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  1. Though I don't have kids, I have taken care of a boy ever since he was born. His recent new favorite is playing with a parachute. He likes floating it up and down using the handles on the side, playing hide and seek in it, or making tents out of it. I also, when I was a kid, had around 4-5 people put their feet under the parachute and 1 person would hide under the parachute and grab the toes of a person. The other people had to guess whose toes will be grabbed.
  2. I want to go on a Fjord cruise in Norway and then also more of a long tour of all the major Asian countries like China, South Korea, Japan.
  3. @thanie here is a link to a video that basically says what I do. I obviously don't always use brand name products, but do what you wish.This is kind of different since I like to go above the actual bone but I think it's a preference and face shape thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwuVuDzH3hY
  4. I just finished one assignment early...then remembered that I had procrastinated on another...

  5. As a new cook, I struggle to find recipes that are easy yet delicious to feed a large family. (My family comes in packs.) If you have recipes you can suggest that would be wonderful! I prefer Asian food but if you have other suggestions, feel free to tell me! I can already make congee and daikon steak.
  6. I...I feel this....it speaks to my soul...
  7. My advise for you is to make a plan. First, of course, try to get a job, even a part time one. then, have a plan to get rid of debt. mostly by paying the interest so that it doesn't snowball. Then set a goal for yourself. In 20 years where do you want to be? Then save for those things to drive you on. I hope you feel better now that it's been a few months. I believe in you. Try hard but don't kill yourself. Money isn't worth your life.
  8. I'm not really picky on brand or price. I like the simple yet clear and sexy scent of Velvet Romance by Aeropostale. I own 2 bottles and I ask for it every Christmas.
  9. mango avocado sushi, or a nice seafood soup with crab, octopus, squid, fish, and clam with noodles and a light broth.
  10. if you have a round face, make sure to highlight the area right above the actual bone to give yourself a thinner and more shaped face. if you go on the bone, you will draw more attention to the actual roundness of the face.
  11. I have 2 dogs. Very large black lab mixes. one is dumb but cute, and the other is smart but very anxious around people.
  12. wouldn't it be nice to have a flying unicorn?

  13. For me, the ending of "Hello Monster" The brother character played by Park Bo Gum (The drama I fell in love with him) didn't change at all in the end of the series. Though he showed some remorse and started to love and trust his brother again (sort of) He still chose the serial killer over his own brother again. I like character growth and that just irritated me. Plus, I am a sucker for happy endings...
  14. I think you would have to watch how they interact with other friends or how they react to stressful situations. If they are a genuine person than you should see that in their reaction. A bad person will often react by blaming you or others. Or when popularity turns to a different page, they will leave you behind or tell you that you don't think or look the way you should.
  15. Maybelline nude color blushing Beige. super cheap and a great neutral color for any outfit! It will bring your natural colors out. especially if you have a darker complexion like me. or, Maybelline hot and spicy red lipstick. If you looking a little neutral, add some of this and it will be perfect! it is a plumber lipstick and it is great!
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