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Jung Woo-Sung 정우성 [Movies: “Hunt” + upcoming “A Man of Reason”, “Seoul Spring”]


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정우성 . Jung Woo-Sung . 鄭雨盛

[ July 2018 | Cr: Cine21 ]


Name: Jung Woo-sung | 정우성 |  鄭雨盛
Born: April 22, 1973 (lunar calendar: March 20, 1973) | Seoul, South Korea
Body: 186cm | 80kg | Type O

Family: Mother, older brother, older sister
Education: Seoul Namsung Elementary School > Dongyang Middle School > Gyeonggi Commercial High School (Dropped out)

Religion: Irreligion
Debut: 1994 film ‘The Fox with Nine Tails 구미호'
Agency: Artist COMPANY [ HP | Post.Naver | Facebook | Instagram | VLive | TV.Naver | Youtube ]

Links: [Instagram | HP@ArtistCOMPANY || Official FanClub | FacebookTwitter || DaumCafe | DC] | namu



[ July 2018 | Cr: Cine21 ]


[ArtistCOMPANY] He emanates a charismatic aura that takes over the whole screen but can also become a well-mannered gentleman. Jung Woo Sung has demonstrated that he has no limits as an actor. In 2019, he won the grand prize of Baeksang Art Awards through the film ‘Innocent Witness’. He also won the Best Acting in Golden Filming Awards, the Best Actor in Asia Star Awards, the Best Actor in Blue Dragon Film Awards, and the Best Actor in Korean Film Producers Association Awards, making this the most fruitful year for him. The movies are ‘the mirrors of the generation’ and Jung Woo Sung will persistently excel as he continues to capture the warm and sparkling beauty of daily life in his career.

[kofic] JUNG Woo-sung has elements of rebellious youth even in his late 30s. He has a look that suits melodramas but has played mostly as a macho man from the early days in his career. <Beat> directed by [KIM Sung-soo] made him a rising young star and he magnified his gloomy image with his role as a lonely boxer in <City of the Rising Sun>. He received good reviews for his charismatic act in <Phantom, The Submarine>, Korea’s first movie based on a submarine, and gained international fame for his role as a warrior in <MUSA-The Warrior>. Later he became an actor who has an earthly touch, rather than a starry actor. Starring in <Mutt Boy> directed by [KWAK Kyung-taek], who chisels away at the actor and uncovers the person within, JUNG descended from a movie star to become a real actor who has a firm footing in reality. He was concentrated on melodrama movies thereafter. He revealed great depth of sensibility in melodramas such as <A Moment to Remember>, <Sad Movie>, <Daisy>, <The Restless>, <A Good Rain Knows>. He returned to a testosterone-charged character with <The Good, The Bad, and The Weird> and took a familiar role as a debonair but strong man in <Reign of Assassins> directed by [John Woo]. Following a turn in the popular action TV drama <Athena: Goddess of War>, JUNG returned to Korean films to play his first ever villain in the popular 2013 thriller <Cold Eyes>. JUNG next appeared in the 2014 noir <The Divine Move>. Following that he was the lead in YIM Pil-sung’s long-awaited third feature, which turned out to be the erotic mystery-thriller <Scarlet Innocence>, an update of an old Korean fairy tale that saw him play a professor whose tryst with a student comes back to haunt him as he goes blind. 2015 began with melodrama <Remember You> alongside KIM Ha-neul, which marked a first for him as a feature producer. He followed this up with a pair a large-scale thrillers, first KIM Sung-su’s <Asura> and later HAN Jae-rim’s <The King> alongside ZO In-sung.


Jung Woosung | The Actor is Present | 정우성

[ The 22nd BIFAN Presents JUNG Woo-sung: The Star, the Actor, the Artist ]


The timeless top star with his unarguably good-looks, he has become complete by adding humor, sorrow, and seriousness to his acting


“I know I’m good-looking.” Jung Woosung is the only actor who responds to his fans cheering for him, saying, “You’re good-looking!”  It took him about 20 years to find a way to answer like this.  A beautiful appearance can be a great asset and talent to an actor, but on the other hand, it could be a trap.  To avoid this trap in their career, some beautiful actors change their body shapes or wear different faces or their roles, just like Brad Pitt in Fight Club (1999) and Charlize Theron in Monster (2003).  However, outstanding actors soon realize that they don’t have to struggle to escape from youth and beauty, just like Jung Woosung.


