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[drama 2005] 18 VS 29 열여덟 스물아홉

Guest J Spain

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Guest J Spain
[KBS] Park Sun Young, Ryu Soo Young
18 VS 29 wall06022ev.jpg CAST Yoo Hye-chan (29): Park Sun Young ____________ Kang Sang-young (29): Ryu Soo Young 016001003l4hm.jpg016001014l4jc.jpg016001007l0sv.jpg016001009l7nz.jpg Shin Ji-young (26): Park Eun Hye ________ _______Kim Noon (18): Lee Joong Moon STORY
This drama takes the audience back to the 1990s. The main character of the drama, Yoo Hye-chan, 29, reverts mentally to an 18-year-old girl after having a car accident. As she recovers her memory and the relationship with her husband, Kang Sang-yeong, she goes through many hilarious and heart-moving moments. Hye-chan, who was a beauty queen in high school, marries her former classmate Kang Bong-man. In 2005, she turns 29. But after a fierce fight with her husband, she heads to court to file for divorce, unable to control her rage anymore. On her way to court, her car clashes with a truck, and as a result she develops amnesia. She only remembers herself as a senior high schooler, when she was sassy and outgoing, and popular with her peers. As her memory reverts to her adolescent years, she suddenly becomes crazy about the dance group "Seo Tae Ji and Kids," which was popular with teenagers back in the '90s. While looking strong on the surface, deep inside she is soft-hearted and feeble. She likes Jane Campion's movie "Piano" a lot. Although Kang Bong-man, nicknamed "Ice Prince," is the ideal of every girl in Hye-chan's school, she regards him as shallow. The guy she really likes is her senior, Jeong Shi-woo. But in reality, Hye-chan's husband is Kang Bong-man, whom she despised so much in high school. He changes his name to Kang Sang-yeong when he becomes an actor. In the latter part of the drama, Hye-chan recovers her memory and pursues her dream of becoming a film director. When Hye-chan loses her memory, Sang-yeong becomes preoccupied with mending their shattered relationship. He collects all the messages they had exchanged in the past to help her remember who he is. The replays of Hye-chan's memories, which are presented in diverse ways, add to the drama's tantalizing plot. ________________________________________________________from KBS Globle Marketing
INFO EP:: 16 AIR DATE:: March 7, 2005 to April 26, 2005 Monday & Tuesday nights at 9:55 WRITER:: Go Bong Hwang (Beautiful Temptation)/ Kim Kyung Hee PD:: Kim Won Yong (Wife)/Ham Young Hoon (One Million Roses) Based on an internet story and written by the same person who wrote My Name is Kim Sam Soon LINKS KBS Korean homepage KBS English Homepage www.koreanwiz.org wiki.d-addicts.com 18 vs 29 (18:29) [Eng Soft Subs] (Ep 1-3 4 IN PARTS) CLUBBOX HQ:: MQ:: LQ:: onoturtle ENGLISH HARD SUB Will update more later
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Guest indonesian

Credit TO lunagal for episode 1 summary

Just copy paste from Old soompi :

HC- Hye Chan

BM- Bong Man/ Sang Young

JY- Ji Young

HW- Hae Won (little sister)

BG- Bong Gyu (BM's little brother)

N- Noon (BM's lookalike)

SM- Sun Mee (HC's best friend)

EJ- Eun Ji (student in love with N)

MA- Mee Ah (EJ's side kick)


HC is in her car with divorce papers.

She recalls 2 scenes.

1. Where she is fighting with BM saying that he disgusts her.

2. A scene with JY, where HC thinks that BM and JY are having an affair, and JY furthers this belief by saying that she loves BM.

BM is at a press conference with JY, there are newspapers with the scandal that BM and JY are in love

HC gets into a car accident and goes to hospital to be resuscitated.


HC is 18 and running late for school.

Seeing students already being punished for being late, she borrows a male students gym pants and jumps the fence.

She is chased by the teacher and gets caught when she trips on the cord that BM has being pulling at- unaware that HC is running into it.

HC is being punished by the teacher and spots her crush. She vows revenge on BM.


BM is being questioned on the motives and scandals surrounding the drama and him and JY


HC is in a room that is full of birthday presents for BM

He comes in and they both pretend not to care.

He opens a present and offers it to her. She turns it down and it is thrown in the bin


BM is alerted that HC has been in an accident. He races off leaving the conference and further shooting of the drama.


HC's friend begs for her help in wooing BM

HC's friend is rejected and HC gets angry and throws a duster at him.

BM ducks and it hits her teacher instead.

Trying to run away she smacks her head on a mop.


HC wakes up in hospital wondering where she is.

BM runs in and yells at her

HC is confused as she doesnt recognise him and where she is.

This infuriates him, as he thinks that she is playacting.

HC's sister HW runs in and yells at BM

HC doesnt recognise HW.

She is questioned by the doctor

She reveals that the last thing that she remembers is going to school.

HC thinks that the year is 1994.

SHe is tested for any other neurological deficits, but doesnt have any.

The doctor says that this happens sometimes in car accidents, and they just have to wait and see.

HW and BM argue, saying that HW will take her. BM says that they are still a couple and that he will take care of her.

BM pays for the hospital bills and is ogled at by the hospital staff.

BM's brother (BG) and housekeeper are alerted that HC has been in a car accident.

BM's grandfather is made aware by the housekeeper even though BG asked her to keep quiet.

Grandfather is angry.

HC overhears a conversation on the phone between BM and his manager and mistakenly thinks that he is a gang member and that he is in the business of killing people.

She thinks that BM is there to kill her.

BM is being told by his manager that the drama staff are getting angry.

HC escapes the hospital and is chased down the streets by BM.

BM is unsuccessful as he is mobbed by screaming teenage girls.

HC is mesmerised by a street show and BM catches up with her. Once again he is unsuccessful as he is mobbed again.

She is under the impression that he is being mobbed because he is a criminal.

HC gets on the bus and when questioned by the bus driver, she says that she is a student but has not brought her student card with her.

The bus driver looks at her in her hospital gown and assumes that she is crazy.

BM tells his sister-in-law HW that HC has escaped.

BG meets up with HW and gets a message that grandfather is on his way.

They are both scared.

HC is at her old school, and spots a guy who she thinks is BM (N).

BM has followed her to the school. She hides behind N and escapes.

Once again BM is mobbed.

HC is out to get revenge on the younger BM.

She borrows N's gym clothes.

In a classroom 2 girls EJ and MA are looking at N's stuff.

He catches them at it and spurns them.

HC walks into an empty classroom and realises its gym time.

HC catches EJ and MA bashing the girl who sn!ggered earlier on.

HC tries to be heroic but runs away.

HC crashes a gym class and joins in.

Everyone is puzzled but they allow her to play.

She reveals herself to her teacher who initially doesnt recognise her.

He is under the misconception that she has been in a mental hospital.

BM asks his manager to delay the drama crew.

