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Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won to be married couple in "The Flower of Evil"




Actors Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won had the chance to reunite and co-star in a "heavyweight" drama of the sensational thriller genre.


The press conference of the new Wed-Thu drama "The Flower of Evil" (tvN cable channel), which took place at 2 pm (KST) July 22, was broadcast live via the online channel. The press conference had the presence of director Kim Cheol Kyu and actors Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won, Jang Hee Jin, Seo Hyun Woo, etc.


"The Flower of Evil'' is a sensational thriller film revolving around two characters who are facing the truth they want to avoid, Baek Hee Sung (played by Lee Jun Ki) - the man who pretends even in love - and his wife Cha Ji Won (played by Moon Chae Won) - who begins to have suspicions about the identity of her husband.




At the press conference, PD Kim Cheol Kyu expressed his satisfaction when sharing his reasons for choosing the four actors, "They have strong personalities and distinctive colors. At first glance, this combination seems to match each other, but watching the filming set, you will see they create such perfect balance. These distinctive colors not only do not affect each other but help fully promote the strengths of each person and the co-stars."



Baek Hee Sung, played by Lee Jun Ki, is thought to be a family man who devotes himself to his wife and children but turns out to be an emotionless person lying to them in order to gain his current life. "The Flower of Evil" is Lee Jun Ki's next work 2 years after the drama "Lawless Lawyer".


He expressed thoughts, "I feel extremely aflutter, and it's also why I'm a quite pressured. Right after I received the script, I guessed this work will not be an easy thing. Since the beginning so far, when the filming stage is in process, as an actor, I've still been pondering what kind of attitude I should have when acting and whether or not I can catch up with the puzzle-like complicated storyline."


Lee Jun Ki confided, "When I first received the script, I found it difficult. I have to show the image of the head of a family, and also have to show the romance of a husband towards his wife. Because he wants to protect the present after going through a devastating past, this character became harsh and stubborn, making me wonder if I can immediately express all of his hardship. When I asked Moon Chae Won, she said, "I think I can totally try this film." After meeting the director, I heard many diverse stories and expected that this work would be worth challenging myself once in my life as an actor. Therefore, I decided to choose this film."


Cha Ji Won is a strong and competent policeman who always draws a clear line between work and family and has a desirable life with an honest husband. Moon Chae Won showed her determination to play this role, "I was given a chance to act in a drama I really like and want to join for a long time. Also, I once again team up with Lee Jun Ki - my co-acting senior in a previous work - and director Kim Cheol Kyu - whom I wanted to collaborate with. This is the long-awaited comeback drama I put all efforts and love into. I want to pull off this drama until the last minute."


In particular, the actress further introduced, "Details that match my interest appeared quite a lot in the drama 'The Flower of Evil. Also, I normally like a drama with this structure. I'm really into the orthodox melodrama, but recently, instead of works that bet their success with only one genre, there have appeared many mishmash dramas that combine different genres. In my point of view, the genre and the melo vibe in 'The Flower of Evil' have created a very natural and harmonious combination."



Lee Jun Ki, who reunited with co-star Moon Chae Won after "Criminal Minds" and acted as a married couple with her in this new production, aroused the atmosphere of the press conference with funny stories, "When acting in 'Criminal Minds', we met each other like teammates who solved the cases and quarreled often, so the film was interesting because we gradually formed its genre. But it's wasteful to only solve criminal cases with such a talented, beautiful actress." Afterward, Lee Jun Ki cracked everyone up when admitting, "I want to play a rom-com film when I'm still young, and I probably create synergy when I co-star with Moon Chae Won. However, we've become a married couple in a somewhat difficult production. On the one hand, I feel nervously look forward to it. It's fun to film without knowing which chemistry will come out between us, but I always had to ponder about every scene. My dream has come true."


Hearing so, Moon Chae Won mentioned the movie "The King and the Clown" shown when she was a high school student. The actress showed her satisfaction, "At that time, after watching the film, I searched the name of actor Lee Jun Ki at the PC room. I once told this story when we co-acted in a work 3 years ago. This is the first time I have acted as a married couple with another actor and that one is Lee Jun Ki, so I thought we had a destined reunion. I am acting with him without any regrets."