Jung Woosung in his 20s was inarguably beautiful, and he became a star as soon as he debuted as the main character of the fantasy horror melodrama The Fox With Nine Tails in 1994.  The youth fantasy came to life in films through Jung’s body.  The actor created some irreplaceable moments in Korean Cinema: in Beat (1997), he spreads his arms in the air while racing on a motorcycle, and in City of The Rising Sun (1999), Jung shouts on Jamsu Bridge over the Hangang river with Lee Jungjae, who has long been friends since then.  The sad melodrama A Moment to Remember (2004), where Jung performed opposite Son Yejin, is also another indispensable major work of ‘good-looking Jung Woosung.’  He has always been diligent, and every year his new work became another representative one.


In the meantime, Jung seems to have realized something important.  It started with the so-called ‘Kimchi western’ The Good, The Bad, The Weird (2008), where the actor played with Song Kangho, and Lee Byunghun, crisscrossing the plains of Manchuria.  Working with the best male actors of the time in the film, Jung Woosung’s good looks served as a necessary synergy.  And his action performance, which the best martial arts directors praised as a ‘natural talent,’ became the icing on the cake.


Like the saying, “If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it,” Jung got freer in his acting by adding sorrow, seriousness, and humor to his good looks.  In Asura: The City of Madness (2016), where the actor reunited with Kim Sungsoo of Beat, Jung played a corrupt detective who chose to succumb to the rotten world, going down still in a cool fashion.  Since then, Jung Woosung has played a man of power, a villain, a go-getter, and a president, pulling them off in his own way.


In particular, Innocent Witness (2019) shows the true value of the actor’s beauty.  His character, a moderately snobbish human rights lawyer, is asked by a girl with autism spectrum disorder, “Are you a good person?” The actor’s face, vividly showing mixed feelings by the meaningful question and gradually giving way to a smile, becomes the message of the film itself.  His next film is Guardian (working title), where the actor stars and directs.  It will be interesting to see the world of Director Jung Woosung.  The actor is still praised for his good looks, which does not define him anymore.  We all look forward to his next moves. [Written by Park Hyeeun. Published in March 2021]





1997 movie ‘BEAT’ catapulted Jung Woo-sung into stardom

1998 movie ‘City of Rising Sun’  with Jung Woo-sung and Lee Jung-jae




MOVIE (Src: kobis)
Opening Year / Title / Role / Total Admissions (people)