He runs around looking for her.

HC is at her old home and as no one answers jumps the fence and enters.

She and the new owner of the home are both suprised to see each other.

He kicks her out after asking her the address and realising that it is HIS home.

HC is at the police station after the owner calls the police. She reports that BM has been trying to kill her.

She asks to use the phone to page SM (back in the 90's they used pagers)

She pages and gets the hospital.

BM and HW take her away kicking and screaming.

BM and HW get angry at her and HC starts to cry.

HW and BM get upset that she is crying.

HC says she doesnt recognise HW. HW reveals that she had plastic surgery the year before, and shows her her previous face.

JY rings and asks how HC is doing.

SM asks JY how HC is doing.

JY fishes around for more info about the relationship between HC and BM.

He senses something fishy and warns her off.

HC BM and HW reach their home. She resists going in. BM tries to prove that she is his wife by trying to recite her citizenship number.

Unfortunately he cannot remember, so he tells her her habits instead-

e.g. she wraps herself in her blankets, she sits on the toilet to brush her teeth, and she has uneven bum cheeks.

She continues resisting entering.

BM leaves to shoot his drama after HW says its ok.

HW is under the impression that HC is faking this memory loss to teach BM a lesson.

The director is getting angry.

JY to distract him, yells at SM saying that it is her fault that shooting is delayed.

The director is appeased by JY sucking up to him.

HW is flabbergasted at what HC is telling her- that she went to school to get revenge on BM (younger)

HC tries to sneak out, HW is frustated at HC not recognising her so she shows HC her birthmark and states her birthdate.

HC starts to realise that what they are saying is true and asks for their mother.

HW is unable to say that their mother is dead and instead says that their mother is in USA.

HC is told that she is married and that she is 29.

HC looks and the mirror and is traumatised.

BM runs in late to the shooting. He apologises to everyone.

They shoot the scene.

HC is sleeping, HW gets a message on her phone from BG to say that the scary grandfather is on his way.

JY does the kind, concerned flirting act with BM.

Manager is telling BM off for running off earlier, as BM is at the start of his career and they don't want to ruin it.

HC is slowly coming to grips with the fact that she is 29, married and has lost her memory.

HW gets a call asking her to come back to her tutoring academy.

BM comes in and HW tells him that HC doesnt know that their mother has passed away.

She also lets him know that grandfather is on his way.

HW leaves.

Grandfather and BG are on their way. Grandfather is cranky.

HC has locked herself in the bathroom, BM leaves clothes outside the door for her.

Grandfather refuses to come in and sends BG instead.

BG tries to communicate with HC in sign language. She is scared and runs into her room.

BG and HC supposedly had a really good relationship and BG is upset that she doesnt recognise him.

BM tells him that HC has lost her memory.

BG asks BM to take care of her, as she would be scared due to this memory loss.

Grandfather enters the house.

BM makes HC pretend to be asleep in bed, so that they don't tip him off that HC has amnesia.

HC spots all the wedding photos in the bedroom and turns them all around, refusing to believe that she married BM (she doesnt yet realise that BM is the older BM that she hated)

She pretends to be asleep when grandfather looks in on her.

Grandfather blames all this bad luck on BM becoming an actor, and says that BM is acting like his mother.

Grandfather warns BM that him being an actor better not bring the family shame.

HC hears grandfather calling BM- Bong Man (until then, everyone had called him SY- his stage name)

She is shocked to realise that the current BM is the older version of her worst enemy.

HC tries to confirm BM's identity.

BM is excited and says that she was mistaken about him and JY (he thinks that she has regained her memory)

She tells him off for the last situation she remembers (hitting herself with the mop)

HC goes to hit him and picks up a photo frame and sees the wedding photo.

It is then that she realises that she has married BM- her worst enemy.

Flash to past when SM is being spurned by BM.

HC smacks herself unconscious with the mop.

BM sees this and is shocked and runs over.

He piggybacks her to the nurses office.

He puts a band-aid on her scratch and leans in to gently sweep her fringe away.

HC wakes up and both are shocked.


HC and BM are watching their wedding video as BM is trying to prove that they actually married.

HC gets overwhelmed and annoyed and turns it off.

HC and BM argue further about the state of their relationship. BM tells her that she is no longer a maiden.

The answering machine plays their cute message, and HC is a little more convinced.

BM picks up the call from HW who tells him to take care of HC and that she has taken the divorce papers out of the car and put it in his study.

flash to past

HC asks BM for a divorce. They argue.

BM remembering this, doesnt want this to happen, so he goes to the study.

HC is overwhelmed by all that has happened, and she spots a manila folder and opens it.

BM races in and mistakenly believes that she has found the divorce papers. He tells her that she wasnt in her right mind when she wrote that.

The document was actually a card addressed in love from HC to BM.

BM tries to get rid of her, by pretending to look for his script, so he can search for and hide the divorce papers.

He is kicked out of the room instead.

HC is still overwhelmed and is frightened by the whole situation.

BM is busy thinking of ways to get into the study.

He picks the lock and gets the divorce papers, but on his way out he notices that HC has kicked off her blankets.

BM lovingly places the blanket back on her, but HC wakes up, smacks him and chases him out of the room.

HC feels guilty about bashing him after BM tries a guilt trip on her.

She realises and kicks him out of the house, after threatening to leave if he doesnt.

BM goes into his car and takes out the divorce papers. He sees the completed forms and is made sad by remembering that she said that she wanted to forget about him, and that it has actually happened.

Grandfathers house

Housekeeper is watching a preview for BM's new drama series.

BG asks for the porridge for HC.

Grandfather refuses permission for this.

HC and BM's house

HC wakes up in the study and thinks that she is late for school.

BMs manager walks in. HC doesnt recognise him, so she is scared.

BM walks out of the bedroom in his underwear. HC is shocked and scared and runs back into the study.

BM hears the distressed cries of HC. He runs in concerned.

HC is frightened of her mobile phone ring (she doesnt realise what it is)

BM teaches her how to use her mobile phone, but he is frustrated when she cant remember to press the green button.

BM gives her an instruction manual for the mobile phone, and leaves after warning her not to leave.


Manager thinks that HC is faking it.

Bm informs him what the situation is.

Manager is concerned about the party, where BM is supposed to attend with HC.

He is concerned as this is supposed to show the image of a loving couple to the people who want to cast BM in a CF.

Manager gets a call from the paparazzi but pretends that the connection is bad.

JY does the flirty nice girl act with BM

BM spurns her and JY pretends that what she said to him earlier was just a joke (I'm assuming that either JY or HC told BM that JY loved him)

HC is trying out her mobile phone and is randomly dialling people on her dialled list.

JY is suprised when she gets a call from HC, but HC hangs up.

HC sees the next on her dialled list is "jagi" ?darling?, she doesnt know who it could be so she rings.

Jagi happens to be BM. Realising it is BM she hangs up.