Jang Hee Jin, who portrays Do Hae Soo, a serial killer's daughter struggling alone to cope with pressure due to her family's terrible story, expressed her feelings about participating in the work, saying, "I once played many gloomy roles before, but this character gives me a fresh feeling since it is a completely different kind of gloom. The atmosphere of the shooting site is also quite pleasant and cheerful, so I was full of expectations and hopes during the filming." Next, Seo Hyun Woo, who takes the role of reporter Kim Moo Jin in the drama, called for the audience's interest and expectations, saying, "My character is obsessed with the number of viewers and followers on his articles, so he is torn between his conscience and getting hot news when facing an incident. The audience will surely feel anxious and tense when watching the film's highlight video. In particular, I'm also grateful to the director for giving me a role that has around the same age as mine."


Finally, PD Kim Cheol Kyu pointed out the worth watching points of "The Flower of Evil", "This is an exciting work with many novel, unique and unpredictable features. The audiences can enjoy the drama by just following the flow of the storyline without thinking hard."



Reporter Park Woo Jin yjpark@mydaily.co.kr - ⓒMydaily(www.mydaily.co.kr). Illegal reproduction and distribution strictly prohibited - Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive https://vtoday.vlive.tv/home





Watch: Lee Joon Gi Issues A Warning To Whoever Threatens His Current Peace In “Flower Of Evil” Teaser




tvN has revealed another teaser for upcoming drama “Flower of Evil”!


The drama stars Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won as married couple Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won. As Baek Hee Sung tries to hide his past while pretending to love his wife, detective Cha Ji Won begins to grow suspicious of her husband and starts searching for the truth.


The teaser opens with a glimpse of Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won’s happy family. Cha Ji Won is completely smitten with her “perfect” husband Baek Hee Sung, and she asks, “You must still adore me so much, huh?” However, things take a drastic turn when his own mother (Nam Gi Ae) demands, “How can someone dirty like you be fated with a detective?”


Cha Ji Won starts to delve deeper into an unsolved murder mystery, and Baek Hee Sung seems uneasy as he silently watches from her side. Reporter Kim Moo Jin (Seo Hyun Woo) warns Baek Hee Sung that it’s only a matter of time before he’s caught, and Baek Hee Sung threatens to kill him if Cha Ji Won finds out what he knows.


It seems like Cha Ji Won will stop at nothing to reveal the truth, and Baek Hee Sung will not just stand by and watch anyone shatter his peaceful family.


Watch the new teaser below!




“Flower of Evil” premieres on July 29 and will be available on Viki.


Check out another teaser below!



Watch Now



credit : soompi news

Lee Joon-ki, Moon Chae-won partner for marriage suspense in ‘The Flower of Evil’



Lead cast members of new tvN series “The Flower of Evil” -- (from left) Jang Hee-jin, Lee Joon-ki, Moon Chae-won and Seo Hyeon-woo -- pose for a picture at a promotional event Wednesday. (tvN)



Lee Joon-ki and Moon Chae-won are returning to the small screen in the upcoming tvN series “The Flower of Evil.”

Lee, Moon, producer Kim Chul-kyu and supporting actors Jang Hee-jin and Seo Hyeon-woo attended a promotional event for the drama series on Wednesday. The event was livestreamed due to concerns over the new coronavirus.

This is the second time Lee and Moon are teaming up in a TV drama, following tvN’s “Criminal Mind” -- a remake of the popular American series of the same title -- in 2017. While the two actors had teamed up as partner crime profilers in the previous series, they will star as married parents in the latest drama.

Baek Hee-sung (Lee) has used his love for wife Cha Ji-won (Moon) to hide a deep hidden truth about himself. Cha, a detective, starts to doubt that her husband may not be the kindhearted man she had known for the past 14 years, but actually a heinous serial killer. Jang takes up the role of the daughter of a convicted murderer and Seo plays a journalist chasing a scoop.

“I’m returning after two years. I’m excited yet burdened,” Lee said at the press event. “I thought that this piece won’t be easy from reading the script for the first time. I put in much time thinking about how I should take up the role as an actor and complete this puzzle-like story. I’m also enjoying the process like a game, and I hope the viewers can also indulge the diverse stories of love, trust and betrayal in ‘The Flower of Evil.’”

