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[variety] Loveletter 연애편지

Guest dabest123

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Guest sweetbabigrl

wow that was FAST thanks a lot silverwingz

you're crazzzzyyy

thanks a lot

i loved brian's perf usher - you make me wanna he looks pretty gangsterrr

bsg's perf was pretty good too

ohhh they brought back the push button run get ball game but thye have to vs eachother

aww lsg tripped lol and he was in bomb team... i didnt know what he said that made khd mad...

brian was on a roll today =)

with all the LADIES

maybee was HILARIOUS LOL

cant wait til next week

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oooh i just finished watching it and now im thinking of the next episode!

brian is so cute! and i loved BSG she was very active here. and yea i think LSG and Park Jung Ah are ganna couple. hmm who should BSG couple with? she looks good with x-mas and brian! lol

Jisuk's dance was totally cute and i think yoon jeehoo did a great job as well he can really dance :blush:.

x-massss <3 so talented T.T i wish i knew what he was saying there. LOL neo looked cute but yea he was scaring the girls. Brian's chicken dance made him dizzy! lol i love BSG's dance <3

i wish they brought back the dance segment for the girls... MAAAN i miss the bokko!

yea me too. >.<

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thank you for the links ^^<33

i absolutely loved bsg's dance !

xmas & his guitar .. XDD that was so cool !

i like how bsg was quite active in this ep (=

it was funny wen bsg brought up the flat fish ( ? ) again XD haha

& neo was funny ! wen he scared the ladies haha XDD

cant wait til next week's ep ! ^^

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Guest starcaption

Mm, I love watching Bae Seul Gi in these shows =D

Wow, Brian was really popular at the cheering game LOL Everyone wanted him!

Hmm, and I think I like the Seul Gi/Christmas (Jungmo his name?) pairing too <3

The guitar playing was awesome! Haha.

I thought they took out the stick game at first =( I don't like that game. And now they hit the people with fans? What does Gong Suk mean?

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Guest migibui

OMG you guys are so fast ... I'm currently downloading the HQ right now.. might take a while cause it's HQ... thanks Credescia for uploading...

Hehe and Silverwing for the spoilers.. hehe

Wow .. i just made page 15 ..

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Guest makemyday

can anyone tell the song that jang woohyuk dances to on loveletter # 9, episode 18?


daft punk - harder better faster stronger

you can find the link on the first page

just scroll down a little

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