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ACGHK 2020


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hey Usagi here, 


um... about the zoom meeting, idiot has to get a translator into the meeting, got lost after the ONLINE TICKET DRAW on their special APP that is also releasing special collection ticket designs.

i'll come back with full details soon


edited: this year there is a elephant art group design, as well as the normal cosplay competition and original comic design artwork competition as well. right now all i am aware is there is no line up for public ticket buying so people has to download the ACGHK APP to get the tickets and if you seriously can't make it to the event, please screen shot the ticket order and when you brought it for refunds if you can't make it.


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ACGHK has pushed its event further to September or December, here are some issues I am having personally, first of all I’m slow at updating and that doesn’t mean I don’t post pictures, what the event was like so on, it’s not that I don’t share event information before the event starts. 


It’s how I view the event as a guest and active reporter as well as the way things are organised as some of you know online registration was recommended by me and a few other cosplaying members who are active guest and guest performers who have witnessed a few itemised things stolen and reported missing.


Please understand my mother language is not Cantonese or Mandarin as I had a short term on learning how to speak them fluently in a short time of two years and longer so in terms I’m actually speaking English mainly and having my translator doing the Chinese work takes time.


Rejection isn’t the matter and what matters are the cosplayers who are joining this event out of love for their games they like and the manga or original style anime that is shared and don’t forget APP games that are now popular and has high popularity, I usagi-ayumi , will not dropout of this event or self close on not going as I have friends who are still active on going to this event. I will update all 2020 competitors for this years cosplay as soon as possible.


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hey everyone, Usagi is back with some updates on the refunds of those who have brought online tickets that was from the ACGHK app, now the following tickets are the numbers that was purchased during April, May and June, the refunds can be claimed at O-Circle or 7-11 Convenience store of the Amy branch and show them the information of your purchase.


those who are outside of HK please do not worry and directly email them for the preorder tickets you have purchase on their app, including what refund method would you accept. all email and phone number contact as below this message. 



telephone: +852 2344-0415


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To all new cosplayers / cosplay joiners, all online registration has been cancel until further update on the free entrance for cosplayers.


Jan Kwok - Ink Tattoo Studio is back again with new art and design on his famous skull designs. Booth number AJ11

original post - 

JAN KWOK - 香港紋身藝術家,多年前遠赴北京學藝,並於2005年創立《INK TATTOO STUDIO - 北魂刺青》,2010年再次遠赴北京"王雷刺青工作室"深造紋身藝術。
一直醉心於紋身藝術,深信每一個作品由構思、設計,到刺在皮膚上,整個過程,都是神聖而永恆的。個人擅長FREE STYLE + 水墨效果,配合寫實素描技巧,創造出特有的視覺系暗黑風格。把獨一無二的作品活現在皮膚上!!
AJ11 Jan Kwok
Air Character Balloon design by - Wilson Ma "GALAXY ADAM",  UnBox " Jim Dreams", Unbox "Greenie", TOYZEROPLUS, 宋洋美術 "Andy Warhol",  
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Hong Kong comic social association gifting young primary student, middle student and high student, college student on their talented artwork with the theme, "beauty of Hong Kong" all the reward was done by ZOOM video live.






3 of the winning artwork that was posted and released. congratulation to all the winners 

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