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  1. I think that the safest and easiest way to fix this problem is to directly confront him. Even if it is over text, just ask him if he likes you. If it's a easy no, go on with your life and be friends. If he says yes and he makes you uncomfortable just tell him what you think. If you don't like his attention, tell him a hard no. Never roll over when it comes to relationships. If you need more help, message me. I have helped a lot of people either break up or help relationships. Good luck!
  2. only two pants fit and a few stretchy leggings fit. I am sad excuse of a human being and hate exercising. luckily I have only gained about 3-5 pounds.
  3. I never went out anyhow except with my girlfriends, so I am actually content. School is full swing so I am just here for the fun and friends.
  4. monbebe_fluffy


    what song can you never resist dancing to?
  5. Hello! I'm from Pennsylvania. I'm kind of bored, but not quite! I keep myself busy with Valkyrie Crusade (an RPG game) and Japanese Calligraphy. What do you do to keep from being too bored?
  6. I am currently reading the series Overlord by Kugane Maruyama. It is both a light novel, manga, and an anime with 3 seasons with 12-13 episodes each. it follows the story of Momon who is a character in an online MMORPG game called Yggdrasil. But he is transported into another world as his game avatar Momon and he must find way back while becoming the absolute overlord of that world. Sometimes unwittingly. It is a super good read and has a lot of backstory and I absolutely love the characters. There are currently 11 light novels and I would suggest reading those instead of the manga. If you want to catch up to the rest of the series quickly, I would watch the 3 seasons of anime, which will get you to about book 9. Then just read books 10 and 11 and you will be all caught up! I would give it a 9.7/10. Probably my favorite or second favorite series ever!
  7. I currently play Minecraft PC and Valkyrie Crusade. Valkyrie crusade is an RPG game that is more for guys but I have this amazing guild called Chaos Theory and I love those guys more than anything! I mostly play for the guild stuff. They have a guild game too where you compete against other guilds! We rank around 18th across all the other servers! We are actually really strong
  8. I think a quick way to do this would be to listen to music that is uplifting. Or maybe even some ASMR or a nap can rejuvenate your mind. Or, though this idea may be unpopular, I find prayer to help more in the long run than doing or eating stuff.
  9. My pet peeve is when people say that they are sorry, but they obviously don't mean it. I honestly would rather not be apologized to then to receive a snarky apology. But maybe that is just me.
  10. My entire family and grandparents on my mother's side plus my aunt went down to Mexico for two weeks in Cancun. We stayed at two hotels and it was absolutely lovely. We visited Mayan ruins and went to a lot of delicious restaurants. The people we met were very kind and very happy. It was totally amazing. would recommend. My family goes for two weeks every other year.
  11. "We can do this all day, and you would not be any closer to beating me. Not that it wouldn't be fun. But I got good news! there's no need to wonder where your god is..Cause he's right here! And he's fresh out of mercy..." Sword Art Online Abridged by Something Witty Entertainment.
  12. Though I do not have children of my own, I am studying to become a NICU nurse. I would find a good obstetric nurse who will give you all kinds of helpful information. She will walk you through how to care for your newborn child and can be a huge comfort. I would also buy a child development book to read through to give you information about clothing, bathing, feeding, sleeping, and emotional development for your newborn child. I am sure you will be fine. Support groups can actually provide comfort and support that parents can bring their newborn to and help each other. During this sickness outbreak I hope you will stay safe. Have a birthing plan and a hospital plan or if you are doing a home birth, have everything lined up. Have a suitcase packed, name, and extra clothes. I know everything will go fine...Good luck!
  13. I am too tired to worry. Guess I'll just do more school....

  14. I find that if you are bad at gardening like I am, you don't get that much light, and you forget to water your plants because of work, a cactus is a good plant for you. a small cup cactus you can get almost anywhere, or maybe an Aloe Vera plant.
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