She is confused to how he would know it was her, and when he calls back, she denies ringing him.

HC thinks that BM is spying on her and looks around for hidden cameras.

She looks in the washing machine and realises that she still has N's gym clothes.


N is placing a sign asking for the return of his gym clothes.

EJ and MA are made jealous by the thought that some older girl is interested in N.

N already seems quite fond of HC when he talks about her.

EJ and MA go on the warpath looking for an older female student with short hair.

HC arrives at the school to return the gym clothes.

she excitedly peers into her old classroom, but is dismayed to see no one that she recognises.

HC misses seeing N, as he is at the front of another classroom.

EJ and MA spot HC and realise that it is HC that N is looking for.

HC spots her old teacher and runs away

N looks outside the window and spots HC walking away. He races down to catch her but misses her.

HC goes to an old food stall that she must of frequented as a student, where she is recognised by the grandmother there.

HC pours her woes to the stall grandmother.

HC spots a message that she wrote on the wall 11 years ago, bemoaning the fact that she saw a movie with BM.

Flash to past

HC places a movie ticket inside her crush SW's locker.

As she walks out she runs into BM. It's obvious to see that while she is angry with him, he is quite interested in her.

BM looks in the locker and finds the ticket.

Flash to present.

HC is infuriated by the realisation that he must have chased her from that time.

HC gets a call from SM (old best friend)

JY is having a coffee offering her another role, by her aunt who is in the business.

Her aunt warns her that there are rumours about JY and BM.

JY teases her aunt by saying that might not be unfounded rumours.

But it is obvious in her face that JY wishes it were true.

BM and the director are practicing a scene together, to show BM's costar how she is supposed to act.

Manager gets a call from HW, telling him that HC has gone missing again.

Manager doesnt want the police involved as it would tip off the press that something is wrong.

Manager tells BM that HC has gone missing again.

HC walks into the studio building.

JY spots her and looks on with trepidation, but tries to make contact with HC.

When HC walks on by oblivious, JY is shocked.

Flash to a past confrontation between HC and JY.

HC asks if she dumps BM, if JY will accept him for herself.

HC also asks if they are just having a bit of fun, or if they are actually serious.

JY tells HC that she is in love with BM.

Flash back to present.

JY is still shocked about HC "ignoring" her.

HC meets up with SM in the cafe in the studion building.

In the middle of talking with HC, SM gets a call from JY calling her back.

SM asks HC if she can borrow 1000 from her. HC mistakenly thinking back to high school standards, thinks that SM means 1000won.

SM is dismayed at HC, as she actually wanted to borrow 1000x 10,000won (=1,000,000won)

SM is a little pissed off as supposedly HC had used SM's name to achieve something in the past (perhaps get BM an introduction into acting?)

HC asks SM how it is that she married BM.

SM thinks that they have fought again.

HC is on the bus astounded by the new technology that is around (mobile phones and magnetic bus tickets)

HC gives herself an internal cheering up message.

While HC is playing a toy picking-up game, BM and HW catch up with her.

As BM is telling HC off, she threatens to leave if he continues on like that.

HC questions HW why she is a housewife, and not a movie producer.

HC gets a call from scary grandfather asking her to come out.

Grandfather gives her medicine to help her conceive.

BM refuses to take the medicine, HC also refuses to take the medication as well.

BM tells her that scary grandfather will check up on if she has taken the medicine.

BM tells her that there is another way, so that she doesnt have to take the medicine.

He says that although her mind doesnt remember him, her body might.

HC is disgusted and pushes him away.

Mnanager is on the phone, saying that BM and HC are famous for their good relationship.

He promises that both HC and BM will go to the party.

HC regrets not eating breakfast the last day that she actually remembers. She feels guilty about her mother, and wants to see her.

She questions him about when her mother will return from USA.

BM feeling guilty, distracts her with pocket money.

HC is appeased and asks BM why she didnt become a movie producer.

He is uncomfortable and says that it is better to be a actors wife.

Manager updates BM on his schedule and requests that for getting cast in the new CF, that HC is required to attend the party.

BM wants to protect HC and turns him down.

HC is watching "Winter Sonata", and bemoaning the fact that Bae Yong Joon's character regained his memory, and if she will ever regain hers?

Manager requests that HC has to attend the party that night.

HW helps HC get ready for the party.

HC is still stuck on 90's fashion.

Manager coaches HC on how she should act at the party. (He tells her to laugh and not say anything)


HC notices everyones fashion, and is self consious of her hairstyle.

HC and BM spot each other, and while HC is happy to see him, BM is not.

The journalists come to interview BM and HC, but is generally fobbed off.

BM and HC have to pose for couple photos, but HC doesnt allow BM any intimate contact.

HC goes to the toilet b!tching about BM.

JY tries to acknowledge her, but HC looks blankly at her.

BM and HC meet up with the director and designer of the company that wants to use BM and HC in their CF.

HC is complimented on her looks and outfit.

She is also complimented on her refreshing honesty.

When asked if BM is good to her at home, she says that he treats her well, but in a way so that BM knows that it is not true.

But she caps it off by saying although he is good, he is a bit of a rude jerk.

The director and designer are astounded that she would actually say that, but thinks that she is joking.

HC is left alone when people start talking business.

She starts eating and drinking cocktails.

HC accidentally spills a drink on someone, and JY comes to her rescue.

HC thanks JY so formally that JY is puzzled as to why she would do this.

Hc pretends that she remembers JY, she tells her that she remembers everything.

JY asks her to forget, but HC misunderstanding, lies and tells her that she remembers everything

HC says that it was all good memories. JY is confused.

BG is helping HW fis her computer.

He originally came to see HC, but helped HW when he was told that HC was at a party.

HW tries to get BG to say that he came to see her instead, and used HC as an excuse.

BG tells her that he is upset that HC cannot recognise him

EJ and MA have found out that N studies at HW's tutoring academy.

They try to enrol, but find out that HW is the headmistress.

EJ and MA do really badly on their entrance exam, but HW tells them that her academy only accepts high standard students.

HW turns them down, but BG pleads on their behalf, thinking that they really want to study.

EJ asks to be put in N's class.

EJ and MA enter the classroom and act all suprised to see N.

HC is drinking cocktails, bored and watches on as BM takes photo with JY.

She is pulled on to the dancefloor by the woman next to her.

HC freespiritedly dances and BM spots her 'making a fool of herself' on the dancefloor.

The journalist is thinking of a article about this, and looks on with interest.

BM drags HC off the dancefloor and they have an argument about her behaviour and his behaviour towards JY.

JY is eavesdropping in the background.

HC starts to cry and asks for her mother.

In a fit of rage BM tells her that her mother has passed away.

While she is in shock computing this information, she is pulled away by the manager.

HC is called onto stage to accept the best dressed award for the night.

When she is asked to give a speech, she can only looked stunned and cry, as she processes that her mother is dead.

