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The important note is that China is America's largest creditor, and if she asked for her money back, we would be in huge trouble. Since we share the second largest trading partnership in the world. They are also the third largest exporter for us. So in reality, we rely on them and they on us. Though they have more advanced technology than us, including docks that are managed by robotic machines, a lot of their main companies have bases or even started in the U.S. Because of their need for less domestic ability, not only is their own economy suffering as unemployment is soaring, but the U.S. and even Global trading, because it often slows down manufacturing rate. Our oil prices that Americans often complain about are often lowered by China, who is one of our largest importers and exporters. Our nations are in debt to each other, and since it now also involves personal politics and pride, there is no good way to either fix or break the trading between us.

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In the first three quarters of 2019, nearly 800 carriers went out of business, more than double the count of trucking failures in 2018, according to transportation industry data firm Broughton Capital.

A number of factors are behind the pileup, including escalating insurance costs, tariffs impacting the ability to get cheaper products from China, and a decline in the spot market where shippers book last-minute transportation.
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