Moon, also returning to the small screen two years since the webtoon-based “Tale of Fairy” from the same network, said, “I’ve found a drama that I’ve really wanted to do.”

Poster for “The Flower of Evil” (tvN)
Poster for “The Flower of Evil” (tvN)

“I usually prefer traditional melodrama, but most of the recent dramas don’t seem to take just one genre but involve elements of genre -- dramas such as horror or fantasy. I found the balance of genre and melodrama of ‘The Flower of Evil’ natural,” Moon added.

“While shocking events continue inside the story and suspenseful events take place, the lead characters, chasing breathlessly after the truth, will recover their love and relationship in the process,” producer Kim said.

The producer’s previous hits at the cable network include “Emergency Couple” (2014), “On the Way to the Airport” (2016) and “Mother” (2018).

The upcoming 16-episode series airs Wednesday and Thursday at 10:50 p.m. starting next week.
By Choi Ji-won (jwc@heraldcorp.com)
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its quite widely known that LJG is beyond nice and approachable to his fans. but i would also like to point out that his fandom is exceptional in a lot of ways, which explains why he is always so nice

Something to brighten up the mood  Got this nice Japanese magazine with Joon Gi on the cover as well as the Japanese DVD for MLSHR, both with long and interesting interviews of the MLSHR cast.

OMG! The 4th prince has his own thread! I discovered it by accident! I love him since friday, the day i started watching SHR. It started with this scene: then it intensified by infinity beca

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On 7/23/2020 at 2:56 AM, pixelsticks said:



And why do I feel every article JG mentions his worry about his effectiveness in this role?  Like this quote from the Soompi article....




I'm confused. 

I think he is just nervous on how well he will be received in this role and the success of Flower of Evil. Afterall, this is his “comeback” after two years ...


Hoping huge success for this drama with good reviews , high rating And all!!!:hwaiting:


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please do not quote images. thank you
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1 hour ago, LyraYoo said:


Tomorrow is D-DAY ! 

Also FOE will have an event on the 30th , please see details here if you want to ask questions about his upcoming drama :)


The wait is almost over- Two years of waiting :dorashakes:


and I have asked my questions , hoping they will be answered- fingers and toes crossed.


 Subscribed to Viki , downloaded Kakao Talk - all ready to go, yippie!:w00t:

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“Flower Of Evil” Reveals Intriguing Dynamics In Character Relationship Chart




With less than a week left until the premiere, upcoming tvN drama “Flower of Evil” unveiled a character relationship chart!


“Flower of Evil” stars Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won as married couple Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won. As Baek Hee Sung tries to hide his past, detective Cha Ji Won begins to grow suspicious of her husband and starts searching for the truth.


The new image lays out the relationships between each of the characters in the drama. First of all, Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won are linked as a married couple, and their one and only daughter is six-year-old Baek Eun Ha.


Baek Hee Sung’s father is Baek Man Woo (Son Jong Hak), the head of a university hospital who is known for his warm personality but is hiding a secret no one can imagine since an incident 15 years ago. Baek Hee Sung’s mother is Gong Mi Ja (Nam Gi Ae), a pharmacist who is excessively attached to her son and continues to pressure him with the claim that his life isn’t his. Meanwhile, Cha Ji Won was raised by her single mother Moon Young Ok (Jo Kyung Sook).


There are two mysterious figures named Do Hyun Soo and Do Min Seok who may be linked to the serial killings. They are the brothers of Do Hae Soo (Jang Hee Jin), and Do Hyun Soo is Kim Moo Jin’s (Seo Hyun Woo) colleague from school. On top of that, Kim Moo Jin and Do Hae Soo are each other’s first loves.


Cha Ji Won’s investigative team is made up of fiery chief Yoon Sang Pil (Im Chul Hyung), reasonable team leader Lee Woo Cheol (Choi Dae Hoon), veteran detective Choi Jae Sup (Chi Young Joon), and youngest detective Im Ho Joon (Kim Soo Oh).




“Flower of Evil” premieres on July 29, and it will be available on Viki!