Flash back to past when HC leaves after putting the movie ticket in SW's locker.

It shows what actually happens.

SW opens his locker and finds the ticket.

BM looks in the bin to find the ticket and a note from HC.

HC note says that she won tickets after entering a radio contest. She asks him to meet her at the cinemas at 5pm.

HC waits outside the cinemas with drinks and popcorn, but as Sw doesnt arrive she goes in.

The movie is "The Piano".

As HC cries in the movie, a tissue is passed to her, and it is BM who asks her to wipe her tears.

Credit To lunagal for episode 2 summary

Episode 3 summary.

HC is up on stage accepting the award for the best dressed, but she is only able to register that her mother has died.

As everyone is looking at her strangely, BM runs to her rescue and says that she is so touched by the award that she is lost for words.

The reporter senses something is strange and tries to fish for information.

BM realises that HC has disappeared and starts to look for her.

HC is on the bus and sadly remembering her mother asking her if she had eaten.

BM is driving around looking for her, and tries to ring her, but her mobile phone is switched off. He is worried when she hasnt come home.

HC wanders the streets of Seoul in denial about the fact that her mother is dead.

She gets accosted by a drunk man who thinks she is his wife, but is rescued by N.

She rides on the back of N's bike and refuses to go home.

BM goes back to the party site afraid that HC has been locked up there.

HW and BG are playing online gostop (korean card game), and BG loses.

The theme song to Winter Sonata plays and he gets his wrist slapped for losing.

HC and N are on a rooftop, N offers her a hot or a cold drink.

EJ and MA are scoping a study area looking for N.

HC and N tell each other how they both managed to miss each other when she went to school to return his gym clothes.

N explains the meaning behind his name.

They sing an old song together.

EJ and MA have tracked N to the rooftop and spot N and HC together.

HC runs away and N tries to catch up with her, but he loses her again.

BM continues to search for her, but all the numbers that he tries to ring are switched off.

HW and BG come out of the sauna rooms changed and HW realises that both HC and BM have tried to ring her many times.

HW is frustrated and angry when she finds out that BM accidentally told HC that their mother is dead.

BM tries to defend himself by saying that she had to eventually find out, but HW reminds him of how HC was when their mother died- she was unable to eat or sleep for man for many weeks.

While they are arguing HC walks into HW's apartment.

HW explains that their mother died because she had a weak heart.

HC is upset that they hid this fact from her and refuses to go home with BM.

HW sides with HC and allows HC to stay with her.

BM and JY are shooting a scene from the drama where BM's character proposes to JY's character, but as BM can't get into the mood of the situation, the scene is abandoned for that day.

Manager So, tells BM that both BM and HC have been cast in the new CF.

HC is sweeping the foyer of HW's building, but HW tells her off, as she is a celebrities wife.

HW reminds her that BM organised and dealt with all the arrangements when their mother died.

HW tells her that they are still legally married, this gives HC an idea...

HC goes to see a lawyer about getting divorced, but cannot remember their wedding date, nor any other details when questioned.

She is shocked to learn that divorces cost so much money, and she backs out temporarily.

HC goes to the film studio building where she runs into JY. She tells her that she came to see SM.

HC and JY have a drink together, where she asks about the state of their marriage.

HC reveals that she has amnesia to JY.

JY is shocked and leaves.

JY tells SM that HC was looking for her, and then tells her about HC's amnesia.

SM gets a call saying that she got selected for some competition.

JY lets BM know that she is aware of HC's condition, and warns him that the reporter had been trying to dig up dirt from her as well.

HC is packing her things at home and finds a letter addressed to her.

HC tells BM that she is leaving.

BM tells her that he has made an appointment with a doctor, to try to regain her memory.

HC refuses but is guilt-tripped into it by BM, saying hard it has been economically on HW, even without having to take the burden of HC.

BM takes HC to a hypnotherapist where she is hypnotised and is asked to recall a time.

HC recalls a hot time and place and sees camels.

The hypnotherapists snaps her back from it, as he realises that she has gone into a past life.

He tries to bring her back to this lifetime where she was 20 and happy.

HC recalls being in a motel room.

BM and the hypnotherapists look uncomfortable.

HC recalls that BM is trying to seduce her and gets very upset.

HC is disgusted by BM as she thinks that that is the reason why they had to get married.

BM tries to explain that it was her fault, but then is accosted by screaming female fans.

HC has run away to the food stall grandmother.

She tries to explain how gross and nasty BM is to the grandmother, but the grandmother talks her down, saying that it was probably HC who seduced BM, not the other way around.

Hc tells her that regardless, she wants a divorce.

The grandmother tells her off.

N sees her in the food stall

HC returns the gym clothes to N

HC sees an advertisement for a carwashing job, and she takes a phone number.

Unbeknowenest to her, N also takes a number.

HC is washing some cars, and when she goes off to get some clean water, N washes the rest of them off.

When she returns she is shocked when she sees that they are all clean.

HC is yelling at a poster of BM on a bus shelter.

N sees her and thinks she is actually arguing with someone and comes to restrain her.

They eat instant noodles at a convenience store and N gives her most of his.

The song they sang together plays in the background.

HC spots a poster advertising for the Korean Youth Film festival.

HC decides that she wants to enter.

BM looks worried as he waits in a restaurant.

He is disappointed when HW arrives on her own.

HW tells him that HC has got a casual job to try to earn money.

BM asks for HW's help, but she says she will watch what he does and decide.

BM and JY spot each other in the restaurant.

JY has come in with her aunt who is a movie producer, and she gives BM her card.

HW acts rude to send them away.

BM is driving and sees a korean food stall.

He recalls an episode in the past where HC asked to go eat spicy rice cakes together.

He turned her down saying that he can't do those things in the public eye and that he hates spicy foods.

BM looks sad and regretful at the empty seat next to him.

BM parks in front of grandmother's food stall and eventually decides to go in.

Grandmother tells him that HC was there earlier that day and that she told her that she wanted a divorce.

BM drives to HW's place with the spicy rice cakes, but spots HC with N and backs off.

HC opens the letter at HW's place and finds out that it is a bill for 13,658,780 Won.

She shows HW the bill and HW tells her that the bill came from buying her car.

HW scares her by saying that although she doesnt remember, the credit card company and the police will know.

HW suggests that HC go to BM for help after continuing to scare her and saying that she can't help either.

HC refuses to go to BM for help.

BM agonisingly eats the spicy rice cakes with a pained and lonely expression on his face.

Next morning BM is in agony on the toilet and gets a phone call telling him about HC's credit card debt.

HC goes to borrow some money off a dodgy loan company, but is turned off when she sees that she has to sell her body if she cannot pay.

She is further convinced not to sign, when another woman who obviously borrowed money before is dragged in, and HC runs away.

HC reluctantly picks up another number for another job opportunity

She goes to ring when her phone rings and HW tells her that BM has collapsed.

