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AJ got her nail done, look at those 2 cute Shiba dogs ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She often got her nail done at this nail parlor. 2018 is a year of dog. It's also AJ chinese zodiac year.

Dr Noh Hyeong Seop, an expert psychic (of 21 years) read some celebrities fortune in 2018, one of them is AJ.   (rough translation): Kim AJoong "marriage".   It is advisable t

last night episode was totally funny,AJ audition team won in an unexpected way,AJ even said thank you to Ho Dong team through the phone I hope to see her more on variety show,our girl is indeed th

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Hi! Please allow me to share fanaccs I read from Japan fanmeeting on 25 Nov.


AJ sang 3 songs. First, Lonely Night (her own song), then Not Gonna Wait, last Yesterday Once More (The Carpenters).


Not Gonna Wait and YOM were safe choice of songs. Low tone and slow. Suited her voice best. Always is too high for her voice, no time to make a new arrangement that suits her voice.


I will write down based on my memory from what I read, so it won't be chronological.


She shared her new hobbies, designing furnitures. She can't make it by herself so she brought the design to the studio and a carpenter makes it for her. She shared a pic of a table. Looks like it will be a dining table. Actually DC gallery posted the pic, that person got it from KakaoStory. The wood is from a maple tree. Based on the carpenter comment, AJ is very attentive and sweet.

Then there's a furniture outdoor. Unfortunately I only found 1 fanacc who mentioned this and the person didn't specify what furniture is that.

The last one is a sofa. She said she took the pic when she came to the studio to choose the fabric. There's a heart shaped cussion on the sofa ........ lol!!!!


She said recently she went hiking and camping to Guleopdo island in Incheon.

She carried 60 kg of backpack. Ate a lot of food and drank coffee. She couldn't eat beef and chicken, so now she eats lamb meat. She took a lot pics. She showed some of them, the yellow tent, the scenery. She said altho she felt tired but she couldn't sleep, she looked up to the sky and the surrounding.


I'm guessing she went there on the 19th Oct. Here's a close up video, you can spot her with black cap.





Then she put on a doctor rob and a stethoscope. A fan came to the stage. He said he has headhache. She then put the stethoscope and listened to his hearbeat. She said it beats so fast lol!!!


Then takoyaki cooking time. She put not only octopus but also chocolate and wasabi. When she squished the wasabi into the takoyaki, everyone were screaming coz she put so much in it. 5 fans chosen to eat the takoyaki. The fan who got to eat the wasabi takoyaki didn't complain and ate it deliciously. He said because he got to eat it in front of her it tasted good. Lol!!!


She went down, walking around and taking questions. A fan in his 50ish told her that he often has pain shoulder and asked for her advise. She teached him some excercises he can do alone at home. And everyone followed her. One fanacc said, the venue became like a gym when people followed her movement. Lol!!! Then she advised a vitamin, she only dercribed the packaging. A fans on DC Gal found it. It's this vitamin





She cried. She said she wanted to meet the fans sooner but she only had the chance now.


All fanaccounts said how happy they were. How lovely and sweet AJ is.


I think the MC of the fanmeet is now becoming her fans lol! She promoted LUTYN on her twitter. She also wrote on her insta and twitter how warm and sweet AJ is. She said AJ looks in to your eyes when she's talking, so warm. (More or less that's what the MC wrote).


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So happy you’re back @siena and decided to put that fan acc here also since I’m quite sad her thread is so quiet, she’s so underrated when it comes so intl fans :(  Anyways I’m glad she really enjoyed her japan fanmeet, hope she’ll do more and also in korea too :D  Looking forward for her projects in the future. 

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Hi! @ashia16

I will try my best to contribute here.



AJ has one older brother, his name is Kim Se Joong. Both AJ and her brother names were given by their father and have a special meaning. Kim A Joong (Kim Center of Asia) and Kim Se Joong (Kim Center of the World).

There was a rumor that her brother is a mensa member and work at LG. Mensa is a group of people with superior IQ. She didn't deny it but also didn't say yes. She only said, if he's a mensa member I want to defeat him, a woman can also join mensa group right? So the rumor is still unclear.

There is a staff of LG, IT division with the same name but fans are not sure if he's the one.


AJ returns to variety show after 4 years:

3 days a go she filmed "Let's eat together" it will be broadcasted on JTBC in December. Finally we can see her again on TV!!! And seems korean netizen are also excited, her article about it got into trending article.

The concept of the program is to find a house that will welcome you to have a dinner with their family. They ring the house bell or knock on the door and ask the owner if they know her/him. Many guests failed the mission coz the owner of the house didn't know who they are. Actually there was an instagram post that day that said she successfully got invited to a house. I tried to find it again but it's already deleted maybe coz it's a spoiler.

Edit: My bad! It was a post on DC Gallery!!! Not instagram.


Here's fantaken on the day of the filming.




The filming was in Gyeongju. AJ has been mentioning this city in her recent interviews. She wanted to visit the city. I hope she stayed the night there and had a vacation.

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Photo of fan meeting in Japan.




More photos of Kim Ah Joong at the air port and San Francisco.



















































































































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Finally, I was able to find this page again! Soompi noob here. Kekeke! It's nice to see familiar names here and thanks for the info @siena. As always, you're the best detective. It's nice to know more about AJ. 



Just sharing this coz I find AJ funny here. Kekeke! Anyone who can translate?



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10 minutes ago, siena said:

Let's eat dinner together, don't forget today at 22.50 Korea time at JTBC.





AJ is very smart, she knows many thing, an intellectual. 

She's like a tour guide.


Girl crush poom poom.


Thanks for the heads up, so excited will stream later. KAJ really has a sexy brain I gotta agree what her wanted co-star said during the presscon ㅋㅋㅋ So I don’t doubt if her brother is really a mensa member :lol:



hello @Cherryblossom18 can i make a request? can you post 3-5 pics only and put the rest on spoiler tags to facilitate easy transition of pages since user like me have a slow/limited internet connection so it took a while for the images to load and the page becomes laggy, thank you so much i appreciate your efforts to keep this thread updated :wub:

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  • Cherryblossom18 changed the title to Official Kim Ah Joong 김아중

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