Check out a teaser below:



Watch Now



Source (1) / soompi news

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14 Lead K-Drama Actors Who Look Hella Good In Uniform




Ah, the wonderful blessing of being able to see our favorite actors in uniform. That put-together, crisp look is something we can never get enough of, which is why this feature is so necessary and worth the look through.


Here’s a look at just 14 of the many K-drama actors who look hella good in uniform.

(List is in no particular order)



Police Officer/Detective Uniform


Lee Joon Gi 


Lee Joon Gi starred as the the determined and head-strong police officer Kim Hyun Joon in “Criminal Minds.”


Viewers were blessed to see him in uniform for a lot of the series, and he was so effortlessly good in his portrayal as a cop. The all-black look on him totally worked!




(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news





Moon Chae Won And Lee Joon Gi Are Loving Parents Worried About Their Daughter In “Flower Of Evil”




tvN’s upcoming drama “Flower of Evil” has shared new stills of Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won as doting parents.


“Flower of Evil” will follow the story of Baek Hee Sung (played by Lee Joon Gi), a man who hides his past and pretends to love his wife Cha Ji Won (played by Moon Chae Won). As a detective, Cha Ji Won begins to grow suspicious of her husband, and the couple is ultimately forced to confront a dark truth they never wanted to face.


Baek Hee Sung is a family man who takes on most of the responsibilities at home in order to make life easier for his wife, a busy detective. Although Cha Ji Won is brimming with sharp deductions and investigative skills when it comes to her job, she is easygoing and relaxed when she’s with her husband and their daughter Baek Eun Ha (played by Jung Seo Yeon).


The new stills show Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won rushing to their daughter, who has a nosebleed after a fight with another child. Cha Ji Won’s face is full of worry as she looks over her daughter’s face, while Baek Hee Sung has a firm but determined smile on his face as he gets up. The moment reflects the two parents’ love for their child, a moment that contrasts with the tension that will come in the future as Baek Hee Sung’s world begins to crumble.




“Flower of Evil” is set to premiere on July 29 at 10:50 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.


Check out a highlight reel for the drama below!



Watch Now



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Lee Joon Gi Shows His Frightening True Colors While Moon Chae Won Is Away In “Flower Of Evil”




Flower of Evil” is getting drama fans even more excited for tonight’s premiere with new stills!


The tvN drama is a suspenseful new thriller starring Lee Joon Gi as Baek Hee Sung, a man who hides his past and pretends to love his wife Cha Ji Won (played by Moon Chae Won). As a detective, Cha Ji Won begins to suspect that her husband may be a serial killer, and the couple is ultimately forced to confront a dark truth they never wanted to face.


A set of photos from the upcoming premiere shows a family gathering that doesn’t go as one might expect.


Baek Hee Sung is known as an affectionate husband with everything he could hope for in the world, and his family, including his parents (played by Son Jong Hak and Nam Gi Ae), gets together to celebrate his birthday.


However, his parents look unhappy to be greeting his wife Cha Ji Won.


When Cha Ji Won leaves the table for a moment, Baek Hee Sung’s demeanor changes, and he shoots a cold stare as he holds his sleeping daughter Baek Eun Ha (played by Jung Seo Yeon) in his arms. He’d always shown a warm smile in front of his wife and daughter, but now he looks emotionless. On top of that, his parents seem unsurprised by this sudden change in their son, as though they’re used to it.


The “Flower of Evil” production team said, “This is a scene that clearly shows the two extreme sides of Baek Hee Sung. It will give you the opportunity to see just how powerful Lee Joon Gi’s acting is from the very start.”


They added, “We hope you’ll tune in to the premiere on July 29 to see what secret hides between Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won, who look like such a happy couple.”




Behind-the-scenes photos of Moon Chae Won and Lee Joon Gi on set have also been shared, showing their dedication as they transform into their roles.


Moon Chae Won’s character Cha Ji Won is described as a very skilled detective who specializes in violent crime, while at the same time she’s naively completely in love with her husband. Moon Chae Won will be conveying a wide spectrum of emotions as her both charismatic and innocent character has her beliefs shaken up by doubts about the husband she loves so much.


Photos of Lee Joon Gi give a glimpse of his transformation into the chilling and mysterious Baek Hee Sung.


