad i think he was still a citizen of Spain. so it states that our citizenship or maybe his first family

citizenship are dual.

I mean i feel i am Asian. but some Spanish features really do come-out like out nose for example.

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putting some korea luv.

these are from the drama Dong Yi

(don't know how accurate they are but seeing that its from the same PD as Dae Jang Geum I think they are pretty much accurate)


^Lady police with the King


^More Police Ladies





^the Queen


^I absolutely LOVE the sleeves!


^the King and Dong Yi


^I am LOVING the purple Hanbok.

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Guest selinie777

I love the Chinese and the Korean clothing. Both of them are very elegant and beautiful. :3
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Shop for Traditional Chinese dresses at China-cart(dot)com

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