  • TBA 'Seoul Spring | 서울의 봄' // Kim Sung-soo
  • TBA ‘Cobweb | The Spider's House | 거미집’ (special appearance) // Kim Jee-woon
  • 2022 ‘A MAN OF REASON (a.k.a PROTECTOR) | 보호자’ // Jung Woo-sung
  • 2022 ‘HUNT | 헌트’ as Kim Jung-do 김정도 // Lee Jung-jae
  • 2020 ‘Steel Rain 2: Summit | 강철비2: 정상회담’ as Han Gyung-jae 한경재 [1,744,028] // Yang Woo-seok
  • 2020 ‘Beasts Clawing at Straws | 지푸라기라도 잡고 싶은 짐승들’ as Kim Tae-young 강태영 [627,247] // Kim Yong-hoon 
  • 2019 ‘Trade Your Love | 어쩌다, 결혼’ as traffic police (cameo) [76,746]
  • 2019 ‘Innocent Witness | 증인’ as Yang Soon-ho 양순호 [2,534,075] // Lee Han 
  • 2018 ‘Intention | 그날, 바다’ (narration) [540,596]
  • 2018 ‘Illang: The Wolf Brigade | 인랑’ as Jang Jin-tae 장진태 [897,548] // Kim Jee-woon 
  • 2017 ‘Limbo | 경계에서’ (UNHCR Korea)
  • 2017 ‘Steel Rain | 강철비’ as Um Cheol-woo 엄철우 [4,452,740] // Yang Woo-seok 
  • 2017 ‘The King | 더 킹’ as Han Gang-shik 한강식 [5,316,325] // Han Jae-rim
  • 2016 ‘Asura: The City of Madness | 아수라’ as Han Do-gyung 한도경 [2,594,028] // Kim Sung-soo
  • 2016 ‘Remember You | 나를 잊지 말아요’ as Yeon Seok-won 연석원 [427,197] // Lee Yoon-jung 
  • 2014 ‘Three Charmed Lives | 세가지 색 - 삼생’ (HK film) // Jung Woo-sung
  • 2014 ‘The Killer Behind, the Old Man | 킬러 앞에 노인’ (short) // Jung Woo-sung
  • 2014 ‘Scarlet Innocence | 마담 뺑덕’ as Shim Hak-kyu 심학규 [471,169] // Yim Pil-sung 
  • 2014 ‘The Divine Move | 신의 한 수’ as Song Tae-seok 송태석 [3,566,336] // Jo Beom-gu 
  • 2013 ‘Cold Eyes | 감시자들’ as James [5,508,017] // Cho Ui-seok & Kim Byung-seo
  • 2013 ‘Meet a Life Companion 나와 S4 이야기’ (omnibus of short films for Samsung GALAXY S4) // Jung Woo-sung
  • 2011 ‘Friends & Love | 프렌즈 앤 러브’ (short)
  • 2010 ‘Reign of Assassins | 검우강호 | 劍雨江湖’ as Jiang Ah-sheng (Chinese film) [318,157] // Su Chao-pin & John Woo
  • 2009 ‘A Good Rain Knows | 호우시절’ as Park Dong-ha 박동하 [291,143] // Hur Jin-ho
  • 2009 ‘PRESENT | 선물’ as Min-woo 민우 / Agent K (short) // Kim Jee-woon 
  • 2008 ‘The Good, The Bad, The Weird | 좋은 놈 나쁜 놈 이상한 놈’ as Park Do-won 박도원 / good guy [6,686,912] // Kim Jee-woon 
  • 2007 ‘Close to You’ (short) (cameo) // Shin Ina(Ye-In)
  • 2006 ‘The Restless | 중천’ as Yi Gwak 이곽 [1,531,220] // Jo Dong-Oh
  • 2006 ‘Daisy | 데이지’ [911,420] as Park Yi 박의 [1,023,096] // Andrew Lau
  • 2005 ’Sad Movie | 새드무비’ as Lee Jin-woo 이진우 [1,066,765] // Kwon Jong-kwan
  • 2004 ‘A Moment to Remember | 내 머리 속의 지우개’ as Choi Chul-soo 최철수 [2,565,078]
  • 2003 ‘Mutt Boy | 똥개’ as Cha Chul-Min 차철민 [1,394,000] // Kwak Kyung-Taek 
  • 2001 ‘Musa - The Warrior | 무사 | 武士’ as Yeo-sol 여솔 [857,148 (Seoul)] // Kim Sung-soo
  • 1999 ‘Love | 러브’ as Oh Myung-soo 오명수 [145,242 (Seoul)] // Lee Jang-soo
  • 1999 ‘Phantom, The Submarine | 유령’ as 431 / Lee Chan-seok 이찬석 [347,965 (Seoul)] // Min Byung-Chun
  • 1998 ‘City of the Rising Sun | 태양은 없다’ as Lee Do-cheol 이도철 [329,778 (Seoul)] // Kim Sung-soo
  • 1997 ‘Motel Cactus | 모텔 선인장’ as Lee Min-gu 이민구 [23,147 (Seoul)] // Park Ki-yong
  • 1997 ‘Beat | 비트’ as Lee Min 이민 [349,781 (Seoul)] // Kim Sung-soo
  • 1996 ‘Born to Kill | 본투킬’ as Gil 길 [132,261 (Seoul)] // Jang Hyun-soo
  • 1996 ‘Shanghai Grand | 상해탄 | 新上海灘’ as Ryu So-hwang 류소황 (cameo) [46,636 (Seoul)]
  • 1994 ‘The Fox with Nine Tails | 구미호’ as Hyuk 혁 [174,797 (Seoul)] // Park Heon-soo