They also show him smiling behind-the-scenes with Jung Seo Yeon, the young actress playing his daughter, and he reveals some of that trademark upbeat energy that Lee Joon Gi is famous for. Some of the images are from the drama’s teaser and poster filming, as well as press conferences.





“Flower of Evil” premieres on July 29 at 10:50 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.


Watch a highlight reel for the show below!


Watch Now


Source (1) (2) (3) / soompi news






Watch: Lee Joon Gi And Moon Chae Won’s Happiness Takes A Turn For The Worse In “Flower Of Evil” Teaser





With just a few hours left until its premiere, “Flower of Evil” has shared a sneak peek at the upcoming romance and mystery!


“Flower of Evil” is a suspenseful new thriller starring Lee Joon Gi as Baek Hee Sung, a man who hides his past and pretends to love his wife Cha Ji Won (played by Moon Chae Won). As a detective, Cha Ji Won begins to suspect that her husband may be a serial killer, and the couple is ultimately forced to confront a dark truth they never wanted to face.


New stills give a glimpse of Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won’s sweet romance. The morning sunlight magnifies the romantic atmosphere, and Baek Hee Sung approaches his wife with a loving gaze as she smiles back with joyful eyes. They even share a sweet kiss, and viewers are more excited than ever to see the chemistry between a mysterious man hiding a secret and a skillful detective who cares for her family more than anything else.




The drama also released a new teaser that shows their once blissful relationship taking a nosedive into distrust, hatred, and revenge.


The clip opens up with Baek Hee Sung’s voiceover saying, “I just want to live as Baek Hee Sung. I don’t want to lose my life.” Cha Ji Won receives a phone call that turns her life upside down, and Baek Hee Sung runs away from someone as he tries to hide his identity.


Then Baek Hee Sung is caught with a knife in his hand, and his eyes are wide with terror and determination as he raises the knife with a loud cry. Cha Ji Won’s voiceover warns, “Choose. What happens to us now is up to you.” She discovers her injured husband in a dark, abandoned place, and tears fall to her face when he wraps his hands around her throat.


Watch the teaser below!



“Flower of Evil” premieres July 29 at 10:50 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.


Watch the highlight video here:



Watch Now



Source (1) / soompi news


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*** I'm glad that Lee Jun-ki is back in dramaland! I am all in for this drama. It takes us to a whole new killer level. What if you learned that your awesome husband has some scarily dark secrets? What if you discover that he’s the serial killer you’ve been hunting for years? How could you go on living after such a revelation? It promises some suspense. I hope he's not actually a killer... Wishing this could be one good drama for LJK, after appearing in some misses. Lee Jun-ki needs a good drama under his belt. I will always root for him. What's not to love? - it is on Viki and hopefully we won't have to wait long for the subtitles. Hoping this drama and the writing will be good and consistent to the end since they were off to a good start. I’ve been looking forward to this drama since I saw the first teaser! I'm praying this will be a HIT! Ahhhh...  I was so pleased with how sweet he seemed one moment, and then so scary the next! NICE premier - GREAT job, Lee Joon Ki! :blush:

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Lee Joon Gi And Seo Hyun Woo Have A Tense Confrontation In “Flower Of Evil”




Things are about to become very tense in the upcoming episode of “Flower of Evil” as Lee Joon Gi shows his true colors!


The tvN drama is a suspenseful new thriller starring Lee Joon Gi as Baek Hee Sung, a man who hides his past and pretends to love his wife Cha Ji Won (played by Moon Chae Won). As a detective, Cha Ji Won begins to suspect that her husband may be a serial killer, and the couple is ultimately forced to confront a dark truth they never wanted to face.



The first episode of “Flower of Evil” showed the blissful marriage life of Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won.


However, things took a drastic turn towards the ending when reporter Kim Mu Jin (played by Seo Hyun Woo) showed up at Baek Hee Sung’s workshop. Kim Mu Jin made the mistake of bringing up Baek Hee Sung’s past, and Baek Hee Sung locked him up in his secret basement under the workshop.