The doctor tells them that BM has collapsed from gastritis due to enormous stress and eating food which did not agree with him.

He asks that BM be closely watched and taken care of.

HC goes to leave but is grabbed by HW.

Manager So and HW plead with HC, saying that he has just started to peak after so many years of hard work.

HW guilts HC by saying that it is partly her fault, because she caused him so much stress.

Manager So also guilts her into staying.

BM is looking at HC's credit card bill, but pretends to be very sick and hides the bill when she comes in.

HC tells him that she is only there as she needs time and money so she can move out, and also because he needs to be taken care of for a while.

HC says she will only stay on the condition that he pays for her credit card bill.

He makes the proviso that she act like his wife.

BM puts on the sick and weak act so that HC is guilted into feeding him his rice porridge.

HC agrees only on the condition that she is a housekeeper and that there is to be no intimacy.

BM happily accepts her feeding him, with a beatific grin on his face.

While HC is cleaning, BM is watching a movie with a sex scene in it.

He notices that HC is mesmerised and is encouraged into amorous behaviour, but once again she spurns him by shoving then mop in his face.

HC notices that on the calendar that there is a circle around the days date.

She asks BM what it means and where his parents are.

BM finally responds saying that it is the anniversary of a death, and for her to do some grocery shopping.

BM gets a call and leaves, and does not tell HC what she has to buy.

HC has asked JY to help her with the shopping for the anniversary remembrance.

JY tells her that it is BM's fathers death anniversary, but is suprised when HC doesn't know.

JY tells her that BM hates talking about his parents.

JY teaches HC what to buy and what not to buy. She also tells HC to buy fish eggs for everyday meal, even though HC says she doesnt like it.

BM arrives when HC and JY are unpacking the groceries.

JY tells BM off for not telling HC what to buy, and he thanks her.

Grandfather is impatiently awaiting HC and BM to arrive.

The housekeeper gets the idea into her head that HC is pregnant.

BM tells HC off for calling JY for help.

When they stop at the traffic lights, BM sees N ride by on his bike, and he warns her not to hang out with the students from HW's academy.

Grandfather is setting up the table when they come.

HC foolishly offers to help, unaware that a female is not supposed to touch the table.

HC spills something and goes to get a rag to clean it up.

She meets the housekeeper in the kitchen, and when HC is slow in getting the rag from the bathroom,(because she doesn't know where it is), the housekeeper assumes that she is pregnant.

Hc denies this and runs off to find the bathroom.

HC is tidying up after the ceremony, and grandfather asks her if she might be pregnant.

HC happily denies that this will never happen.

Grandfather tells them that they should sleep over.

When BM refuses, grandfather gets irate and tells BM that it is his fault that HC doesnt come to see him anymore.

He says that HC used to visit him frequently, and thinks that BM has been stopping her from going.

When BM talks back to him, grandfather gets extremely angry and throws an object near BM.

The housekeeper tries to defuse the situation.

HC gets scared and starts to cry, and BM tells BG to take her out.

The housekeeper tells HC that grandfather is angry because BM became an actor like his mother.

Grandfather really is angry at his daughter-in-law, who ran away after abandoning her children.

He is also angry at her because, after her husband died, she tries to commit suicide by taking pills while she was pregnant with BG.

The housekeeper tells HC the only way to get around grandfather is to out a great-grandchild into his arms. She tells her to go and tell grandfather that she will stay overnight.

Grandfather is still yelling at BM and when things look like they are escalating, HC runs in and tells them that they will stay overnight.

HC is unhappy that they have to sleep in the same room.

She finds an old school book of BM's and happily looks through it, as in her mind, she only learnt that yesterday.

BM tells her that he can only sleep on the bed, so she can do whatever she likes.

BM and HC both cannot sleep.

BM goes down into her makeshift bed, and HC is scared, but BM tells her to go sleep on the bed, and he will sleep on the floor.

HC happily lies onto the bed, and asks BM why he became an actor against the wishes of his grandfather.

BM at first tells her that he does things to the opposite of what he was supposed to, but then reveals that acting helps him escape his painful memories.

HC offers BM part of the bed, but then finds her cushion which she made in high school.

They are arguing when grandfather calls to them.

BM and HC hide under the blanket together, and BM leans in to kiss her...............

Flash to past.

HC and BM are both upset and drunk.

BM is upset that his grandfather hit him, HC is upset that she was spurned by her crush SW.

BM comes out of the toilet looking disgusted.

HC is sleeping on the bed clothed.

It is obvious that HC vomited on herself and BM.

BM goes to take her sweater off, as it is covered in vomit.

HC wakes up and tries to drunkenly seduce him.

(this is opposite to what she thought she remembered in the hypnotherapy session).

Credit To lunagal for episode 3 summary

Episode 4 summary

HC and BM are hiding under the blankets because BM’s grandfather asked what they were doing.

BM uses this opportunity to try to get close to HC, but she will have none of that.

She states that she wants to have her 1st kiss with somebody that she loves, and BM tells her she has already done that and more.

In the morning HC looks tired and BM comes out stiffly, so the housekeeper and grandfather both assume that they have been doing the “dirty deed” all night long.

HC tries to deny it, but BM stops her.

BG is driven to university by BM and HC, and HC asks to be taken around to see BG’s university campus.

BM tells her that she attended and graduated from uni, and that although he attended he didn’t graduate.

BM is momentarily distracted while driving and swerves to miss another car, but that sudden turn causes HC to bump her head on the roof.

HC recalls her last memory before the accident that caused her memory loss.

HC wakes up surrounded by concerned people.

HC tells them she remembers the accident, but doesn’t recall the circumstances why she was driving that day.

HC thinks that BM is to blame for all that has happened.

HC thinks that BM made her buy the car, and then drive the car that got her into an accident. She is definite that she wouldn’t drive, as she doesn’t have a licence (thinking that she is still 18)

HW is upset that HC is making no progress. She is also disappointed that she and BG missed out on seeing a movie together that day, and drags him off anyway.

HC asks BM where she was going when she got into the car accident.

BM tries to find out whether she remembers any of the good times- like kissing him on the cheek everyday before he left.

He tries to get her to do it, to jog her memory, but she gets embarrassed and runs away instead.

HC sees the film class poster and rings N.

HC and N go to the film school, where HC and N enrol, even though HC is not a high school student.

The other students sn!gger, because she is obviously not a high school student, and she refers to a old 1994 movie as a basis for her introduction speech.

Scene of HC and BM’s coffee CF as imagined in HC’s mind from reading the plan.

HC refuses to do the CF, but BM overrides her and tries to teach her the waltz.

BM tells HC that she used to be a dance teacher and that she taught him how to dance.

HC imagines a cheesy disco scene.

HC rejects him again when he tries to dance with her.

HC runs away embarrassed that she started to feel her heart racing when she was with him.

She questions if she did like him, and that maybe she did give him that cushion.

While HC is cleaning, she finds a video camera and is excited.