Year | Network | Title | Role | 

  • 2023 TBD ‘Tell Me That You Love Me | 사랑한다고 말해줘’ as Cha Jin-woo 차진우
  • 2021 Netflix ‘The Silent Sea | 고요의 바다’ // executive producer
  • 2020-2021 SBS ‘Delayed Justice | 날아라 개천용’ as Park Sam-soo 박삼수 (episodes 17-20)
  • 2011-2012 JTBC ‘Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats | 빠담빠담… 그와 그녀의 심장박동소리’ as Yang Kang-chil 양강칠 // Noh Hee-kyung
  • 2011 FujiTV ‘Good Life | 굿 라이프 | グッドライフ ~ありがとう、パパ。さよなら~’ as Dr. Lee (cameo)
  • 2010-2011 SBS ‘Athena: Goddess of War | 아테나 : 전쟁의 여신’ as Lee Jung-woo 이정우
  • 1996 MBC ‘1.5’ as Lee Jang-wook 이장욱 // Lee Kwan-hee
  • 1996 SBS ‘Gomtang | 곰탕’ // Lee Jang-soo
  • 1995 SBS ‘Asphalt | 아스팔트 사나이’ as Kang Dong-suk 강동석 // Lee Jang-soo



  • 2014: Yoon Jong-shin 윤종신 ‘Men without Women | 여자없는 남자들’
  • 2010: J.W. 王灝兒 & Janice M. Vidal 衛蘭(위란) ‘What Men Believe | 男人信什麽 | 남인신십마’ {Cantopop}
  • 2002: Youme 유미 ‘Love is Always Thirsty | 사랑은 언제나 목마르다’
  • 2002: g.o.d ‘Fool | 바보’ (directing)
  • 2002: g.o.d ‘Sad Love | 슬픈 사랑’ (directing)
  • 2002: g.o.d ‘Not Knowing | 모르죠’ (directing)
  • 2000: g.o.d ‘After You Left Me | 그대 날 떠난 후로’ (directing)



  • 2022: ‘NHN: HANGAME | NHN: 한게임’
  • 2021: ‘Paldo Food: Paldo Bibim Men | 팔도: 팔도 비빔면’
  • 2020: ‘KingsGroup Holdings: S.O.S: State of Survival | 스테이트 오브 서바이벌’ || ‘K Car | 케이카’ || ‘Lotte Hi-Mart 롯데 하이마트’ || ‘Visang Education Wise Camp 비상교육 와이즈캠프’
  • 2019: ‘CentreVille 동부센트레빌’ || ‘Chevrolet Traverse 쉐보레 트래버스’ || ‘NutrioneLife Lutein Zeaxanthin 164 뉴트리원라이프 루테인지아잔틴164’ || ‘HuTech 휴테크’
  • 2018: ‘LONGINES’ || ‘Gaea Mobile Korea Eternal Light 가이아모바일코리아 이터널 라이트’ || ‘Giordano 지오다노’
  • 2017: ‘Samsung Fire Direct Auto Insurance 삼성화재 다이렉트 자동자 보험’ || Pernod Ricard Korea Ballantine's 페르노리카코리아 발렌타인’ || ‘Wemakeprice 위메프’ || ‘SK Telecom SK텔레콤’
  • 2016: ‘Philips Korea 필립스 코리아:  VisaPure Men 비자퓨어맨, 9000 Series, S9000’  || ‘Starfield Hanam Shopping Mall 스타필드 하남 쇼핑몰’ || ‘Yuanta Securities tRadar 유안타증권 티레이더’
  • 2015: ‘Kunlun Korea Nantoo Master of Battlefield 쿤룬코리아 난투 전장의 지배자’ || ‘Outback Steakhouse 아웃백 스테이크하우스’
  • 2014: ‘Sony Korea 소니 코리아: α6500, α A7, α 6000’ || ‘LOTTE Nestle Korea 롯데네슬레코리아: NESCAFE CREMA 네스카페 크레마, NESCAFE Barista 네스카페 바리스타, NESCAFE SUPREMO 네스카페 수프리모’ || ‘Seoul Milk Morning Juice 서울우유협동조합  아침에주스’
  • 2013: ‘SEJUNG Group 세정그룹: BRUNO BAFFI 브루노바피, WELLMADE 웰메이드, INDIAN 인디안’ || ‘Samsung Galaxy S4 삼성갤럭시S4’ || ‘CJ CheilJedang innerB Reactive Collagen CJ제일제당 이너비 리액티브콜라겐’
  • 2012: ‘THE REDFACE 레드페이스’
  • 2011: ‘XTM’ || ‘KIA Motors K5 기아자동자 K5’ || ‘LG Electronics: DIOS Refrigerator 디오스 냉장고, Kimchi Refrigerator 김치냉장고’ 
  • 2010: ‘Diageo Korea Guinness Beer 디아지오코리아 기네스 맥주’ || ‘Pantech SKY VEGA 팬택 스카이 VEGA’ || ‘Dong Suh Foods Maxim Coffee 동서식품 맥심 커피’
  • 2007: ‘Daesang ChungJungOne 대상 청정원‘ || ‘KyeRyong Construction KyeRyong RicheVille 계룡건설 계룡 리슈빌’ || ‘언타이드 바이 다반’ | ‘KT Mega Pass KT메가패스: FTTH, +SHOW’ || ‘HaiTai ChaOn (tea) 해태htb 차온(茶)’ 
  • 2006: ‘Samsung C&T Rogatis 삼성물산 로가디스’
  • 2003: ‘Motorola Korea 모토로라 코리아: MS330, Minimoto MS 400, Spinmoto MP3 MS 340, MS350, Startech 2004, FLASHMOTO, Slim Moto MS200, FLASHMOTO’ || ‘LG Electronics XNOTE’ || ‘SEJUNG NII’
  • 2002: ‘Samsung Card 삼성카드’ || ‘Paris Croissant Paris Baguette 파리크라상 파리바게뜨’ || ‘KTF’
  • 2001: ‘LG U+ Khai-Cosmo LG유플러스 카이코스모’ 
  • 2000: ‘Giordano Simply Genes 지오다노 심플리진스’ || ‘Oriental Brewery OB Lager (OB 맥주) OB라거’ || ‘Lotte Chilsung 2% Water 롯데칠성음료 2% 부족할 때’ || ‘Thrunet 두루넷’ || ‘Daewoo Motors Lanos 대우자동차 라노스’ || ‘Coreana Cosmetics Astra 21 코리아나화장품 아스트라21’
  • 1997: ‘Haitai Confectionery 해태제과: Tank Boy 탱크보이, Liebe Chocolate 리베 초콜릿’ || ‘KumKang Shoes Gift Card 금강제화 상품권’
  • 1994: ‘Orion Confectionery Sense Mint 오리온홀딩스 센스민트’



