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  1. Just finished episode 9 where they’re jumping between Tainan 2008 and Taipei 2010. Maybe the 2008 is a flashback since 2010 WQS(lzw soul) remembers this happening. Does he send himself back to 2008 to try to stop it? Because it seems like 2008 lzw is able to remember somehow. So 2008 lzw is before the fatal accident? Bc 2008 lzw has the limp from a car accident. Are there two car accidents? Aughhh.
  2. This series is super interesting but also makes my head hurt. So the guy jumps into another body after his car accident? But then why does she get the Walkman from old guy who looks like wqs but is...someone else?
  3. @aw614 Yes, I’m wondering if they’ll wrap up the loose ends of why BaiYang was such a ZiYuan fan and why ZiYuan told KeHuan she got an abortion. Back in an earlier episode when arguing with KeHuan, she seemed to imply that things were different than what she said...that she was either never pregnant...or maybe it wasn’t KeHuans kid? What if it was with BaiYang?? Hahaha, crazy idea.
  4. @klgirl Marcus Chang fan here, too! Behind your smile is one of my all time favorites. I even suffered through Between for him. His angsty expressions are so good!
  5. @JenL Thanks so much for posting the fan meet video and for your blog posts! I remember reading your blog back when I watched 喜欢一个人, and I’m thankful for the time you take to translate! Still working on my Chinese, so I only understand about fifty percent of what’s being said. After watching their video interactions in this and other videos, I definitely don’t get Qing ren/lover type feelings from them, just two good friends who enjoy each other’s company’s and like to joke around. I get the sense that Jasper really respects Puff and that Puff is super serious about her acting craft and a control freak who is not as goofy as Jasper is naturally. Puff also smooths her hair down and back a lot in this video and in the show as well...esp her bangs and side hair. @klgirl Thanks for posting the ep 12 cuts! Looks like someone already translated them after you posted. I love Jessica’s wink at WW in the clip! @cheekychipmunk_stv i thought that DW was asking if KeHuan and KeFei have slept together bc he is interested in KeFei. They were like, are you dense?! I think DW thinks WW & KH have done something together based on their trip to YiLan. @dramaninja i think it’s a play on words because LiHaoYi sounds like SanErYi, which also emphasizes that his name is not important enough to even make note of or use. Like putting someone down or saying “Whatever”?
  6. Favorite scene was the banter at the park bench! Looking forward to seeing BTS from these last couple of eps...I’ve been following the Mango TV channel but no luck yet. I have the feeling ep 12 is going to be just setup for 13 just like 10 felt like setup for 11. How is it possible that in just 13 eps we feel so connected to all the characters and have such layers to many of them?
  7. Wow, those previews! I just finished 10 and am ready for 11!! Sometimes I wish I didn’t watch previews, though, because it feels like they give away too much. So why does WW lie and say that her and KH have already slept together? Because HY accuses her? Because she wants to get him to leave? Did HY seriously think that proposing at the office would be what WW wanted?
  8. I thought this series was so interesting. Watched it on dramafever before it went under but not sure where it’s available now. It was a bit painful to endure the countdown, but I guess T-dramas like to try to be unique and talk about more modern topics. Sonia Sui’s storyline was the best part of this series.
  9. Surprised there are no comments on this one! I enjoyed this drama. I remember really looking forward to it because of Aviis (cracked me up in Iron Ladies) and Sam (the 2nd lead I cheered for in Between). I thought this series was cute. I really liked the more upbeat/modern music, had major second lead syndrome, and thought the wrap up for the bottle storyline was interesting though a bit haphazard at times. Lots of In Time With You type feelings with the main lead’s friendzone.
  10. Thanks for posting the schedule! I’ve only caught up to episode 6 so far and it’s a really melancholic viewing experience. There are light moments and some faint hopes in there (I mean, really, how lucky is she to have 2 pretty awesome guys helping her out), there’s just too much from that evil girl and not enough sweet friend interactions or moments between anyone except Yi Yao and Qi Ming. Still sticking with it for now, but waiting for subs to watch instead of other shows where I’ll watch once w/o subs and once with to fill in blanks.
  11. Thanks so much for all the bts and interview clips, AlexandraReid and oly40! I enjoyed seeing the trailer with clips from future shows (time lapse?!?) and the yahoo interview was so cute!
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