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Guest Jennified

Breakfast (at 11am): 2 Toast and Instant Noodles

Lunch: Fetuccine

Dinner: Fetuccine again (my cousin decided to make it after seeing me eat it for lunch), some garlic bread.

Drinks: Water, caramel soy milk.

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Guest _monie

Breakfast - donut and juice.

lunch - rice, mushrooms, eggplant, chicken..

snack - ice cream, half a moon cake ^^

dinner - rice, fish, omelette (sp?), baked beans..soup

lots of water and fruit after lunch and dinner

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Guest pinkswirls

hmm..lemme think..

cookies, some chocolate

a sandwich

and a plate of steak and chips

and i think 3 glasses of water.

i think i need to drink more water


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-A cheeseburger, fries

-Red bean milk tea slushie ~ really nice ^^

-Rice, asparagus -hurls-, celery, dried tofu, egg and some pork

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Guest Chuyin

Breakfast - waffles, ham, and a glass of milk

Lunch - Noodles and some waffles because I was still hungry

Dinner - Porridge

^ not the best 3 meals but I'm sick ><

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Guest ookikioo

- 2 slices of spam, 1 sunny-side up egg, & rice [breakfast]

- half a deli sub from wal-mart [school lunch]

- fruit snacks [snack during school]

- 1 bbq stick [lunch after i come home from school]

- this filipino food called piknakbet [heh...wrong spelling -_-] with rice [2nd lunch after school]

- #10 value meal from mcdonals [fish burger, large coke, & large fries] [dinner]

i eat too much...and the thing is i know im gonna eat more b4 i go to sleep =/. i hate having a fast metabolism -____-;;

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Guest missellee

cereal (kix) with fat free milk, blimpie's 6 inch turkey sub, bulgogi (marinated beef) and rice, grapes, honey mustard n'onion pretzels, cookies, water. The pretzels were soooo good:-)

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Guest honeylove

Lets seee.. fried chicken wings and some kind of bread with meat/veggies in it. Then I ate some rice with some kind of .. i don't know what it's called in english. THEN I ate a slice of bread. Later on I ate rice with some eggs. Later on I ate another slice of bread and then a tiny bit of ice cream..

yeah.. lol xD

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