Manager manages to convince HC to do the CF by offering to pay her and by telling her the location will be in Pusan and that they will go by plane. As she thinks that she has never been on a plane, she excitedly agrees.

HW refuses to help HC out by being her dancing partner. But she tells HC to get a facial so that she can look good on camera

JY’s aunt (producer) congratulates SM on her screenplay being accepted for a movie.

SM looks shocked when the aunt asks her if she actually wrote it. SMs says that she wrote that 3 years ago. The aunt warns her that if it is found to be someone elses work, then she could be sued and the movie cancelled.

SM is excited when the aunt tells her that the money will go into her account the next day. She looks guilty and turns off her phone when HC calls her.

HC and JY go to a dayspa together.

HC complains about BM to JY.

HC reveals to JY that she is starting to remember, but is scared to remember anymore, because all the memories that she has regained have all been bad.

N is waiting outside for HC, and spots her practicing dancing.

N pretends to have coincidentally run into her.

She tells N that she has to learn how to dance for a CF shoot the next day.

N helps her with her dancing.

EJ and MA are watching from a distance. They assume that she is a cradle snatcher.

BM and JY have successfully finished a scene.

JY flirts with BM again.

The cast and crew go for drinks.

BM refuses to drink much because he has to leave to go to his wife.

JY leaves and when BM leaves, she is out there and tipsy.

JY tells him that she is ok, and no longer hurts when she thinks about him. She doesn’t regret liking him, but that she no longer is like that.

BM tells her to live for herself.

Manager So tells BM to keep a tight rein on HC for the CF shoot the next day.

He asks BM if they are still sleeping together.

BM tells him that HC wont even let him near her.

BM tells MS that when he sees HC lately, his heart begins to race, like he’s falling in love all over again.

MS spots a couple that looks like HC, and BM looks upset.

BM arrives home and finds HC is not home. He is upset.

HC is confronted by EJ and MA who warn her off N and beat her up.

N hears the commotion and comes running.

EJ and MA run off.

HC tells him that they beat her up, because they accused her off flirting with him.

BM is waiting for HC and confronts her about who she was with.

He is concerned when he sees her bruised face, and shows his concern by getting angry.

She tells him that the girls bashed her because they thought that she was flirting with N.

BM gets jealous when he realises that the guy she was on the bike with earlier was the guy that she is talking about.

BM watches her affectionately dancing and then practices dancing with her.

He tells her that they have to look at each other with love, because it is a CF with a couple concept.

When he looks at her with affection, she gets all embarrassed and distracts the situation.

BM walks off in a huff, but returns with an egg to lovingly rub into her bruise.

EJ and MA are discussing the previous night.

N catches them talking about it.

The CF director is concerned when he finds out that she has bruising to her face.

They all mistakenly assume that BM has hit her.

Reporter Choi is there and interviews them. He asks her how she feels about doing a CF with her husband. She says of course she is happy as she is getting paid. BM spins it well.

She is asked when she is most touched by what her husband does. She replies that it was when he paid her credit card bill.

They start to shoot the CF but HC cant seem to get into the role. She mucks it up by cracking up whenever they touch, and the staff get fed up. The director decides to no longer use her for the coffee CF.

HC is unaware of this and asks the manager when they are going to Pusan, and when she is going to get paid.

HC is angry when she finds out that she has been cut from the CF. BM gets mad when he finds out that she only did it for the money.

Grandfather is angry when he finds that HC has been getting involved in a CF.

BM takes out his anger on HC when she says that there is nothing to eat.

Manager So tells BM that JY has been cast opposite him for the coffee CF. BM is not happy. BM asks that HC also have a plane ticket to Pusan, as that’s where they spent a lot of time together as a married couple.

BM thanks JY for saving the CF by taking HC’s role, but he isn’t happy.

HC is shopping and even though she doesn’t like fish eggs, she buys them as she knows that BM likes them.

SM checks her bank account and is elated when she sees the amount that she has been paid for the screenplay. She gets a call from HC and is scared.

HC and SM meet up for lunch and SM is frightened when HC tells her she remembers everything. But HC’s last memory is when SM gave the tape to BM and then HC got knocked out by the broom. SM is relieved when HC says that she doesn’t remember anything. SM tells her that HC only wanted to be a housewife and not a screenwriter.

BM and JY shoot the first part of the CF. JY offers to buy dinner for everyone, but BM declines.

HC borrows cookbooks from HW, who tells her that they are actually BK’s who secretly likes cooking.

EJ and MA promise N that they will apologise to HC, and they do. HC says that she will forgive them just because they are N’s friend. N suggests they go to karaoke as a peacemaking exercise.

HC sings a really old song with N, but EJ and MA get jealous and stop it early.

BM comes home early to surprise HC with something, and is worried that she is with N when she is not home and not answering her phone.

EJ and MA corner HC outside the toilet and threaten her so that she goes home.

HC sees BM waiting outside for her, and she feels guilty. When he tells her to pack her bags, she is sad, but then BM tells her to pack her bags for Pusan. She is happy when she realises and she acts coy. HC asks to take the video camera and is overjoyed and grateful when he allows her to take it.

JY is happy packing her clothes (some of them sexy) for the trip to Pusan, not thinking that HC is coming.

JY gets a message from SM who has resigned from her job.

HC and JY are surprised to see each other.

BM and JY sit in first class, while HC is made to sit in economy, but BM cant stand the thought of her being there, so he risks himself and swaps seats with her. The passengers around him are excited.

HC sees JY reading a scenario and she is interested. The scenario is the one that SM entered as her own. HC is interested but she pretends to be tired.

HC is happily filming while BM and JY shoot their CF. But when she sees them waltzing together she looks jealous. She begins to shoot and annoy the staff.

She knocks down one of the lights and causing BM to throw JY down to protect her. HC is taken away by MS.

HC is drinking beer angry and jealous in the hotel room. When she tells BM to get out of her mind out loud, BM enters the room. BM lies on the bed to go to sleep and when he refuses to get off the bed, HC threatens to leave. BM leaves instead.

JY is at the beach sadly contemplating the situation she is in. She runs into BM at the beach.

HC feels guilty and looks outside for him and manages to lock herself outside.

BM and JY discuss HC’s memory loss, both think that it is their fault that HC has lost her memory. JY reveals that HC had come to see her just before the car accident.

HC sees them together on the beach and comes in close to spy on them.

When JY says that it is her fault and cries, BM tells her not to think like that and puts an arm around her to guide her back to the hotel. When they turn around, HC is staring at both of them accusingly.


HC and HW are looking at a group of boys from behind a wall.

HC asks HW to give the good looking tall boy her cushion, but first she has to bribe her.

HW reluctantly goes, and when SW gives her a haughty look, she looks towards BM who she instantly falls in love with. She then gives BM the cushion, mistaking him for the tall good looking guy that HC had described. She tells him that HC had sent her to give it to him. HC meanwhile is in a tizzy.

