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[Taiwanese Drama 2019] All is Well - 你那邊怎樣·我這邊OK - Mon to Fri


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All is Well





Episodes: 20

Airs: Aug 26, 2019 - Sep 20, 2019

Airs On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Network: TTV



34 years-old Guo Hao Sen is a wine merchant with vast interests. Not only is he adept at pottery and glass craft art, but he also teaches regularly and has an extensive oeuvre of work managed by Venice art vendors. Though gentle and mild on the outside, his overly cautious and polite demeanor makes it hard for anyone to get close. Thus. no one really knows the truth behind his identity… until one eventful day, a black limo arrives at his doorstep. That is when Hao Sen reluctantly plunges off his tall ivory tower into a dark web of deceit and money games…
It is then revealed that Hao Sen is the second son of a prominent bank’s CEO. However, his parents separated while he was young. As a result, Hao Sen’s mother took him away, cutting him off from his rightful entitlement. With no one else in mind, Hao Sen’s father groomed his elder brother Yao Sen as an heir, but this predetermined plan, unfortunately, came to an abrupt end when Yao Sen died in a skiing accident.
The Guo family is both the pillar and pioneer of Taiwan’s financial world. Hao Sen’s father has set up T-Bank Group with two younger brothers and is involved in various financial enterprises from insurance to venture capital. The older of the two brothers are loyal and diligent but has died young. The youngest brother Guo Lian Feng though smart is very much a philanderer. He has never been very convinced of his brother’s management style and has been eyeing the sovereignty for as long as he could remember and this undoubtedly created strife between himself and Yao Sen when the rightful heir began to rise to the top.



Lan Cheng Long (Blue Lan) as Guo Hao Sen

All is Well - Blue Lan

Joanne Tseng as Fan Xiao Ai

All is Well - Joanne Tseng

Liu Kuan Ting 

All is Well - Liu Guan Ting

Desmond Tan 

All is Well - Desmond Tan

Romeo Tan 

Sheila Sim


Credits: mydramalist


press conference





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