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:)Why the hell isnt there a thread for this anime??

I'm sooo in love with this anime:), well so far

anyone else?

Orphen, the tough-talking sorcerer-for-hire, is putting his wand-wielding skills to use for quite a price, but with a boneheaded companion and a wide-eyed pupil tagging along, they can’t help but attract a little trouble! Magical mercenaries are all around, and the hair-triggered Orphen is no stranger to a good fight, so he’ll have to cast his spells in record time to stay in the game of magic in Orphen.

Volumes: 6 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=461Anime Episodes: 1st Season 24 + 2nd Season: 23



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it's quite old this anime..im not sure if we're talking about the same one. it's about wizards or sorcerers. couple of years back i finished watching the whole series and i really liked it.

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Guest knockblock

I don't know what Orphan is. Now if it is Orphen you mean then I have an idea ;) . This anime is underrated and under the radar to a lot of people.

Yes I've seen it but not that much :( . Watched some but due to stuff that got me busy they made me forget about it. I'm going to fully watch both Orphen and Orphen Revenge sometime and complete it.

I like the main guy Orphen. He's cool. Plus I like the songs too.

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