HC waits outside the classroom for BM to come out and demands her cushion back. He tells her that he threw it out and infuriates her.

SM points out BM sleeping at the library to HC. She sees that he is sleeping on a cushion- her cushion and is touched and happy.

Episode 5 summary

HC runs out onto the beach and sees BM and JY con the beach.

JY is apologising to BM, as she thinks that she is the reason that HC is the way that she is.

He goes to shepherd her inside and they both are shocked to see HC there.

HC questions why JY is crying.

BM lets HC into the room, and goes to leave, but HC allows him to stay.

HC imagination runs away with her about why JY was crying.

HC thinks that there is something going on between BM and JY.

HC and BM both cannot sleep and wonder how the other is sleeping.

HC, BM and JY are having breakfast together, and HC shows her ownership of BM by acting all loving towards him

JY shows off that she knows more about BM than her, so HC gets jealous.

This adds to her belief that something is going on between them, and she thinks that they are playing footsies under the table.

She drops her fork to check this, but of course they are not playing footsies.

JY asks whether BM has heard from a movie production office about a new movie.

HC puts on a sick act to break up the conversation between BM and JY.

BM takes her upstairs to bed, concerned about her.

BM and JY are shooting their waltz scene for the CF.

BM cannot get the feel for the CF as he is supposed to pull her close.

Durind shooting HC comes to watch.

She hears the local women talking about how BM and JY are a perfect couple, and she gets upset.

BM has NG's of the CF as he is looking at HC concerned.

HC is upset and walking on the beach, she writes bad things about BM and JY in the sand, but then rubs it out.

She then questions herself and the fact that she is 29, but can only remember that she is 18.

She is upset that she is acting younger than an 18yo.

She sees some Japanese schoolgirls and she becomes their friend and their tour guide.

BM and JY have finished shooting their CF.

YH tells BM that they have to go tonight for shooting of their drama.

N is messaging HC, and EJ and MA get jealous and question HC's integrity.

HW is concerned because N's grades are dropping and warn him not to hang out with EJ.

BK comes in with groceries and HW is cross with him.

HC and the Japanese girls go see the mermaid statue.

HC has a recollection of coming there another time and losing her scarf, and someone trying to get it for her.

BM is trying to contact HC as they need to leave for Seoul immediately.

He finally manages to get through, but hears her screaming and rushes off to find her.

HC is screaming as she is riding the viking ship at the amusement park.

BM runs around trying to find her.

He ends up at the mermaid statue, and recalls the time that he and HC came to that area.

HC says that she feels sorry for the little mermaid as she sold her voice, but the man she loved couldn't remember her.

HC's scarf flies off as BM is about to confess something to her.

As he jumps to catch her scarf, he falls into the water.

HC is crying over his unconscious body and tells him she cannot live without him.

He has a totally pleased expression as she hugs him.

BM is back in the present and YH calls him and tells him that HC cannot be found.

YH tells him off for bringing her. He tells BM to go while he will look for her, but BM refuses to go without her.

BM gets a call from someone, as they have found HC's phone.

BM is at the amusement park, where someone returns the phone.

He spots HC with the schoolgirls and gets mad.

BM brings HC back to the mermaid statue hoping that she would remember something.

He repeats the conversation that they had when they first came about the little mermaid and how it is sad that the one that she loves cannot remember her.

BM and HC are at the airport and he rings to say he is on his way.

BM is apologising to the director who is angry.

The director threatens the death of BM's character if his behaviour continues.

HC is worried that BM has got into trouble because of her.

She switches to the drama "Iris" BM's drama.

She gets jealous when she sees the scene where BM's character proposes to JY's character.

While looking for her camcorder, she happens upon a laptop.

BM walks in looking dejected and lifeless.

HC asks if he is Ok.

She asks him who the laptop belongs to.

He is trying to open her laptop, and tells her that it is the era of the internet as she only remembers bulletin boards.

They spot that she has a electronic diary but find that she has a password locking it.

BM tries to crack it, and is pleased to find our that her password is his birthday.

HC picks up the call from YH, who tells her to pass on the message to BM to read the scenario.

BM has opened the diary and sees an entry titled "I want to be a widow"

He sends HC on a false mission to buy diskettes so he can read the diary entry.

It relates why HC asked for a divorce.

HC had gone to JY's house to give her some kimchi and spotted JY leaning on BM and him taking her inside.

BM is concerned and frightened, so he deletes that entry.

HC surprises him by coming in suddenly.

BM tells her that the laptop is broken and that he will buy her a better one.

BM realises that the reason that she asked for a divorce was for that reason.

BM has cooked HC breakfast and asks her on a date.

He gets jealous when she says she is busy, as he thinks that she is going to hang out with N instead.

YH is telling BM to sleep in the bed as HC to get the romance back in the marriage.

BM tells him that he would like just to touch her, as sleeping with her is impossible at the moment.

BM is worried that somehow he has to undo the damage about the misunderstanding, before she regains her memory.

HC is reading the scenario, and is astounded how the author has taken the thoughts right out of her head.

HC gets a call from Grandfather, she tells him that she has bought him a present.

Grandfather and housekeeper are shocked to find out the gift is a backscratcher.

Hc gives the housekeeper a present which is a pearl brooch.

She bites it to find out if it is a real pearl or not, and the pearl breaks.

Grandfather warns her off doing any sort of work in the spotlight.

He tells her that her job is as a housewife.

HC tells him that modern women require their own careers so that they can stand up to their husbands.

Grandfather thinks that this is the reason why she is delaying having a baby.

He tells her that her job is to get pregnant.

HC meets up with N at the film school.

HC asks N if her idea for the next project- the late student, is alright.

She tells him that she was the expert in being late when she was at school.

HC tells N to close his eyes, and he expects a romantic interlude, but she puts seashells from Pusan in his hands.

BM and YH meet up with JY's aunt the producer about the new movie.

BM is dismayed to find out the female costar is JY.

HW is timing how fast BK is chopping vegetables.

BK is not cutting fast enough and is being told off by HW.

HC walks in and thinks that there is something going on between BK and HW.

They tell her that its a secret to grandfather and BM, but that BK is going for his chefs qualification.

HC asks for her old school uniform.

HC tells them that she needs it for a movie project.

HW is exasperated with HC and tells her that she shouldn't do it, and that BM will have a fit about it because something happened the last time she was doing something movie related.

HW realises that she has almost spilled the beans about something and shuts her mouth quickly, by trying to pin it on BM.

HC is suspicious when JY comes over with a fruit basket.

JY tells her that BM is finding it hard because of her.

JY requests that HC treat BM better.

HC questions if JY likes BM, JY replies by saying that BM is loved by all the women in Korea.

HC boasts that BM cooked her breakfast, and is happy to find out that JY didnt know that BM had that side to him.

When BM comes home, HC puts on the act of a loving and devoted wife, to warn JY off.