On July 30, the drama unveiled new stills of what will happen to Kim Mu Jin next. Baek Hee Sung’s expression is cold and merciless, and Kim Mu Jin’s pale face is dripping with cold sweat as he faces the man who trapped him in the frightening basement. Kim Mu Jin’s wrists and ankles are bound, and Baek Hee Sung watches him with a hint of amusement as he does nothing to help his struggling victim.




The tension further escalates when Baek Hee Sung clamps a hand over Kim Mu Jin’s mouth. It seems as if Baek Hee Sung is threatening him, and viewers are wondering if Kim Mu Jin will make it out of the basement alive.




The second episode of “Flower of Evil” will air on July 30 at 10:50 p.m. KST.


Watch the premiere of “Flower of Evil” here:



Watch Now



Source (1) / soompi news


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Ahem, the sweet kiss in the opening was  HOT, HOT:evilelmo:


Didn't in the past, there were comments that JG is not a good kisser, well that's certainly not the case now. 


Great start for Flower of Evil - captivating and intriguing, making viewers want more... JG and MCW are perfect. There have been quite a few pairing that gave me cringes in JG's previous dramas ...


I am also touched by the love and support by JG family around the world - he has not been forgotten:wub: Fighting

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Yes...that opening scene Ep1 was quite hot! Lip bite, little smiles, face holding hot.



                               I love when JG does that half smile

             Even when it means he is getting ready to plan to kill you 

                                           Shiruende anyone? 


I'm enjoying the drama so far. I just finished Episode 2.  I'm enjoying Hee Sung and his compartmentalizing...who gets to see what out of him. 



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4 Things We Loved & 1 Thing We Hated About The Premiere Of “Flower Of Evil”




The highly anticipated crime thriller “Flower of Evil” has finally premiered and, wow, did it deliver on its promise of intrigue and suspense! This drama has all the great makings of a crime drama mixed with the theatrical angst of melodramas. Even better, it stars both Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won who won fans over with their chemistry back in 2017 with the Korean remake of “Criminal Minds.”


“Flower of Evil” follows the relationship between Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon Gi) and Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) and the ups and downs of their marriage. While their marriage and family seem perfect on the outside, Hee Sung harbors a dark secret. He’s a loving husband and metalsmith by day and suspected of being a deadly killer by night. His alleged crimes begin to catch the attention of his wife Ji Won, who is a perceptive and intelligent detective.


While the premiere episodes did give us some answers about Hee Sung’s motives and crimes, it also opened up thousands of other questions. The drama definitely seems to be promising a great cat and mouse chase between Hee Sung and Ji Won that will lead to justice and heartbreak all at once. Here are some of the things we loved and hated about the premiere episodes.


Warning: Spoilers for the premiere episodes below. 

LOVED: The opening kiss scenes

Let’s be honest, getting a kiss scene in a K-drama between the main leads is a slow, torturous wait nine times out of 10. “Flower of Evil” doesn’t waste time and gives not one, but two kissing scenes between Hee Sung and Ji Won right off the bat. The first is a cinematic underwater kiss where Hee Sung is tied down, while the second is a steamy make-out session in his shop before Ji Won hurries off to work.






If we put aside for a second that Hee Sung is a murderer, these scenes are a treat for viewers. Many fans raved about the pair’s chemistry back in 2017 when they starred together in “Criminal Minds,” and these scenes showcase their chemistry in a different and romantic light. These moments delightfully set up the audience to feel the conflict that will be explored when Ji Won discovers the truth about Hee Sung. Their marriage seems cute, playful, and picturesque and corrals fans to root for their success as a couple. The writers are teasing viewers to make them wish and hope that Hee Sung’s past isn’t true, and it makes for some very compelling television.


LOVED: Cha Ji Won’s chemistry with her colleagues

Some of the most entertaining parts of the premiere episodes are the scenes between Ji Won and her two fellow detectives Yoon Sang Pil (Im Chul Hyung) and Im Ho Joon (Kim Soo Oh). It’s clear from the beginning that Sang Pil has a very different approach to solving cases that relies on his gut feelings, unlike Ji Won who likes to face the evidence head-on. Ho Joon is a mix between the two and tends to get caught between friendly quarrels on who he prefers more.