  • 2016: 제1회 마카오국제영화제 경쟁부문 심사위원
  • 2015: 유엔난민기구 친선대사
  • 2015: 숏쇼츠필름 페스티벌 & 아시아 2015(SSFF & ASIA) 심사위원
  • 2014: 제12회 아시아나 국제단편영화제 특별심사위원
  • 2014: 유엔난민기구 한국대표부 명예사절
  • 2013: 제14회 전주국제영화제 국제경쟁 심사위원
  • 2012: 제17회 부산국제영화제 뉴 커런츠 부문 심사위원
  • 2009: 중국영화제 친선대사
  • 2009: 구스타프 클림트 한국전시회 홍보대사
  • 2007: FAB Inc 이사

[2021-11-18] 11th Artist of the Year Awards: Good People Artist award



[2021-10-28] 2021 Korea Popular Culture and Arts Awards: Presidential Commendation



[2019-12-17] 6th Film Producers Association Awards: Best Actor (Innocent Witness)



[2019-11-29] 40th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Actor (Innocent Witness)



[2019-10-04] 7th Asia Star Awards (organized by Marie Claire, sponsored by Chanel, hosted by BIFF): Actor of the Year 
[2019-07-26] 39th Gold Awards Festival: Acting Grand Prize (Innocent Witness)
[2019-05-01] 55th Baeksang Arts Awards: Film section Grand Prize (Innocent Witness)




[2018-05-18] 23rd Chunsa Film Art Awards: Best Actor (Steel Rain)

[2017-03-02] 6th Marie Claire Film Festival (MCFF): Pioneer Award (Asura: The City of Madness)
[2016-12-02] 17th Busan Film Critics Association (BCFA) Awards: Best Actor (Asura: The City of Madness)
[2016-11-25] 37th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popular Star (Asura: The City of Madness)
[2013-12-19] 28th Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards: Best Dressed Man
[2013-10-24] 6th Style Icon Awards (SIA): Style Icon
[2011-01-13] Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism: Korean Wave Merit Award in Film
[2009-10-21] 2nd Style Icon Awards (SIA): Actor 
[2009-03-23] 3rd Asian Film Awards: Best Supporting Actor (The Good, the Bad, the Weird)