BM is pleasantly surprised, but finds out that it was all an act for JY.

Grandfather is using the backscratcher that HC bought him.

The housekeeper and grandfather discuss the strange change in HC.

Grandfatherasks BK if anything is going on with HC, and is made suspicious by BK's vehement denial.

He tells the housekeeper to follow HC the next day.

HC wakes up late.

She packs her uniform into a bag, but on her way out she meets BM.

She lies to him telling him that she is going out to exercise.

He is excited and tells her that he will go with her.

HC cannot get away from BM, and thinks of a devious plan to escape from BM.

She tells some ajummas that it is BM, and they attack him.

As HC steps onto the bus, the housekeeper spots her.

HC and N are outside the school trying to film.

HC is surprised to see that the late students are no longer punished, but instead have points taken off.

She spots a late student and she follows him into class.

The teacher enters and she is forced to attend class.

The teached does not know what to do as HC looks older.

EJ tells the teacher that HC is a repeating student.

BM comes inside the house looking for HC, and is mad.

The teacher asks for a volunteer to solve a maths problem, and while HC is sleeping, EJ volunteers her.

HC does not know what to do, so she draws something randomly on the board, as she in her mind has not learned that yet.

N saves her by volunteering to solve the question.

HC goes to the foodstall grandmother and interviews her about late students.

The grandmother tells her that it is because these students stay up late.

HC spots the male student that she was chasing earlier.

HC chases him around, and EJ and MA spot her and follow her around.

BM and JY are filming a car chase scene.

JY has brought sandwiches for all the staff and picks one out especially for BM.

BM refuses as he has lost his appetite.

HC is filming the student as he is doing deliveries for a restaurant.

She tells him that she is a film producer.

HC chases him inside a seedy motel.

EJ and MA ring the police telling them that they spotted students entering that seedy establishment.

BM is filming some action scenes and is stiff and sore.

BM gets a call from the police.

HC is being questioned by the police.

The police question her integrity on wearing a uniform and entering the motel with a video camera.

They accuse her of trying to film other people havind sex and then placing it up on the internet.

HC tries to explain herself.

BM runs in, and apologises to the police.

BM yells at HC, and is exasperated and hurt that she is not acknowledging how hard it has been for him.

HC starts crying as she is sorry and really upset that she is 29 and feels like she is nothing.

BM holds her and lets her cry.

The housekeeper tells grandfather that she spotted HC in uniform.

HC puts some muscle pain patches on BMs back, and they both are embarrassed and blush.

BM leans in to kiss HC but hiccups at the wrong time and spoils the moment.

Both are embarrassed and HC runs away to buy more patches,

BM intercepts a video message from N to HC thanking her for the seashells.

Bm angrily deletes the message, and as HC goes by him he grabs her and kisses her.

Flash to past.

They are on the beach after BM fell into the sea trying rescue her scarf.

AS HC is drying his pants, she finds a letter in his pants.

He tries to grab it from her, but luckily for him the ink has run.


BM is writing and crumpling up many sheets of paper.

He finally settles on writing-

"Hye Chan!

I can't live without you"


so BM kisses her and he pulls back and he looks at her~ HC gets all embarrassed and runs to the study and shuts the door

BM goes back to the bedroom~ and both of them cant sleep and are thinking about what jsut happened

BM cant stand it and gets up and walks slowly and quietly towards the study

at this moment, HC opens the door and BM goes he's doing exercise


next morning grandfather pays a visit and sees HC coming out of the study, just woken up~~he's like why did u come out of there!!! BM tried to make excuses saying it was coz his filming was really late taht's why she didnt sleep in her room or sth...not sure..

BM is in the car wih his manager and he's in a really good mood~ the manager asks him if he liked the kiss that much...hoho~ meanwhile HC goes to visit HW and HW can tell something happened coz HC is in a happy mood~ and she guessed that they kissed~^^

HC goes to HW sth about her first kiss and HW says that her first kiss was really long ago and she cant remember when it was~ HC is like waht?i had my first kiss already (haha perhaps she thought her kiss with BM just now was her first kiss~haha)

noon and HC are sitting on a bench and noon is trying to help HC access the things on her notebook since she doesnt konw how to~ at home again she tries to crack the pw and finally realises it is BM's bday~ she reads her past entries and there is one about how she's trying to seduce BM~ she looks at it unbelievably and cant believe she did taht b4~

BM is the guest speaker for the film class~ the girls go all oo and ahhhh over him~ anyway during the break, noon goes to buy coffee from the vending machine and BM goes up to him~ he asks him if he's thought of becoming an actor and noon goes he doesnt want to coz if ur an actor u dont have much time or sth~ what else? noon goes that he is attending this class with a noona and taht that noona's dream is to become a movie director...then HC appears and noon walks over to her and gives her a cup of coffee~ BM is annoyed and as he walks past HC, he deliberately bumps into her making her spill the coffee~~

they get back inside as the class continues and BM talks about filming kissing scenes~ then someone in the class asks him when his first kiss was and he goes he cant remember~ everyone boos him and asks him to plz tell~ so he talks about his first kiss~ i couldnt catch much of it~ anyway as he is talking HC is thinking if his first kiss was JY~~

after class, BM is waiting for her outside~ HC goes up to him and BM says get in the car, let's go eat and HC says soryr i've still got something to do~ BM i think asks her about noon and she says that it's just a friend~ BM is annoyed and leaves in the car, coming close to HC with the car~ noon runs up and goes are u ok

HC and noon go to the school and noon films HC who is pretending to be a news presenter of some sort~ the 2 girls (one of them likes noon~ i dunno their names) walk up and HC says i'll treat u's~ the 4 of them sit down to eat icecream~ cant remember what they were talking about~ anywayz one of the 2 girls brings up the fact that BM's tv drama character is getting married

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Guest thatlittlegurl

one of my favorite kdramas....

one that I watched without english subs, from beginning till the end... faitfhfully lolz...

yeah, it is THAT good :)

you took the words right out of my mouth. i watched it raw and enjoyed every bit of it even though i didn't understand what they were saying =)

the young kang bong is so yummy!

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Guest alakina

i think dvd that has english sub is not yet available in koreapop, sensasian at yesasia but i think it will be released second-third week of october :D i cant wait for it!

can anyone post any episode or know where they are selling the dvd?

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Guest onoturtle

ENGLISH subs are available at d-addicts.com. they're at ep 5 right now and currently fixing up ep 4. ep 5+ subs are based on the captures i made (see my CB) and i believe KBS did the subs themselves, so they're pretty good compared to KBFD's work (i think... i dunno korean!) :)

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ENGLISH subs are available at d-addicts.com. they're at ep 5 right now and currently fixing up ep 4. ep 5+ subs are based on the captures i made (see my CB) and i believe KBS did the subs themselves, so they're pretty good compared to KBFD's work (i think... i dunno korean!) :)

thanks a lot!

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