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  1. @Usaheaven @JenL I like Yong Jiu a lot, but it did take me two tries to make it all the way through. Some of the episodes midway through move more deliberately as they develop character, and some were also serious/heavy enough that some nights I would look for something more fluffy to decompress. But after restarting it...I love love love it. The whole thing is written so cohesively, and the story is crazy heart warming in a realistic, mature, not stereotypical drama way. I also give it crazy bonus points for being mostly in Taiwanese, which is so sweet to hear. I enjoyed seeing Christina Mok
  2. Thanks for the tip, @Itsmylifeboss! Hoping it works, because there are definitely some eps (21!) that i need to rewatch. I love hearing their playful banter and seeing how much they enjoy being together on screen! I double checked iQiYi and even deleted and redownloaded, but it’s still showing as VIP required for eps 2-36 (which suddenly changed yesterday!) and the only options for signing up at $70/yr. But then I tried @bluehibiscus’s link above and it gives me the monthly subscription option! Win :). Thanks for helping me get my drama fix everyone!! It was too brutal to sto
  3. Oh my goodness, I am still at episode 30 and now it’s VIP only on iQiYi! Seriously? I wish they offered a monthly sub option because I can’t pay $70 just to finish this series. I usually don’t like iQiYi’s selection as much so subscribed to other things. Gah. LIS is so great and I wish I could finish, but I guess I’ll have to read recaps instead...
  4. Thought of this series again since The Devil’s Punisher reminds me of it. I enjoyed Moonlight Romance. There were some really intense fighting, romance, and suspenseful scenes. I also enjoyed the costumes. A bit dramatic at times, but I definitely wanted to keep going to see the ending!
  5. Just watched episode 1 today. It feels a lot like Moonlight Romance with Edison Song and Amber An where Edison was Yue Lao. Same thing with travel to and from the underworld/heaven, a powerful demon adversary, and a girl who ends up in the human realm with memory loss. So far, I am not finding the series super compelling, but I have really liked Mike He & Ivy Shao in previous works and will give it more of a chance. In the first ep, I did enjoy seeing familiar side characters like the bakery grandma (everyone’s Tdrama grandma! She must have a really long list of credits), th
  6. Well, I just wanted to get back on here to say bye to this lovely thread and our enjoyable discussion! Bittersweet. I rewatched episode 20 with the English subs on Viki and really enjoyed it! The flashbacks through the novel were an amazing way to revisit and bring closure to all those events we’ve watched these last four months. They did such a good job showing just enough of each clip to remind us of the scene. I loved how the main couple got plenty of time, and they didn’t just stop at the wedding but gave us an entire half of the episode to see what happened afterwards. The hitchhiking da
  7. @Ayame Thanks for posting the Ep 20 BTS, too! I finally got a chance to watch that. It was so cute to see how sweet and affectionate Vivian and Marcus were with each other during that, and a little bit surprising given their very just-friends vibe that they give off during all other interviews, livestreams, etc. I guess end of the show feels, and that quote about how they not only get into character but stay that way while on location filming! @JenL Thanks sooo much for the live subs!! It helps me so much to see the Eng subs to kind of get me through the Chinese. I find that w
  8. @Ayame Thanks so much for posting! I couldn't find it, so what a treat to find it here in this thread. Really fun to hear all of his thoughts behind the song...The Little changes that he made, even the intentional matching of English words. It's so neat that because he moved Australia when he was a teenager, he is able to mix English and Chinese so fluently! I wonder what the song would have been like if it was all in English as originally planned, but I'm glad it wasn't. For some reason, I get annoyed when Chinese language dramas have all English songs... Like, This is not what I came here
  9. I’ve watched the first 4 eps and I don’t hate it. I think if I suspend Golden Bell type expectations and just enjoy it to cheer on Puff’s character, then it’ll be a nice filler for other more melodramatic or suspenseful shows . The first one is the worst for cheesiness, especially with that fake fall, and now by the 4th episode I would say it's not so cheesy and the plot is moving really quickly! Episode 4 spoilers below... I'm thinking the second lead story is going to be more interesting to me than the main lead. The brother looks like he has a really interesting past, an
  10. @JenL Whoa, Devil’s Punisher on Netflix! (Good to know about Vidol, but my Chinese isn’t good enough to carry me through a whole series :’( ) I thought Netflix only did the more edgy stuff. I heard that their Asia venture in Taiwan was not producing enough fandom as they had hoped, so I was wondering how that would all play out. I hope they don’t give up on Taiwan! I watched Chris Wu’s Ghost Bride, which was fun mainly because it helped me identify better with my Chinese Filipino friends, but otherwise I didn’t love. The one with Tiffany Hsu was too scary looking for me. And the Jasper L
  11. Done! But I need to rewatch with subs Thurs and will add thoughts then. Overall, I am satisfied with the sweet ending filled with main couple moments and relatively uneventful everything else. I wish the QF+Puff ending had been a complete surprise...the hard thing about “next episode” clips! Until rewatching with subs, just sharing that finishing the series reminded me how much I like some of the songs. Came across this recording of Marcus singing one of the songs at a concert in late 2019. Marcus Chang singing Talk to Me I just watched that in my trip throu
  12. Also, I really enjoyed the part of the BTS where Kelly and Deyn are on the playground. I could not stop cracking up when they were doing the Tai Chi watermelon thing -- I have been taught the exact same thing for Tai Chi with here's a big watermelon, I cut it in half, I give some to you, etc. And all of them making fun of Jason for his fortunes suddenly taking a turn as a homeless guy now. Interesting how the actors just get used to people touching them when they do touchups, etc. No flinching or even a glance! They cast looks like they're having so much fun together!
  13. I love your blog! You put so much work into it, and the details are so interesting to read. Thanks for making that information accessible to people who can't read Chinese I am definitely bookmarking this for the next time I head to Taiwan!! hopefully next summer! It would be great to have an excuse to escape Taipei for a few days and head down to Tainan. And congrats to all the SDOD cast and crew for their amazing showing at the award ceremony, but even without all the awards, for an insightful, thought-provoking, challenging, sweet, dramatic, and well-done show. 20
  14. Interesting how he compared and contrasted Tianjian & Moran. I actually didn't think too much about the differences during the show because the characters seemed similar enough, unlike TX & AR. But I can see how Tianjian is more conflicted and gets led astray. I wonder if he'll find his redemption in the series by the end. It does seem like it's leading that way for both him and Tianjian. But probably not for Mr. Wu? I'm still curious what the reason is behind Mr. Wu's motivation behind all this! Just greed? Secret dispute with the He Dad? Side comment: For anyone else tha
  15. Ahhh!! I just watched ep 19 on Vidol without subs, but what always gets me are the previews for next week!! Cameo by Puff!! @Ayame, thanks for posting the bts and alternate sneak peek as always!! Looking forward to a great last ep...looks like there's still one more surprise of what happens when he reads the book (FINALLY). Will have to watch ep 19 again with subs to catch all the business talk. Relished the intense He family confrontation -- overdue, and shining moment for Kelly/Mingli. And cute moments from the sidekick guys getting in little *wink wink* moments. Such cute s
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