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Crimson Hero (Beniiro Hero)


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Guest RiotGirl

I can't get over the amazing artwork of this manga!

Lol, she's gotten SO much better than her last work.

(That one got better as time went on...but CH doesn't even COMPARE)O

The characters in this one are more complex...just...everything. :)

Pooor Keisuke.

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Guest thesassygirl2

KEISUKE <3 freakin hottie (: this is one of my favorite mangas cuz i love volleyball.. but i also love seeing nobara try so hard and push herself to be the best. it's quite amazing to see her progress and become better through the series!

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Guest Starberriee

I really really like this manga, I've re-read 7 times... yes I have no life LOL. Nobara and Yuushin forever! I wouldn't mind dating him myself ...haha.

I want to see what will happen next ~__~ Stupid cliffhangers..

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Guest Khikarugal

I hope Nobara & Yuushin end up together! And I really hope Keisuke & Tomoyo get back together (it's the reason I've been keeping up with the manga ;) )

I also hope Keisuke will get over his crush on Nobara (no offense for keisuke/nobara fans) and start dating his ex again. They really suit each other from my point of view.

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Guest splover34

omg i really love this manga,

i absolutely love nobara and yuushin together, they are so cute!!

but i also feel so bad for keisuke, but i feel like his love for her was just inspiration and admiration but i think inside he truly loves his ex but just cant feel it yet

and i read all the way to chapter 55 but the team scanlating it like apparently dropped it :( so sad

but does anyone know what volume chapter 55 would be??

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