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[Drama 2018] Investigation Couple/Partners for Justice 검법남녀


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Seeing Jung Jae-Young at MBC 2018 Drama Awards, I think he will get an award for his role in Investigation Couple.




Partners for Justice” cast: Song Young Kyu, Jung Jae Young, Susanna Noh, Go Kyu Pil, Jung Yu Mi, Park Jun Kyu




Male High Excellence Award for Monday-Tuesday Drama goes to Jung Jae Young ("Partners for Justice") and Shin Ha Kyun ("Less than Evil")!


Jung Jae Young says he's been resting for five months after the drama ended but it's nice to be here. Thanks the "Partners for Justice" team and notes that Season 2 will be coming!

Thanks his wife and two sons, says I love you!




The Female High Excellence Award for Monday-Tuesday Drama goes to Jung Yu Mi (1984) of "Partners for Justice"

Jung Yu Mi (1984) notes her surprise at receiving the same award as her co-star Jung Jae Young. Thanks the team for working during the hot summer. Thanks family, friends, etc.






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"Investigation Partners" Wins Gold Medal for TV Drama Series at the Houston International Film Festival


The MBC drama "Investigation Partners" made the achievement of winning the Gold Medal at the 52nd Houston International Film Festival.

The Houston International Film Festival, which is in its 52nd year, is a traditional film festival with the longest history in North America along with the San Francisco Film Festival and the New York Film Festival. The MBC drama "Investigation Partners", proudly won the Gold Medal in TV Drama Series on the 13th.

"Investigation Partners" was first broadcast in May of 2018 and it started off in last place, but thanks to the solid story of the drama and the performance of cast as well as producer Noh Do-chul's meticulous work, the drama sped its way up to first place. The winning of the Gold Medal at the Houston Film Festival acknowledged the quality of the drama internationally.

Read full article HERE


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“Partners For Justice” Series Screenwriter Receives Award From Korean Journal of Legal Medicine

Dec 1, 2019
by J. Lim


Screenwriter Kim Ji Eun, the brains behind the first and second season of MBC’s “Partners for Justice,” was honored at the Dosang Forensic Medicine Culture Awards.

The Korean Journal of Legal Medicine held their seventh Dosang Forensic Medicine Culture Awards on November 29. The event honors those in journalism and entertainment who have had a positive influence on the public’s perception of forensic medicine. This year, the award went to screenwriter Kim Ji Eun for her work on the drama series.

“Partners for Justice” has been a series that follows forensic doctors, prosecutors, and police officers as they work together to solve crimes. The drama brought a refreshing take on criminal investigations and forensic medicine, and received high praise from viewers. The drama’s portrayal of forensic doctors is said to have created a greater positive perception of the passion and effort put in by forensic doctors.


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