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Wait they're having auditions in NYC??!! Details please =D

My friend emailed him like two months ago about whether or not they will be holding auditions in NY and he never replied..=\

i think they're doing it mainly in NYC and LA..

i don't know for sure..

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this is odd

cause i sent in an email asking questions about a week and half ago

and i havent been replied tooo ..

why does something tell me this is fake ....

Alot of people tried emailing him and email questions to audition@jype.com before and never got a response from them. I emailed him .. a while back .. and he responded to me once... and yeah that's about it. I also tried emailing audition@jype.com ..some questions..and my friend too. However, stephanie mention that she emailed them and they responded to her right away saying that dude is legit.. so who knows?

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did anyone send their stuff in or audition yet? THe joypalace thing is in korean... no clue what to click on for online audition.. and he mention that we should go to the cafe/forums cuz other casting members go on? where is that? LOL i click on the english section.. and everything is still in korean

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so many auditions..

after SM's audition, people are thinking about YG, now JYP.

i dunno which one to audition for.

so confused.

you know how SM is big on looks and talent? and YG is on talent and potential?

do you know what JYP is known for? All i know... is...Bi. hahaha

any tips?

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