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[Upcoming Drama 2022] The Glory, 더 글로리 - Song Hye Kyo - Premieres 2022


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  • 2 weeks later...

What is going on with this drama?

Apparently they started filmed November 1st but we got only 1 cxonfirmation regarding the casting, and it is the actress who will play the perpetrator. No conformation about LDH or other cast or even about the filming or script reading.... 

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I think its quite common for a production team to kept secret about the cast etc.. especially when it comes to household name, KES, SHK plus director AGH..n maybe becz it still in NWBU air time,they don't wanna make to many news,they want viewers to focus on NWBU..it just my guess so I hope after NWBU finish airing,they will start to leak everything though..


I have a hunch they already have script reading n start shooting as scheduled.. especially when they say first season will be broadcast in first half of the year,so they will definitely start already..


Lets just wait :partyblob:  after NWBU arise The Glory,hahaha

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@redbeanbunsbut at least leads are confirmed and we got glimps of the first days of filming.


Other thing I though about, it is LDH is not done filmimg Melancholia I think. I am not sure if the drama is done filming or not. It is not an wll preproduced drama like NWBU, so if it is not done, how they were able to start 1st November


LDH was in talk for another drama in June. He is not confirmed for both of them

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LDH in talks with other drama?hmm I haven't heard bout this..


I've never heard melancholia finished their shoot too..maybe they shoot SHK part n her bully first..cz from my understanding the male chara will come in SHK chara life when she already become a teacher so it will be later part..IF, LDH really accepted this role,maybe he has  ample of time to finished his shoots for melancholia n after that join SHK n the team..but who knows..many could happen :idk:

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Yeayyy..its confirmed it will start shooting in January :loveu: SHK maybe preparing for her role these days,cz she already finish shoot early..but LDH still shooting,right?wonder if he has a time to prepare his role for the glory.. hopefully his ok,its back to back afterall..


don't know how the actors or actresses prepare for a new role for each project, but I feel exhausted if I were them..its not easy to immerse for one role to another, especially when it comes to complicated n delicates one..I hope their production will go smoothly..


After VIU now I have to subscribe Netflix too,oh well :kaching1:

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