[2008-xx-xx] Cosmopolitan Selection: Fun & Fearless - Male
[2008-12-15] Korea Fashion & Design Awards: Best Dresser of the Year
[2008-11-20] 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popular Star (The Good, the Bad, the Weird)
[2008-10-xx] Hawaii International Film Festival: Achievement in Acting Award
[2007-10-xx] 7th Korea Youth Film Festival: Popular Actor chosen by Youth
[2006-10-xx] 6th Korea Youth Film Festival: Popular Actor chosen by Youth
[2001-12-12] 22nd Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popular Star (Musa)
[1999-12-14] 20th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Popular Star (City of the Rising Sun)



[1997-xx-xx] 17th Korean Association of Film Critics (KAFC) Awards: Best New Actor (Beat)
[1996-04-xx] 32nd Baeksang Arts Awards: New TV Actor (Asphalt Man)
[1995-12-xx] 1995 SBS Drama Awards: New Actor (Asphalt Man)











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[2009-09-15]  Movie “A Good Rain Knows” Interviews: 10asia | 10asia [ 1 + 2 ]



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Guest minami

All the lovely pics of this gorgeous man gone. :huh: I should have saved more of them.

Btw, dadedum...I am really digging your avator and sig, especially the cute Tony avi. :):P

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Guest lulugege

I loved him in a Moment to Remember. I think that's one of my favorite movies. I hope Daisy and Sad Movie comes out soon. :D

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Guest Dr. Spockey

I loved him in a Moment to Remember. I think that's one of my favorite movies. I hope Daisy and Sad Movie comes out soon. :D

It is one of my favourite movie as well. Jung and Son Ye Jin acted very well together.


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Guest skyelee21


^ Oh. My. Friggin. Gosh.

JWS admirer here *salutes*!!!

Now, where are all the JWS girls?

Hello to all of yah!

Oh... by the way, this is formerly lee21. :)

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How can this topic exists without moi.. hehehe. I still have his profile from the old thread (maybe Wink can help put it on the first page):


Name: Jung Woo Sung

Date of Birth: 20 March 1973

Height/weight:186 cm/78 kg

Family: two brothers and a sister ( third child in the family )

Interest: watching videos and going for car spin

Speciality: Basketball, swimming

Debut in entertainment: TV commercial in 1994

Blood type: O

Favourite dressing: formal wear such as suit

Favourite color: black


The Legend of Car God (1994)

1.5 Generation (1995)


Fox with Nine Tails (1994)

Shanghai Grand (1996)

Born to Kill (1996)

Beat (1997)

Motel Cactus (1997)

City of The Rising Sun (1999)

Phantom the Submarine (1999)

Love (1999)

Musa (2001)

Mutt Boy (2003)

A Moment to Remember (2004)

Sad Movie (2005)

Daisy (2005)


Directed 3 MVs for GOD starring Shim Min Ah and Jo In Sung

Youme's Love is always thirsty with Jeon Ji Hyun




IBM X Note

Lotte Chilsung

Samsung Card

OB Larger

Hanaro Telecom




Paris Baguette





Liebe Chocolate

and pics of course:

for sieg clothing line:











More SIEG pics:











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Guest skyelee21

My goodness.


Sometimes I can't help but wonder how JWS can look so hot whether or not he's clean-looking like this...

or really rough-looking like in AMTR.

My vote is on the AMTR look though.


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one fine actor and one sexy man..!

you said it su yang!!..

My goodness.


Sometimes I can't help but wonder how JWS can look so hot whether or not he's clean-looking like this...

or really rough-looking like in AMTR.

My vote is on the AMTR look though.


Actually Jung WooSung is one man that can look like anything and still comes out sexxy!!!!


i fell in love with Yeosol the slave in Musa The Warrior..


the boxer..




that sexy XNote cf...always leaves me breathless...

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Guest skyelee21

Oh, I absolutely love this cap:


Thank you, lovewls!


I remember his travails in the movie.. really made me cry!

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  • Helena changed the title to Jung Woo-Sung 정우성 [Movies: “Hunt” + upcoming “A Man of Reason”, “Seoul Spring”]

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