Their dynamic is clearly shown in the first case when a father is accused of pushing his son down the stairs. While Sang Pil is quick to believe he did it and illegally obtains evidence of the man’s affair, Ji Won brushes it off and focuses on the other facts and details. She eventually notices that the vitamins the victim’s mother takes are drugs and makes the connection to the affair and the crime at hand.


Their team has a great sense of camaraderie despite their differences, and the narrative establishes them as intelligent and competent, thus cementing them as a team to be reckoned with. Their team will no doubt be a formidable opponent to Hee Sung’s lies and manipulation, and it will be captivating to watch them work together to find the truth.

LOVED: Baek Hee Sung’s duality

Something to be expected from the teasers is the striking difference between Hee Sung’s demeanor when he’s around Ji Won and his daughter Eun Ha (Jung Seo Yeon) versus when he’s by himself. As soon as they aren’t looking, his whole expression darkens, and viewers are left to wonder what he’s capable of. A particularly chilling scene is when he practices smiling in the mirror.










After this scene, you can see the calculation behind his smile. It’s almost as if you can hear his brain telling him to make sure all the little makings of a genuine smile are on his face. It’s meticulous, cunning, and no doubt speaks to how he approaches his crimes. Seeing that Hee Sung is so committed to his lies and friendly appearance, he definitely won’t be an easy catch for our team of detectives. Lee Joon Gi deserves major praise for his portrayal, and I suspect he will continue to shine as the drama continues.

LOVED: Ji Won confronting Park Seo Young in the bathroom

While it’s clear this show is going to explore the psychology of killers through Baek Hee Sung, the scene near the end of the second episode with Ji Won and Park Seo Young (Lee Ju Yeon), a suspect in a violent murder of an elderly woman, also seems to raise some questions. Ji Won initially asks Seo Young for her DNA to test against the DNA found at the crime scene, but tensions rise when Seo Young reveals her true colors and cuts Ji Won under her eye. Ji Won fights back and lists the different ways she could kill her quickly.


Ji Won seems cold and calculating in this scene much like her husband’s secret self. Of course, as a dutiful detective, she doesn’t follow through with any of her threats. This scene brings a lot of intrigue to Ji Won’s character and begs the question of how innocent she will remain as the next episodes air. It also further sets her up as a foil to Hee Sung’s character. While she could have easily followed through with the same violence Hee Sung and Seo Young have instigated, she chose not to. It will be interesting to see how she approaches Hee Sung’s crimes and if her reactions will continue to teeter between right and wrong.

HATED: Hee Sung not taking Eun Ha’s side when she was in trouble

One scene that isn’t particularly fun to watch is when Ji Won and Hee Sung are called to come to Eun Ha’s school because she got in a fight with her classmate. Eun Ha is in tears and has a nosebleed after her classmate hit her for touching her doll. While Ji Won tries her best to mediate the situation and asks for an apology, the opposing mother is rude and callous. Eventually, when Hee Sung enters, he caves to the mother’s requests and tells Eun Ha to apologize.




While he certainly cheers up Eun Ha afterwards, it’s still a heartbreaking scene. Much like Ji Won points out, he invalidated Eun Ha’s feelings and further disappointed her because he’s her favorite person in the whole world. Seeing Eun Ha cry is a total punch in the gut, and it makes you hope you’ll never have to see it again. It begs the question, will Eun Ha bear witness to any truths about Hee Sung’s past? Will her adoration for her father be twisted into something else later on? It will be both interesting and gut-wrenching to see how their close relationship progresses as the show continues.


Begin watching “Flower of Evil” below:


Watch Now



credit : soompi news


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*** The drama premiered to a nice 3.4 percent and later decreased to 2.9 percent. Still, a decent start. :blush:





Drama viewership ratings for the week of July 27-Aug. 2, 2020






Wednesday, July 29      
Memorials 9 KBS 3.3%
United Effort to Accomplish One Thing 3 MBC 3.9%
Was It Love 7 JTBC 2.1%
Flower of Evil 1 tvN 3.4%
Thursday, July 30      
Memorials 10 KBS 3.2%
United Effort to Accomplish One Thing 4 MBC 2.8%
Was It Love 8 JTBC 2.0%
Flower of Evil 2 tvN 2.9%



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : dramabeans


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